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Best Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

Exercises For Small SpacesAt the beginning of every year, most people set up new year resolutions. Among these resolutions, going to the gym is usually at the top list. It is true that exercising at the gym brings with it many benefits; both health and physical benefits. Exercising from home can have its challenges.  Space is one of them.  What are the best exercise equipment for small spaces?  Before we answer that let’s first discuss the benefits of exercising from home.

Benefits Of Exercising At Home

Exercising at home has been proven to be as effective as exercising at a gym. The following are the 5 major benefits of exercising at home;

a.) Saves On Money

Enrolling for gym membership never happens for free. Most of the gyms require that its members pay set monthly fees, so as to continue exercising at the gyms. Statistics show that in the United States, the average gym member spends 1000 to 1500 dollars in payment of gym membership fees as well as fuel consumed when traveling to the gym. This is more than enough money to buy own exercise equipment for home use. Exercising at home would, therefore, save a person a lot of money otherwise spent at the gym.

b.) Customized To Your Liking

When a person owns their equipment, they make decisions on what to use and how to build their home-gym. One can, therefore, customize their mini-gym in a style that fits their tastes and preferences.

In other words, in a gym you will be forced to adapt to the equipment. On the contrary, in your home mini-gym, your equipment will be forced to adapt to you.

c.) Saves On Time

Exercising at the gym can really waste a lot of time. A person has to drive to and from the gym. Since many people visit the gym, one may be forced to wait in line for a particular exercise equipment to become available. More so, before leaving for the gym one has to prepare themselves, which takes time.

On the contrary, owning exercise equipment saves one a lot of time. A person is not inconvenienced by having to wait in line, as the equipment is always available. Also, one can plant their time and exercise at which time that they prefer, and time is not wasted driving to the gym.

d.) No Room For Excuses

When you actually don’t feel like to going to the gym whatsoever, you will always find an excuse for not going. Maybe you intend to drive through town, or have to rush to work, or any other excuse that you give yourself.

With the exercise equipment at home, however, you won’t have any excise for not working out. After all, the equipment is just there, within your reach. The fact that the equipment are readily available at your house ensure good discipline in exercising.

e.) It’s Sanitary

Ask a number of people who visit the gym regularly, and they will tell you that they get sick too often. Even if a person eats healthy, gets enough rest and takes multivitamins, if they regularly go to the gym, chances are that they get sick too often. This is so following the fact that the equipment used in a gym is handled by a large number of people. Contamination, hence, occurs quite too often in a gym.

Owning your own equipment greatly reduces the chances of your getting sick. Only a limited and monitored number of people will handle your gear, so contamination is minimized. Exercising at home can, therefore, be termed as being the safest.

How To Find The Right Exercise Equipment For Your Small Space

best home gym for small spacesFinding the right exercise equipment can be quite challenging, especially if the space involved is a bit tight. If space is a main issue at your place,  to find the Best Home Gyms For Small Spaces  follow the following tips and this will help you acquire the best exercise equipment for your small space:

a.) Make Space For the Equipment

Buying a lot of equipment while you are tight on space, can result to congestion. Rather, a person can opt to make room for the exercise equipment. For instance, could you turn your laundry room into a mini-gym? Some apartments also consist of large verandas or corridors that are rarely used. These could make effective mini-gyms when creatively arranged.

b.) Go For Foldable Exercise Equipment

Some exercise equipment have been designed in such a way that they can be folded and assembled easily. When folded, these take up very little space and can be stored even in closets or under the bed. These foldable versions would, therefore, prove to be very efficient for small spaces.

c.) Calculate Your Budget

Since smaller spaces call for less equipment, a person must consider their budget before going out shopping. Calculation of budget ensures that a person chooses the most effective equipment for their small space, within their budget.

d.) Exercising Needs

This is a very crucial aspect to consider when purchasing exercise equipment for a small space. Think, what type of exercises do you enjoy? Is your ultimate goal to improve your cardiac health or lose weight? Only after determining your exercising needs are you in a good position to choose the best exercise equipment that will not only fit your small space, but also meet your exercising goals.

e.) Research Customer Reviews

It is highly recommended that you consider the reviews for exercise equipment for small spaces. These reviews can help you to determine which equipment have had the best results in small spaces. They offer a lot of valuable information help you make the right decision on which equipment to purchase.



Best Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

best elliptical machine for small spaces
Elliptical Machine

Best Elliptical Machines

An elliptical machine is an exercise equipment used for stair climbing, walking or running, without putting too much pressure on the joints. A elliptical machine of a full size cannot fit into small spaces.

However, there are elliptical machines designed specifically with small rooms in mind. These compact elliptical machines are foldable, and can fit into the smallest of spaces. They take up very small floor spaces and can be moved quite easily. These can be fitted near electrical outlets, such as those of laundry rooms.

