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Best Dining Tables For Small Spaces (That Expand!)

Small spaces often tend to provide restricted opportunities for homeowners when making room for dining tables. If you are facing any similar concerns regarding the spacing issues of your dining table, then you should check out the latest trend in convertible dining tables. Wouldn’t it be great to find the best dining tables for small spaces that expand? In fact, the convertible dining tables are specifically designed to cater to the requirements of those people who need a dining area with the possibility of converting it into a space for usage for other purposes. Thus, the convertible dining tables not only provide the benefit of the dining area, but also enables you to use it for other purposes. Moreover, the convertible dining tables not only bring the glam quotient to your room but also make it quite effective for you to convert it into a working table that adds to your convenience also.

If you are facing space constraints for dining table, then you must check out our recommended products that would offer a solution to this problem.

Let’s get started with the review of the top ranking convertible dining tables for small spaces.

Name Of ProductItem WeightColors AvailableSpecifications

Holly & Martin Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table, Weathered Gray Finish with White Metal Base
88 lbs Weathered grey Total Dining Area - 63" W x 31.5" D x 29.5" H Only Console Area - 63" W x 13.75" D x 29.5" H Single Drop leaf: 63" W x 9.625" D

WINSOME Lynden Drop Leaf Dining Table
45 lbs Antique Walnut Total Dining Area 47.87"W x 29.92"D x 29.53"H. Daily use is square 30" x 30" Top. Drop Leaf : 17.95'W x 29.92"D

Extendable Space Saving Modern Dining Table, Transforms From a Console Table or Desk to a Large Dining Table That Seats Up to Twelve, By MiniMax Decor
176 lbs Available in 4 colors : White Gloss, Black Wood, Driftwood, Sienna. The Table has five leaves of 20.2 inches which can be expanded by combining each of them along with a Console table of 17.75 inches. Total area would be 118.4 inches. Height : 29.5 inches and Depth after assembly to be 37.4 inches.

Holly & Martin Driness Drop Leaf Console Dining Table, Weathered Gray Finish with White Metal Base:

$224.99 – See more info and price on Amazon

The given dining table is ideally designed for the small spaces. It becomes a dining table when its leaves are opened and easily converts into the console table with its leaves being drop down. It comes equipped with amazing white finish and immaculusly designed in weathered gray color. Its easy to assemble and the user can easily follow the instruction guidelines and do it himself.


  • Multifunctionality: The dining table is multifunctional as its drop side leaves can be utilized as console along with being the dining table as and when required.
  • Modern Designing: The dining table is exquisitely designed with weathered gray finish along with white metal base that adds to its rich feel of modernity.
  • High Quality Material: The dining table is designed with the use of high quality material that comprises of melamine, metal tube and MDF.
  • Easy to Assemble: The dinning table is extremely easy to assemble as the user needs to follow the given instructions carefully. Moreover, the DIY installation of the table helps to save the extra cost of assembly.
  • Pros

    • The given dining table is highly recommended for small spaces as its drop down leaves make it a great option to be used as console.
    • It makes a superb dining table with drop leaves being opened up quite easily.
    • It is highly cost effective and proves value for money.
    • It has got the benefit of free shipping.
    • It provides ample leg room that makes it possible for 4 to 6 people to use it as a dining table.
    • It is maintenance friendly and proves a good option for space constraint areas.


    • The assembly instructions may be a bit of concern for a very few users.
    • Some people found the difficulty in alignment of the screws into the pre drilled holes.

    Final Verdict

    A sturdy and efficient dining table that helps to make your space look more beautiful and well arranged. A highly recommended product having amazing design, along with being so cost effective and durable in the long run.


    WINSOME Lynden Drop Leaf Dining Table:

    winsome drop dining room table

    $144.49 – See more info and price on Amazon

    if you intend to buy the premium quality dining table that not only offers you the space solution, but also adds to the décor of your place, then you should try out the WINSOME LYDEN drop down leaf dining table. It’s a premium quality product that comes equipped with the provision of an ample table top surface that is 30” square. Along with it, the surface of the drop down leaf with 18”W X 30” D that makes it highly productive and amazing dining table.


  • Highly Functional: The dining table is highly functional as it is ideally designed to provide spacing solution for small areas. As it has got the ample space with its leaf opened that makes it ideal for six people at once with the surface area of 17.95’W x 29.92″D.
  • Made from Solid Wood: The dining table is manufactured by using the high quality solid wood that makes it highly recommended product for home decor.
  • Easy Assembling: The dining table comes equipped with the most effective and easy process of assembling that makes it quite productive for usage.
  • Comfortable Leg Support: The dining table arrives with the provision of a comfortable leg support, that prevent it from being wobbly.
  • Ample Space of Table Top: The dining table has got ample space on its table top 30″ x 30″ square and its total surface area is 47.87″W x 29.92″D x 29.53″H.
  • winsome drop dining room table for small spaces


    • The given dining table is a great addition to the home décor as its superior quality finish makes it completely amazing.
    • It is considered a perfect choice for homes that do have space constraints as it easily fits into small places.
    • It is also a great option to be used as a kitchen table as it can be used in the kitchen area with ease.
    • It is designed with solid wood that is complimented with antique walnut finish.
    • It’s easy to assemble.
    • It’s a cost effective wooden table that comes with stylish design to be easily used in small apartments.


