Best Small Kitchen Islands

small kitchen islandIn order to make a more comfortable home, one of the rooms that require remodeling is the kitchen. Every kitchen, despite its size or design, has the potential for remodeling. Most kitchens are always remodeled for the prime purpose of creating more storage, better functionality and display.

There are different ways in which a kitchen may be remodeled to a more spacious and functional kitchen. However, the most effective way of doing so would be getting a kitchen island for your space.

There are different types and sizes of kitchen islands in the market. For instance, there are the small-sized portable kitchen island carts, which are mostly used in kitchens with limited space. There are also kitchen islands designed with a large seating space, such that they can be used as a replacement for the dinner table. Irrespective of the size or type of the kitchen island, having one in your kitchen would indeed be an added bonus.

Read along to find out just why you should get a kitchen island, as well as which kitchen islands should be your top priority when you decide to get one.

The Benefits Of Kitchen Islands

The benefits of having a kitchen island for your space are countless. The most outstanding benefit about these is that they provide additional storage space. For instance, a kitchen island can be designed with several shelves or cabinets, for providing additional storage. Therefore, kitchens that are tight in space can benefit a lot from installing a kitchen island.

Also, a kitchen island provides a casual seating area for friends and family. There are larger kitchen islands, which can accommodate up to 6 people, and smaller kitchen islands for even 2 people. Friends and family can sit here as they wait for the meal to be prepared, and even young ones can do their homework there. Even much better, you can use your kitchen island to showcase catchy items, such as your artwork and favorite cookbooks.

A kitchen island can be easily designed to be a separate workstation. This can especially benefit those people who spent a lot of time preparing and cooking particular foods in the kitchen. The kitchen island can, for instance, be customized to include a cutting board built into the structure, a sink, a place for sharpening knives, or even include a lot of free counter space.

For those who prefer having a baking station, the kitchen island can be customized to include cooling racks built-in the structure, an oven and an open space for placing mixing bowls and other baking appliances.The different specialty workstations that can be made from a kitchen island are simply countless.

Best Reviewed Kitchen Islands

The following are 8 of the best reviewed kitchen islands in the market;

Linon Kitchen Island With Granite Top

The Linon kitchen island is designed with 2 rubber casters, such that it can be easily moved and carried around. These casters are usually made with heavy-duty material, and can lock the island for added safety. Note that using the Linon kitchen island without the casters can lead to the damaging or scratching of the kitchen floor.

This kitchen island also provides the user with additional storage. It includes a fixed shelf, a drawer which can be easily pulled out, and a slide-out basket overtop. The shelves can support a maximum weight of 150 lbs, while the overall kitchen island supports weights of up to 300 lbs.
Large meals can be easily prepared on this kitchen island. This is because it is designed with a large enough granite table top. This granite top can also be used as a cutting board, and is easy to clean. More so, the kitchen island is designed with a bottle wine rack, where the user can store their favorite champagne bottles.

Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top

The table top of the Casual Home Kitchen island is built with a solid wood of a high durability. This material, therefore, ensures the longevity of the kitchen island.

For additional storage, this kitchen island is built with 2 large lower shelves for keeping kitchen essentials. It also includes a convenient drawer designed with an handle that makes it easy to pull it out. This drawer can be used for storing kitchen items that require an enclosed space.

Also, the Casual Home kitchen island has a built-in towel rack, where kitchen towels can be conveniently hang. It not only offers more counter-space, but also adds to the elegance of the kitchen due to the added beautiful finishing on the solid wood.

Furthermore, the assembling process of this kitchen island is quite simple. It also comes in multiple colors, such as Walnut/Black and White/Natural finish. All these multiple colors add a modern look to any kitchen in which it is placed.


Dorel Living Kitchen Island

Dorel Living kitchen island provides a convenient workstation. The elegant and modern design of this kitchen island compliments almost any existing style and decor in the kitchen. It is designed with a natural/soft white finishing, making it just the ideal functional piece to add to your kitchen.

Also, the Dorel Living kitchen island is designed with 4 caster wheels, which make it portable. It can, therefore, be easily moved around the kitchen. Two of these caster wheels can be locked to prevent the kitchen island from rolling when being used.

This kitchen island offers enough storage space, including one enclosed drawer, a cupboard for holding utensils, and a towel rack where kitchen towels can be conveniently hung and reached. The additional storage space is essential for keeping the kitchen organized. The Dorel Living kitchen island also has a compact design, which makes it a great addition to homes and kitchens that are limited in space.

