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Fresh Space Saving Corner Furniture Ideas For 2019

Fresh Corner Decor Ideas for 2018

Jaime Mac

With the new year comes new desires to upgrade and redo some of your home to keep it feeling fresh.  When the urge to redo your design and decor, the best thing to do is start by redoing some of the corners of your room. Redesigning an entire room or home can be expensive and time consuming. By focusing on a few corners of your home, you can create that fresh, remodeled feeling without going overboard or over budget. Here are fresh corner decor ideas for 2018, for all of your household corner needs. Click images to see larger images and pricing.

Corner Storage Ideas

As corners are out of the way of most normal foot traffic in a room they are a great way to maximize the storage of your home. A great way to decorate your corner while also utilizing the storage function is to hang some corner shelves, like this beauty. These floating corner shelves are great because they add several tiers of space to store or display items, but they don’t take up any space in the floor.

They’re also very stylish and would look great in most contemporary homes. Another way to maximize storage is with a standing cabinet. This piece of living room corner furniture is a nice way to keep things orderly and also displayed nicely. A corner curio cabinet is a great way to spice up the corner of your room while also adding much needed storage space.

Another idea for keeping your home fresh is to make a living room corner the center of attention. Add a nice corner entertainment stand to your home and make your corner really pop.

Foryourcorner.com has tons of ideas for your new living room corner stand and other wall corner decoration ideas.

Corner Office Ideas

Spending some time every season or so to upgrade or rearrange your office can help keep your mind focused and your work productive. Adding some pop to the corners of your office might be just what you need to refresh. Try upgrading to a corner computer desk to maximize the space in your room and give yourself optimal tablespace. This way you’ll have more open floor space you can utilize with a couch or other corner decoration pieces. An office is also a great place to add some corner trees, or even a corner coffee bar. By simply rearranging or reorganizing your office you can upgrade your state of mind and keep your work flowing smoothly.


Corner Seating Ideas

Corners are a great place to add some extra seating to your home. You can always utilize sectional furniture or even simple corner chairs.  Sometimes adding one extra place to sit can make all the difference in a room (especially at parties!) Adding a chair and simple side table to an office or bedroom could upgrade the space tenfold–especially if you’re always asking yourself ‘how to decorate the corner of a bedroom?’ Add some extra seating and you suddenly have a much higher functioning space! Patios and outdoor spaces are also a great place to add a little extra seating in the corner. Putting a corner bench or couch outside is a great way to liven up your backyard and get ready for barbecue season.


Corner Bath & Spa Ideas

Upgrading your bathroom or spa is a fantastic way to freshen up your home for the new year. Adding a hot-tub or luxury bath can improve your quality of life and raise the value of your home. Foryourcorner.com has several options of spas and tubs for all your bathroom decorating needs. Other ways to freshen up your bathroom decorations include free-hanging corner shelves, and, if space allows, small corner accent tables to hold decorations and personal items. A fresh coat of paint, and new decorations–to go on your accent table and shelves–can really go a long way when redecorating on a budget.


Corner Table Ideas

Rounding out your home decor with an array of corner tables is a great way to make good use of your space, and also gain extra seating and storage. Here are several living room corner table ideas. Corner coffee tables are a great way to keep the space flowing well and keep it organized. If you have limited amount of space, putting the coffee table in the corner will keep the feng shui of the room in check while also livening up the space.

Corner accent tables are also a great way to utilize space in the corner. A decorative accent table can hold a few knickknacks, serve as a landing strip for your home, or pull the room together. With styles and sizes of all varieties, adding one of these corner accent tables to your to your collection of corner decoration furniture will spruce up your home and also add style and function. For more living room corner ideas check out the Foryourcorner.com living room furniture ideas Pinterest page. If you have the space in your home, a corner table set is a great way to really kick things up a notch. Whether putting them in a breakfast nook or using them as your main dining room set, corner table sets are a great addition to any home and can save space as well as look incredible.


Need any more ideas?

No matter what your design needs or ideas are for 2018, Foryourcorner.com can help you realize them and make them a reality. The best and easiest place to start your home makeover is in one corner, and let your ideas grow from there. Don’t let your corners be bear–make them something incredible. For more information, ideas, and projects, check us out.


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