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How to Turn Your Tiny Garage into the Ultimate Storage Space

How to Turn Your Tiny Garage into the Ultimate Storage Space
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Your garage should serve a greater purpose than merely a dumping ground for all of the stuff that does not have a place in your home. A well-organized garage will serve a multitude of useful purposes while also being more aesthetically pleasing. The first thing you need to do before turning your garage into a prime storage space is to get rid of all of the unused clutter so that you start with a clean slate. Here are three things to consider when aiming to turn your tiny garage into the ultimate storage space:

Zone Defense

The best way to organize a garage and implement an effective storage solution is to create a zone system. By grouping like items together, you will create a space that is organized sensically. For example, potentially hazardous items such as paint or fertilizer should be grouped together in secure bins while sporting goods should occupy their own separate space in the garage easily accessible to the kids in your family. Be sure to leave a zone for your car if you plan on parking your vehicle in the garage.

Think High

The highest parts of the garage are usually the most overlooked when it comes to finding innovative storage solutions. Vertical tool benches create workspace while also creating lots of well-organized storage space. Ceiling nets are a great way to store items that do not need to be accessed regularly. For a more elaborate system, you can consider bins placed on ceiling-mounted racks. This is an ideal place to keep things such as holiday decorations. Storing items in clear bins will make it easy to locate what you need. Hooks are also a nice way to store things high and take advantage of the space often neglected in many garages.

Shelving Matters

Within your individual zones, a well put together shelving system will be the difference between control and chaos. Not only will shelving make it easier to locate items, but it will help to keep items from migrating into the walkway areas of your garage. With so many garage shelving systems on the market today, it is easier than ever to customize a unit that will meet all of your personal needs and preferences.

By employing some elbow grease and a good dose of creativity, you can ensure that your garage will provide maximum storage solutions for your home, making your life easier and more convenient.


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