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5 Of The Best Tilt Out Trash Bins (You’re Going To Love These)

tilt out garbage binTilt out trash bins can be a wonderful way to accessorize any kitchen. Not only do they HIDE THE GARBAGE (yayyy!!) they hide it attractively and practically. The tilt out trash cabinets we’ve found are made by expert craftsmen with an excellent eye for detail.  In some cases they’ve added a number of elements to their designs that turn their hideaway bin holders into a multi-functional combo piece.  Not only have we found tilt out cabinets that have great reviews, some of them also come in a plethora of colors that no doubt will fit your style.  Keep this in mind, though, being that some of these cabinets, being that they are hand made, may take weeks for delivery. But it will be worth it.  Here are our 5 top selections:

  1. Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Microwave Kitchen Cart
  2. Sawdust City Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet (Solid – Cottage White)
  3. Amish Craftsman Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet
  4. Baxton Studio 147-424-8320-AMZ Monica Kitchen Cabinet
  5. Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet (Old Williamsburg Blue)


Corner Housewares SpaceMaster Tilt Down Garbage Cabinet


This All In One Kitchen Cart SpaceMaster tilt down garbage cabinet measures 16″L x 20.3″W x 40″H and features 1 sliding drawer, 1 trash can holder, and a removable genuine bamboo cutting board. This small kitchen cart works perfectly for those who need extra counter space and drawer space in their kitchen. The small measurements will fit into tight spaces, yet the drawer and bamboo top add the storage space you need. The cutting board is removable and fits right on top of the open drawer, allowing you to cut and take fresh foods straight to the sink or table without needing to use counter space for cutting.   But not just for cutting.  You can put a microwave, a blender or other appliances on top – and with a tilt, put any waste conveniently into the waste basket  (not included).  Some assembly required. Click here for more info.

Sawdust City Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet

Sawdust City’s Wooden Tilt-Out Trash/Recycle Bin is a multi-purpose garbage can holder made from solid knotty pine. Fully enclosing your trash can, the front tilts out to reveal the plastic trash container (that’s included). Their tilt-out bin style means you can use the top of this trash can holder as an extra surface.  In the kitchen, place a small appliance on top to make an excellent microwave stand, or use to hold a coffee maker, toaster oven, etc.  The height of this unit matches a standard desk height, so consider using this dual-purpose unit in your home office to hold your printer and hide your garbage at the same time!

Click here for more info.

Tilt Out Wooden Trash Cabinet (Solid - Cottage White)
Made in the USA | Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Amish Craftsman Wooden Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet

Amish Craftsman his a reputation of creating attractive strong pieces. And this tilt out trash bin cabinet with drawer is no different.  It not only keeps trash out of sight, but keeps it out of sight in style.  It is 21.5″  in width and 34″ in height providing  a small footprint, but big enough to do the job.  This all-purpose garbage can holder fits conveniently in the kitchen, bathroom, or office and looks like a compact cabinet.  It comes conveniently with a  top drawer that fits miscellaneous items making it perfect for kitchen, bathroom or office.  And it is built to last, being made of made of sturdy pine wood. Comes in cherry, pewter, or mocha finishes. Plastic bin included. Click here for more info.


Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet


The Monica kitchen cabinet is the simple solution you’ve been needing to maximize your kitchen and dining room space. The Monica’s clean, simple coastal and farmhouse-inspired design will add charm to any kitchen and dining area. The oak-finished, thick wooden top offers a convenient prep and serving surface, or a place to keep a microwave or other kitchen appliances. The Monica features a drawer for storage and a delightfully paneled pull out garbage compartment for even more convenience. The paneled design continues on each side of the cabinet, as well as the face of the drawer. The Monica’s drawer knob and compartment handle are finished in chrome, complementing the colors of the cabinet. The white finished engineered wood frame makes this charming kitchen cabinet a breeze to coordinate with your existing kitchen and dining room decor. Made in Malaysia, the Monica requires assembly. Click here for more info.

Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet, White/Oak Brown
Farmhouse and coastal kitchen cabinet; White and oak finished engineered wood frame; One pull out drawer

Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet 



Sawdust City has again produced a quality product for your hideaway trash needs.  This Dual Trash/Recycle Bin is a multi-purpose garbage can holder made from solid knotty pine. Our tilt-out bin style means you can use the top of this trash bin as an extra surface for any binding, tying or cutting needs.  Our sturdy construction is meant for daily use, and the unit can support 100+ lbs. on top.  Two 9 gal plastic containers are included and are a great fit for 13 gallon trash bags. Comes in separate boxes. Assembly required. Click here for more info.

Sawdust City Tilt Out Trash Cabinet (Old Williamsburg Blue)
Made in the USA | Eau Claire, Wisconsin


Six Great Reasons To Get A Tilt Out Garbage Cabinet

1. Keeps Your Garbage Out Of Sight

This is perfect reason in itself to get a tilt out trash bin. Your trash isn’t open and readily seen by all.

2. Attractive

These tilt down bins are attractive and can come in a variety of colors.  No matter what your color scheme is, you can find a tilt down to suit your style. And you can use it in any room in your house that you chose.

3. Mult-purpose

Depending on the tilt down you buy you can use it to store your appliances like a microwave or coffee machine.  You can use it  as a food cutting space with convenient food disposal only a tilt away.  Or if it has a drawer you can hide your kitchen items away.

4.  Easy Garbage Disposal

When a tilt out design, one just needs to tilt down the door and pull out the garbage bag.  No need to have to hold a cover with one hand and try to grab the garbage bag with the other.

5. Easy To Clean

When it’s time to clean your tilt down bin, depending on the design, you tilt out to reveal the bin, take the bin out and clean inside.

6. Animal Proof

If your tilt down garbage holder is outside, you wont find any animals capable of getting into your garbage.

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