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20 Space Saving Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces – 2020

Amazing Space Saving Furniture Ideas:

space saving furnitureHow can you maximize the space you currently have? Wouldn’t be great if we could press a button and instantly enlarge our home or apartment giving us the extra space we need?  But, of course, that’s not possible (yet).  But what we can do now is to look for space saver furniture for small places and appliances to make use of the space we do have without eating away too much of the space that’s available.  And to do it economically and attractively. We’ve curated a plethora of space saving ideas that target apartments, homes and every room under our roof. No doubt you will find an option that will work with your style and meet your space saving furniture needs.

Space Saving Ideas For Small Apartments

Many apartments these days are quite small. So there are many people looking to maximize their space, especially if they’re looking for space saving furniture for studio apartments and micro apartments.

The key with finding furnishing for small apartments is to strategically finding a place to sleep, eat, entertain and store things keeping in mind your limited space.  For example, men and women dwell in tiny apartments and it’s not possible for them to obtain the space for a big dining table. But there are dining options that solve this problem. Having a small apartment can provide a challenge when you want to organize books. Fortunately, there are several methods it is possible to deploy to make decorating a little apartment a massive success! Many times using the corners of room can do the the trick.  Just because you’re in a little apartment doesn’t mean that you are limited in your creativity.

If you are purchasing a bed, seriously look at the types of beds that you can store things under. There are risers one can put their beds on to add space under the bed for storage. Naturally, the greater the quality, the more it will cost you, but even when you receive a futon bed on the high end, you will nonetheless be saving a good deal of money on a normal mattress and sofa combination. A futon bunk bed is a good idea for people residing in cramped areas like dorm rooms or smallish apartments.

Sure, the limited space may hinder you at some extent but so long as you’ve got the proper skills and the proper supplies, you’re able to even make it work to your benefit. A little space can be difficult to furnish, but careful measurements and wisely chosen furniture makes each one of the difference. The little space you’ve got in your apartment might be one of the best challenges you’ll ever face when trying to design the area, but it can be won. Here are some ideas:


corner brown sofa bed


Small Corner Sofas

A small sofa can help immensely by providing you comfortable and practical seating for your small apartment.  Get it in leather, velour and more.


corner sofa bed


Corner Sleeper Sofas

A corner sleeper sofa gives you  the convenience of a  sofa along with the practicality of a bed, thus allowing one room to replace two.  This model from Furniture Of America has a pull out sleeper. Check it out!




A futon can be a nice alternative to a sleeper sofa, by its mixing of a sofa and a bed – and it can be also be the showplace of your apartment. See more futons here. 

College Loft Bed


Loft Bed Workstations

A workstation loft bed serves multiple purposes. It combines your bed a sitting area and a workspace into one. Also great for small college form rooms. Ingenious. Here is a list of the top reviewed loft beds for the whole family.





Wall Beds

A wall bed has many nice features, but this amazing one from Bestar  incorporates storage as well as a book case. And when not in use, the bed disappears in plain site.




Corner Table Sets

Corner table sets are also a good way to claim your space in your small apartment. By putting your dining area against into the corner it gives your space a bigger feel. See more corner table set ideas here.


winsome drop dining room table for small spaces



Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tables are perfect for small apartments. When you need to sit more you simply open up the leaf as needed. When guests have left you bring it back down.  Here is a list of the top extendable dining tables.


Space Saving Options For Small Kitchens

In feng shui, the kitchen is regarded as the area of the house that sustains life and nourishes the family, in addition to being a sign of wealth. When you have too many things in your kitchen, eliminate any items from your kitchen which you need only infrequently and store them neatly somewhere else.  If your present kitchen simply doesn’t have the space you need and you’ve considered all the alternatives to remodel, it could be well worth adding an extension.  But if you can’t add an extension then it’s necessary to maximize the space you now have.

The kitchen is just one of the most used rooms in the home. It’s also important to get proper lighting in the kitchen, in addition to good ventilation. As a result of its compact dimensions and shape it’s perfect for the little kitchens with less space.