    • A few users have found it a bit small for accommodating six people.

    Final Verdict

    The dining table is highly recommended for small areas and kitchens as its sturdy built and ample table top space makes it a great purchase.


    Extendable Space Saving Modern Dining Table, Transforms From a Console Table or Desk to a Large Dining Table That Seats Up to Twelve, By MiniMax Décor:

    extendable dining table for small spaces

    $995 – See info and price on Amazon

    If you want to buy a dining table that gives you an ample spacing solution by converting from a desk and console to dining table, then you must think about buying this product. It arrives with the provision of five sections that can added or removed according to the requirement. It’s designed with great finesse that makes it highly relevant choice for all those décor enthusiasts who prefer quality and performance. Moreover, its sturdy built makes it durable that enhances its usability and performance.


  • Multifunctional: The given table is hugely popular among the people who suffer from space constraints as it offers the provision of expanding to six completely different sizes. So, you can easily transform it from a desk or a console to a highly efficient dining table.
  • Space Efficient: The dining table is recommended for all those people who face the space saving concerns on a daily basis. Moreover, if need arises, then the table can be extended to being a large dining table that can be used by twelve people in one go.
  • Durability: The dining table is designed with MDF wood that makes it amazingly durable and long lasting. So, whatever may be your requirement, this dining table is surely going to offer you the best experience.
  • Unique Side Rail: The dining table arrives with the provision of a unique side rail that offers the opportunity to the users to expand the table for maximum twelve people.
  • Provision of 5 Leaves: The dining table comes equipped with the provision of 5 leaves that make it convert from a single table to an expanding dining table. As the leaves are being added to the dining table, it creates space for more people with efficacy.
  • Contemporary Style: The dining table is primarily designed to offer the benefit of contemporary style with minimalist looks. So, if you are looking to add a finesse of perfection and modern style to the décor of your room, then you must go for it.
  • Designed for Small Places: The dining table is mainly designed to provide the benefit of multi-utility services in small areas be it a small apartment, or condos.
  • extendable dining table for small spaces


    • The dining table is made from high quality MDF that makes it long lasting and more efficient.
    • It is extremely convenient to use the dining table as you can expand it according to your specific requirements.
    • It is available in four different colors that allow the users to pick the one as per their choice.
    • It arrives with the provision of 5 leaves and the user can add as many leaves as per the requirement.
    • It can be simply used as a console table, card table, kitchen table, or as a conference table in your office area.
    • The legs of the table have been designed with wheels that make them highly manageable.


    • A very few users found it bit difficult to assemble.
    • The support for middle legs of the table needs improvement.

    Final Verdict:

    The given dining table is a true value for your money as it allows the users to adjust the table according to their specific requirements.


    On a whole, it can be stated that Convertible Dining Tables for Small Spaces offer an interesting view and are highly revered by users. Thus, before going in for any table, just give a little thought on the space and other utilization for the convertible tables. One that fits in the budget as well as looks elegant in the work or dining area.


    How Much Space around a Dining Table?

    For the comfort of you and your guests, there should be a certain amount of space around the dining room table. Knowing exactly how much space around a dining table you’ll need will help you to find the perfect dining table for your dining room.

    You’ll also need to keep in mind the surface area needed for serving or decorative plates to be placed around the dining table. For this, here’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind: each place setting needs about 24” of space, or 12” on either side, to prevent guests from bumping elbows.

    You should also keep in mind that having the dining table centered in the room makes the aesthetic appeal of the room come together more easily. The dining table should be equidistant from any two opposite walls.


    How Far Should a Dining Table Be from the Wall?

    In most cases, there should be 36” of space between each place setting on a table and the nearest wall or other obstruction, according to SFGate. This allows guests plenty of room to get in and out of their chairs without bumping into the table or wall, and also allows diners to sit in the manner that is most comfortable for them.

    Some settings call for different amounts of space, though. For example, if people will be walking behind chairs placed at the table, a wider space of 54 or more inches is necessary. In this case, as much space as possible is great, as long as the table can be evenly spaced from walls and other obstructions.


    How Much Room for Dining Table and Chairs?

    In order to make diners comfortable and the dining room appear beautiful as well as functional, it’s good to think in terms of the total area of the room that the dining table and chairs take up.

    A good rule of thumb is for the surface of the table to take up, at most, 1/3 of the room’s total area. While a massive dining table looks impressive and can seat many guests, it simply won’t work if it takes up half of the room.

    That’s because in addition to the dining table itself, the chairs take up a significant amount of area. Chairs need room to be pulled out enough that guests can easily get into and out of them. Each chair also needs space on either side of it so that guests can eat comfortably.


    Where to Buy Dining Tables?

    There are two major places to buy dining tables: online and in-store. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Buying in-store often involves higher prices, as well as either having to take it home yourself or pay for delivery. Buying online is often cheaper, but you don’t have the same chance to look at and feel the table in person before committing.

    Either way you go, it’s important to consider the actual dimensions of the table—which can often be easier while buying online. Tables may look larger or smaller in the showroom or in pictures than they will in your dining room, so be sure to get the proper measurements of length, width, and height.

    So, hopefully with these three excellent choices you have a place to start to find that perfect dining room table. Not only can it be a dining table for small spaces that expands or one that converts to a smaller footprint, it will be one that works well with your space requirements and usage.

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