3 More Tips for Making the Most of Your Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential component of any home, and you likely spend a lot of your time there. You prepare your daily meals here and you might host gatherings with family or friends in your kitchen. But if you live in a small apartment or home, you probably don’t have a very spacious kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of this area. Even a small kitchen can be organized in a way that makes it very functional. Some simple tips can help you make the most of your tiny kitchen.

Get Rid of Big Handles

This might not seem like an important change, but removing large handles from your cupboards and drawers can make a big difference when you have a tiny kitchen. You’ll be able to move around more freely without snagging your clothing or bumping into oversized handles. Cupboards with small knobs or no handles at all tend to look much simpler and make the kitchen feel more spacious.

Install Shelves Over Cupboards

When storage space is extra limited, hidden storage options can make a big difference. You can install extra shelving in your cupboards or over your cupboards. Most cupboards have several feet of empty space above them. If you install shelving above the cupboards, you can use that space to store seasonal items or bulk purchases, such as paper towels. You can also hold items on top of your fridge where there is free space. There are a lot of organizational items that you can purchase at a local hardware or retail store. You can easily turn a small cupboard into a tiered storage space that fits more items.

Attach a Dish Rack to the Wall

Don’t forget about the wall space that you have in your tiny kitchen. You can make use of this space. Attaching a dish rack to the wall will help you free up space in your cupboards. It’s also a nice way to display your dishes if they have colorful or fun prints. If you need a place to let your dishes dry after washing (if you don’t have a dishwasher), consider a space-effective over-the-sink dish rack.

Having too much clutter in your kitchen will make it difficult to stay organized. You’ll find that you can free up a lot of space by going through all your kitchen items and throwing away what you don’t need. You probably don’t need dozens of coffee mugs, and a simple set of dishes is usually more than enough. You can always pick up some disposable items if you’re going to have a big party.

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