The necessary situation to think before starting to structure the kitchen is the way that it is used. For those who have too many things in the kitchen, it’s always likely to seem cluttered, and it’s going to be tough to put everything away properly. A well organised kitchen is vital for every home. If you’ve got a fully integrated kitchen, you can decide on an integrated under the counter freezer with a door panel that’s made to coordinate with your cabinetry. In addition, these furnishings can also help to make more space:



Kitchen Nook Set

These kitchen nooks allow you to utilize every nook and cranny of your kitchen. It is great for big families. See more kitchen nooks here.




Expandable Kitchen Tables

This  expandable kitchen table from SpaceMaster can transform from sitting 4 people to 6 as needed.


corner bakers rack



Corner Bakers Racks

This attractive corner bakers rack from Belham has it all.  Aesthetic appeal, generous spacing, shelves and a cabinet.





Multi-cookers are amazing. They save you space by  having one appliance versus having up to  9 different appliances in 1. This 4 and a half star multi-cooker from Mealthy boasts almost 1,000 favorable reviews.



Space Saving Options for Small Bathrooms

The way that your bathroom looks reflects your personal taste and fashion and your requirements. A little bathroom can occasionally be difficult to work with especially when you’re thinking about remodeling. If you have a little bathroom, you definitely know that making it seem spacious and trendy can be a significant job.

If you use your bathroom as it’s supposed to be used, then you don’t require a whole lot of things in it. Redesigning a little bathroom has to be done between some framed parameters. If you are in possession of a little bathroom, you can decide now is the time for a number of changes.

You may be adding on to enlarge the bathroom or you may be making choices that allow you to maximize every inch of present space. Since redecorating a little bathroom is easier, a lot of people decide to at least do a part of the project themselves, to conserve money. Yes, despite the fact that you can have a little bathroom it can be costly.

To begin with, you want to check at the restroom and determine what specific areas you need to update or change. Remodeling a little bathroom may be a tremendous challenge. With just a little imagination, it is simple to convert a little bathroom into the dream haven you’ve always wanted. It’s been found that lighter colors and mirrors can give a small bathroom more room. But here are some furnishing options can help you reclaim your space:

corner toilets reviews



Corner Toilets

Corner toilets do a great job of freeing up your bathroom space. They are not only functional, they take over the corner leaving space for you to dance. Check them out here.


Bathroom Corner Shelves

It’s always convenient when your shower products and hair products are within reach.  Corner shelves can assist. They come in plastic and metal varieties. They can come with one shelf or many more. Check them out here.



Corner Hampers

These attractive elements help you store your laundry in style. Some have separate compartments for easy organizing and they come in all shapes and sizes. Look for one perfect for you.



Corner Medicine Cabinets

These medicine cabinets work nicely when you’re seeking to free up some wall space. They also work well with corner sinks. There are many designs available. Click here to see what we found.




Corner Sinks

Statuesque and practical, corner sinks help in defining a minimalist bathroom. And with easy to clean exteriors they will be attractive for years to come. Check them out.




Corner Bathroom Vanities

Corner vanities are not only attractive but the addition of the attached storage area gives you additional space saving features. Don’t they look gorgeous? Your bathroom will thank you.



Over the Toilet Storage

Where space is a commodity these over the toilet options help organize your space while providing an attractive decor. See what we found. 


Space Saving Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

A dining room always makes a statement. It’s the premier place for entertaining with food. But these days, dining spaces have gotten smaller and many seek to maximize their dining space.

The very first step is to select furniture based on the compatibility between its functions and your requirements. Also check the fabric of the furniture you are planning to purchase. Whatever you pick, always make sure you go for dining furniture made from good, solid and long-lasting materials. Since different forms of dining furniture are offered in the marketplace, you must choose wisely. You need to make sure that the dining room furniture you’re investing in provides maximum comfort and fulfills your expectations. Strong wood dining room furniture will grace any dining space, but be sure you know what you would like in advance, and seek out the manufacturer which best meets your requirements. And when you have limited space, seek out furnishings that do more but with a smaller footprint. We’ve curated some dining room options that can fill the bill:


Drop Leaf Dining Tables

This amazing dining table from Holly & Martin   is an Amazon Choice product with a 4 star review.  It’s flexible enough to seat 4 -6 people as needed. See what the buzz is about.