 The Benefits Of The Elliptical Machine

a.) Boosts Stamina and Cardio Capacity

With the elliptical machine, a person engages in effective aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise strengthens the lungs, muscles and the heart. In turn, this boosts a person’s endurance and stamina.

b.) Burns Calories

The elliptical machine is known to burn 270 to 400 calories, for every 30 minutes spent working out on the machine. We can say that this cardio machine burns more calories than a person consumes. This is what makes the elliptical machine very effective for losing weight.

c.) Relieves Stress on Joints

Working out on the elliptical machine relieves a lot of pressure on the joints. This ensures a more comfortable workout, as compared to running or indulging in other cardio exercises. With this machine, you don’t have to undergo the wear and tear associated with high-impact exercises.

d.) Targets Specific Leg Muscles

The foot pedals of the elliptical machine are designed such that a person can change the resistance and incline. Changing these aspects of the food pedal enables targeting of different leg muscles, such as the calves, gluts and quads.

e.) Upper and Lower Body Workout

There are elliptical machines designed with handles. These cardio machines enable a person to get both the upper and lower body workouts. This especially happens when a person pumps their arms at the same pace that they are moving their legs. This maximizes the benefits to the upper body, since the person distributes their weight and resistance evenly.


best exercise bike desk

Exercise Bike Desks

Best Exercise Desks

Exercise bike desks are exercise equipment that allow for exercising, while working at the desk or the computer. They involve pedaling for long time durations, while sitting and doing other activities. Exercise bike desks don’t take up much floor space. These can be fitted under the working desks, with ease.

 The Amazing Benefit Of Exercise Bike Desks

a.) Health Benefits

Exercise bike desks help to keep a person active for long periods of time. Staying active has associated health benefits, such as improving a person’s blood circulation as well as the heart rate.

b.) Losing Fat

Exercising using bike desks calls for regular and constant peddling. The legs and the knees are engaged alot, and fat is shed, especially on the fatty parts located above the knee. Shedding this fat helps to tone the legs.

c.) Improves Work Efficiency

Staying active while working at your desk can help a lot in boosting your moods. Good moods help a person to work with more confidence. More confidence, in turn, improves the efficiency of desk work and leads to better results.

d.) Lower Stress Levels

The mini exercise bike desks is really efficient in minimizing stress and boosting energy. It is just the perfect equipment to get you energized and started for the day.


Best exerpeutic folding bikesExerpeutic Bikes

Best Exerpeutic Folding Bikes

This is a foldable exercise bike that can be used for both the easy and tough workouts. The fact that it can be folded makes it just the equipment to have in apartments that are tight on space. It can be folded and stored in small spaces, such as the laundry rooms or closets.

Benefits Of Exerpeutic Bikes

a.) Relieves Back Pains

When used for quite some time, the Exerpeutic bike can help to relieve, and even do away with,  back pain, for those who have strained backs.

b.) Helps to Burn Calories

The Exerpeutic bike burns calories, at quite a steady pace. And, especially when combined with a low-carb diet, exercising using this bike can help a person to shed pounds at a consistent pace.

c.) Operates Quietly

Unlike most of the exercise equipment, the Exerpeutic bike operates very quietly. A person can still watch TV or even listen to their favorite music, at normal volumes, while still exercising on the bike. With the Exerpeutic bike, you can be sure that you won’t disturb the neighbors or other people in the house.


best magnetic rowing machineRowing Machines

Best Magnetic Rowing Machines

Indoor rowing machines provide the same exercise benefits as does outdoor rowing. These are convenient exercise machines for small spaces, as they don’t take up much space. Rowing machines can be installed in small spaces, with much ease. They are lightweight, and can be folded to fit the smallest of spaces. Rowing machines use more of the vertical storage, and can, therefore, be placed in any room that has been set aside for working out.

Benefits Of Rowing Machines

a.) Ensure a Full Body Workout

The rowing machine is known to be the only indoor exercise equipment that ensures you get a full body workout. While using the rowing machine, a person exercises both their upper and lower body in equal measures, so as to perform full strokes. A single rowing machine engages a huge load of muscles.

b.) Cardio and Strength Training

Rowing keeps the heart and the muscles very active. Keeping the heart active helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Also, it promotes the body’s resistance, which increases the strength and muscle conditions.

c.) Relieves Pressure on Joints

Exercising using rowing machines is usually low-impact and does not bear a lot of weight on the person. Therefore, less pressure is applied on the joints and less injuries are experienced on rowing machines.

d.) Increases Stamina

Rowing machines have a great impact on improving a person’s endurance. The activity of rowing helps to strengthen both the heart and lungs, improving the general fitness of a person. Also, the rowing machines make it possible for a person to perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, which all improve endurance and stamina.