AmazonBasics Multifunction Rolling Kitchen Cart Island with Open Shelves

Installing the AmazonBasics Kitchen cart is one of the best ways you can stay organized in your kitchen. It is designed with open shelves, a cabinet and a pull-out drawer, all which provide additional storage space. This extra storage space can be used for keeping kitchen essentials, such as dry goods, cooking pots and utensils. It also has an extra counter space which comes in handy when preparing larger meals.

This kitchen island has pivoting caster wheels, which make it mobile. The user can, therefore, move the AmazonBasics kitchen island around the kitchen quite easily. And, for an even more entertaining experience, the kitchen island can be easily rolled to the outdoors.

Also, AmazonBasics kitchen cart is designed with a modern look, that compliments any kitchen style. The counter top is built with high quality solid wood, which contribute to the durability and longevity of the kitchen cart. The contemporary metal fixtures installed in the structure also add to its durability.

Home Styles Liberty Black Kitchen Cart with Wood Top

This black kitchen cart is designed with a wooden Countertop. The hardwood solid used to make it has a high quality and durability, such that the kitchen cart provides service for a very long time. Also, an elegant black finishing is added to the wood, giving the kitchen cart a modern style and design. It can support a total maximum weight of 134 lbs.

Liberty Kitchen cart takes care of all the storage needs in the kitchen. In each cabinet door, there are 2 shelves which can be easily adjusted. The cart is also built with 3 storage drawers, a spice rack for safe keeping of spices, as well as a towel bar for hanging kitchen towels.

The Liberty Kitchen cart can be easily moved around the kitchen. This is made possible by the 4 caster wheels built into the structure. 2 of these wheels can be locked in, to provide more stability and safety of the kitchen cart.

Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack

The Hodedah kitchen island is one of the most stylish and functional additions you can have in your kitchen. The versatile design used to make it is most ideal for kitchens that have a cottage or traditional design. It is usually available in multiple finishes which can blend with all existing kitchen interiors.

The additional storage provided by the Hodedah kitchen island is really worth it. It is built with a spice rack, an enclosed cabinet space, a towel rack for keeping kitchen towels in arm’s reach, and a spacious drawer. The enclosed cabinet consists of a single shelf for an even more organized cabinet.

The frame of the Hodedah kitchen island is made using durable wood. This kitchen island can, therefore, last for many years to come. The drawers are also fitted with smooth metal glides to prevent them from falling out. In addition, the kitchen island is designed with lockable casters, which make it possible to move it around the kitchen, as well as keep it in a stationary position.

AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart
on Wheels, Storage Rack

The AmazonBasics kitchen rolling cart is most ideal for kitchens with limited space. It is designed with 2 chrome shelves, which can support a total weight of 100 pounds. Therefore, even heavier kitchen items can be stored on these shelves, such as heavy mixers and pots. The middle chrome shelf can be easily slid out, so as to offer a more easier access to the items stored in the back.

More so, the height of the shelves is easily adjustable, by a 1-inch increment. Increasing the height of the chrome shelves allows for the storage of large-sized items. Also, the AmazonBasics kitchen rolling cart is very easy to assemble, and does not require any tools.

This kitchen rolling cart has a sturdy build. Its structure is made using both heavy-duty steel and natural hardwood. Such sturdy materials make this a durable and long lasting kitchen cart. Also, its design perfectly compliments all kitchen decor with a traditional or contemporary style.


Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

The compact design of the Winsome kitchen cart makes it ideal for use in all kitchen sizes, even those limited in space. It provides a multi-use workstation in the kitchen. This kitchen cart is also designed with a wide pull-out drawer, a large cabinet with 2 doors, and a towel rail on its side. Two removable shelves are fitted in the large cabinet. These provide extra storage space for kitchen essentials.

For easy mobility and portability, the Winsome kitchen cart is designed with casters. These casters can be locked, so as to prevent the cart from rolling when preparing food. The lockable casters also make the kitchen cart safer.

The structure of this kitchen cart is built using solid beachwood. This wood has a natural finishing that adds elegance to the cart, and also provides a smooth and comfortable surface for preparing food. Some assembling is required with this kitchen cart.

A kitchen island is not just for show; there are numerous benefits that you stand to gain by including one in your kitchen. So, don’t let yours be just another typical kitchen. Get your kitchen one of the above kitchen islands, and enjoy the versatility and value that it will indeed add to your kitchen space.

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