Corner Bar Cabinet

A corner bar cabinet makes for an attractive way to store your liquor. Add some stem glasses, you have a
classy display.  See more corner bar ideas here. 


Space Saving Furniture for Small Living Rooms

Your living room is among the most well-known rooms in your dwelling. Furnishing a little living room might appear easy but it is but one of the most crucial components of your entire furnishing job. Here are some options that can visually enlarge your space.

In the event you’ve got a little living space, you can opt for big sized mirrors to make your room appear larger.  Form a fundamental plan of what furniture you require, how much room you’ve got and what function you need your room to get in your house. Decorating a little living room can be challenging, but there are lots of ways in which you can maximize your space and create an effect. If you are in possession of a small living space, attempt to resist the temptation of overdecorating.

Before your furniture revamp you can start to bring some decorative touches. The very best spot to begin is on your walls. Furthermore, you may use furniture that could be downsized, for instance, that 6 by 6 bed could become a living room couch during the day. Floating furniture and very low seating can make all of the difference the moment it comes to keeping the space open and flowing.

Before your know it your living room appears spacious and bigger. Lastly, remember a number of the simple techniques that you can use to make certain that the coffee table you select actually enhances your room’s decor. If you get a little living room which is full of furniture but still feels unfinished, ask yourself whether you could add a few lamps or some plants. Here are some other space saving options:



Corner Chairs

Corner chairs come in many shapes and fashions. Not only are they conveniently out the way, they don’t mind being used in other parts of your home.



Corner Curio Cabinets

These display cases can nicely showcase your keepsakes, pictures, liquor and more.  Maybe your living room is missing one. We found some here. 

Corner Entertainment Centers

Make your corner the focal point of your room. These corner units can hold your TVs, video consoles
and more. Enhance your living room today!


Corner Electrical Fireplace

Ahhhh.  These amazing fixtures combine traditional touches with modern technology giving you a beautiful decor and excellent heat benefits. See what’s out there.



Corner Bookshelves

Corner bookshelves always find a way to enhance a room. Of course, you can you can use this unit for more than books. So enjoy.

corner table



Corner End Tables

These cute units are perfect in your corners at the end of your sofa set or near your love seat.  See what we’ve found for you.


Lift Top Coffee Tables

This unique tables combine a number of practical space saving features. Not only do these tables have a small footprint,  you can you store items within it top. It’s perfect for tea and card games. In addition,  when the top if popped up, it can be a nice desk. Check these out.

Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom is arguably one of the main rooms in the home. Possessing a little bedroom includes a nuisance due to limited surface locations. Finding storage ideas for small bedrooms can be a challenge.  But anyone can make their space look “bigger” by creative painting, lighting and the way they use their walls.

One method to make your bedroom look bigger is by using larger curtains with a portion of the window showing in the center. One can also use mirrors to give the room a more spacious look.

But at times you may need to adjust the furnishings that are currently in the room to regain your space. For example, do you have a queen sized bed? Would a singe size bed do better? Folding beds are another great method to conserve space and create an ideal arrangement. What about furniture options that mix your bed with your drawers space? Creative, eh? Hope you like these space saving bedroom ideas:


Murphy Cabinet Bed

This cabinet from Night & Day Furniture exemplifies the creative and attractive way murphy cabinet beds  tuck your bed away. This works for living rooms when there are guests or even in our bedrooms when we want to open up the space for other things.

Lucid folding guest bed with memory foam - closed


Folding Beds With Memory Foam

Your guests wont want to leave when you bring this out. With easy to move caster wheels and locks these beds are practical and convenient. Check our top selections. 


Corner Desks

If your bedroom also serves as your home office, corner desks are perfect. You still have a professional look along with an out of the workspace. Here are 30 of the best desks for  your small space.


Corner Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes provide significant space for your clothes, coats and more. Check out these corner wardrobes here.


Hopefully after this consideration you have some ideas you can use to maximize your current space. These space saving furniture ideas can only be the beginning. Keep looking until you’ve decided what furnishings you need. Make sure the sizing and elements of each piece is just right for your needs.  And when searching for space saving ideas for small homes make sure to put EXACTLY what you’re looking for in your search efforts to target your exact needs. Some who are more creative can come up with their own DIY space saving ideas. But whatever your methods, happy hunting 🙂

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