4 Pieces of Furniture That Fit Perfectly in Tiny Homes

Tiny living means you have less stuff to manage, but what little you have you need to manage well. Keeping things organized and put away will make your house feel more spacious and less cluttered.

Bathroom Cabinet

Few people can put all of their bathroom necessities in one small medicine chest. Instead, consider adding a bathroom cabinet directly over the toilet so you have space for all your personal cleansing supplies. Also, look for a shallow spot in your tiny home where you can install shelves of less than 6 inches deep. After all, you can store many items along a narrow shelf and cover it with a curtain or a sliding panel when it’s not in use.

Storage Coffee Table

Storage coffee tables can be both bins or decorations. If you’d like a display shelf for collectibles, consider building a coffee table out of a small cube or a low shelf unit. You can add a plain table slab to the top of a small cube and have a place to show off your most precious items. A small trunk can also serve as an excellent coffee table, and you can fill it with items such as off-season clothing, stock-up-and-save buys, movies, CDs, or tools. Consider investing in a bag storage system so you can compress out-of-season clothing or extra linens into the smallest space possible.

Over-The-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer can be used as a pantry, a lingerie drawer, or a cleaning cupboard. In addition, this versatile tool will keep things off of the floor and will reduce the risk of unnoticed pests. Mice, spiders, and other critters will want in your house, especially if you’re far off the beaten path. According to Sage Pest Control, spiders are found in 68% of bathrooms and 76% of bedrooms. Get an over-the-door organizer with plastic pockets to make sure that spiders and other pests don’t have a dark spot to hang out.

Convertible Futon

Futons have grown up and are more than just a mattress folded over a wooden frame. In fact, according to Super Comfy Sleep, tufted futons featuring contrasting stitching serve as both comfortable beds and stylish sofas. Drape a throw across the back of the sofa and store your linens in your coffee table, and you can quickly move from sofa to sleeping area. 

Your tiny home can be endlessly flexible. From clever ideas such as storing your spices in a shoe rack to keeping extra canned goods in your coffee table, you can work out a way to store what you need while keeping it organized.

Turn Your Living Room Into An Entertainment Center

Turn your living room into a movie theater or video gaming room with a short throw projector.