Compact Treadmills

Best Treadmills For Small Spaces

Best Folding Electric Treadmills

Working out at home is getting more and more popular, especially since at the time of this writing the coronavirus had rendered many homebound. But with the space many have in their apartments large exercise equipment won’t fit and may take up valuable space that one can’t spare to lose. That’s why compact exercise equipment, especially ones that fold are appropriate.

Compact exercise equipment allow you to have a space for exercise that doesn’t encroach upon current space in any considerable way. And if it’s foldable, you can fold it and put it away and reclaim any used space. Treadmills are ideal exercise equipment for this. Not only can you get a nice workout and calorie burn, but they come in compact sizes just right for your small space. They also come in foldable varieties that allow you to tuck it away when not in use. We’ve found the top 14 compact treadmills, all well reviewed and with a plethora of features with our top highlighted.

Whole Body Vibration Machines

The best whole body vibration machines

A body vibration machine is a type of gym equipment which allows a person to exercise while sitting, lying or standing on a platform. Like its name suggests, the exercising equipment works by producing vibrations, which in turn transmit energy to the person’s body.

The vibration energy is transmitted in waves throughout the body, causing the muscles and tendons to undergo numerous contractions and relaxations in every second. Relaxing and contracting of the body muscles and tendons has very many fitness and health benefits to a person.

For example, the contractions help to improve the strength of the muscles, as well as increase their mass. Stronger and denser muscles promote better control of blood sugar. Also, body vibration machines are popular for their ability to burn calories. Statistics show that for every 15 minutes spent on a body vibration machine, a person burns between 150-200 calories.

Therefore, body vibration machines have the same fitness and health benefits as does other types of gym equipment. The good thing about body vibration machines, however, is that they don’t call for any strenuous efforts or time on the part of the user, as the other equipment do. You simply just have to stand or sit on the platform, and the machine will do the rest of the work for you.

smart bike trainerSmart Bike Trainers

Best Smart Bike Trainers

Best riders don’t just happen; they are a result of continuous training and hardwork. However, maintaining a good training schedule can be quite difficult when the weather conditions outside get bad. For instance, rainy and windy weather conditions can bar a person from cycling outdoors.

It is not just poor weather conditions that can keep a person off the road. There are other uncontrollable factors that can interfere with a good training routine, such as rush hour traffic. This reality is what makes bike trainers very valuable tools.

A bike trainer is an equipment that makes it possible to ride a bike, usually kept at a stationary position. This equipment includes a frame, which lifts the rear wheel a few inches off the ground, making it possible for a rider to cycle indoors, while remaining in a stationary position. And with advanced features you can simulate different road features – keeping you ready for the real thing.

Vigbody Home Spinning BikeHome Spinning Bikes

Best Home Spinning Bikes

One of the best exercise bikes that you can use for indoor cycling is the spinning bike. A spinning bike is an upright stationary bike, characterized by a large-weight flywheel and a resistance that can be adjusted to different exertion challenge levels.

Adding a stationary bike to your home gym is an ideal way to best meet your fitness goals

The Benefits of Indoor Spinning

Indoor cycling using a spinning bike offers many benefits to the users; from weight loss to cardiovascular benefits. For instance, indoor spinning helps to improve a person’s muscle endurance. This happens when the cycler pedals against resistance, increasing the effort exerted by different leg parts, such as the quadriceps and calf muscles. In addition to increasing muscle endurance, indoor spinning also strengthens the muscle tendons and ligaments.

Indoor spinning is also very time-saving. The spinning bike is always available at your home, so you don’t have to waste time driving to the gym. You can use those extra 30 minutes that you would’ve spent driving on the road to the gym, to have more workout on your spinner bike.

Indoor spinning is highly recommended for those people sustaining orthopedic injuries. Being an activity of low impact, it minimizes the impact caused on the hips, ankle joints and the knees. This home exercising activity can, therefore, be safely used by people recovering from such injuries.

When indoor spinning is combined with an indoor class, it can greatly help to reduce a person’s stress levels. These classes tend to provide a rush of adrenaline to those involved, which in turn releases neurotransmitters which induce happy moods. Happy moods not only lower one’s stress levels, but also boost their immune response.

The undeniable truth is that indoor spinning is more convenient and beneficial than outdoor cycling. However, for indoor spinning to provide the above discussed benefits to the full, the spinning bike used should be very efficient. In other words, you have to know just which spinning bike to go for.


If your apartment is tight on space, and are considering on subscribing to a gym membership, you need to pause for a moment and reconsider. With the exercise equipment discussed above, you can workout, even in the tiniest of spaces. Exercising at home brings with it so many benefits that surpass any benefits you would enjoy from enrolling for gyms. Get yourself one of the small space exercise equipment above, and experience for yourself a more comfortable mini-gym at your very own home!


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