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Best Space Saving Dining Table Sets

In the current scenario when the dilemma of space shortage is shared by the majority of population in the world, there is certainly a need of choosing the space saving dining table sets. As the entire world is shrinking into a global village, there is a dearth of adequate space in the metropolitan cities that calls for having the use of space saving dining table sets in the homes, offices and public places as well. Thus, people now are opting for the furniture that looks elegant and offer the benefit of space saving and the dining table set tops the list of demands of contemporary people. In fact, the space saving dining table sets are designed to offer the benefit of incredible ease and comfort that makes the small space look perfectly arranged.

Thus, if you are looking for space saving dining table sets, then you must have a close look at review of top three space saving dining table sets for optimized performance.


Round space saving dining table

5-piece Compact Round Dining Set Home Living Room Furniture (Grey/Grey Linen):

$277.11 – See more info and price on Amazon

If you are looking to optimize your space with the dining table that offers you space benefit with multi utility functions, then consider buying 5-piece Compact Round Dining Set Home Living Room Furniture. It arrives with the provision of five chairs that are designed with a contemporary feel and can be easily tucked into the table. It helps to provide the benefit in all those areas where space is a major concern.


  1. Superior Material: The dining table is designed with the superior quality material using MDF, rubberwood along with having veneer construction.
  2. Stylish Design: The dining table has been designed with black faux leather, foam seat cushions and having the mid century look with Walnut finish.
  3. Ideal for Saving Space: it is designed to cater to the requirements of small spaces as all the seats can be easily tucked into the table effortlessly.
  4. Round Shape: It is available in round shape as all the four curved chairs easily fit into it.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The dining table is extremely useful as its premium quality built makes it super easy to maintain it properly.


  • The dining table offers the amazing space solution for smaller areas and apartments.
  • It offers the mid century stylish looks with a contemporary feel.
  • It offers the foam seat cushions for added comfort.
  • The use of high quality rubber wood and MDF makes it durable and long lasting.
  • The users can take the benefit of free shipping as well.
  • It offers the ample space of dining for four people.


  • A very few customers find it difficult to tuck in the chairs.

Our View:

The 5 piece dining set is recommended for smaller spaces, it offers the benefit of quality and performance with being cost effective. Thus, if you are planning to buy a new piece of furniture that doesn’t make your space look cluttered and offer you the space saving option, then you must buy this product.

Dorel Living 3-Piece Devyn Faux Marble Pub Dining Set:

$104.99 – See more info and price on Amazon

3 piece space saving dining set

The dining set is highly recommended choice of people who prefer to have a perfect dining table that makes your space look bigger with no hassles. It is designed with a black wood finish having the faux marble top that makes it highly stylish and comfortable to use at any corner of your home. Its two matching stools give it a classy look that can help you to use it even for décor purposes when you are not using it as a dining table.


  1. Multipurpose Usage: The dining table can be used as the perfect option for smaller spaces as a décor as well as for dining purposes.
  2. Sturdy Built: The dining table is recommended for multi utility functions as it is built from hardwood with a marble top that makes it durable and long lasting.
  3. Stylish Looks: It is designed with a black wood finish that adds to its elegant charm and it goes perfectly well with the décor of your home.
  4. Padded Stools: The dining table comes with the provision of two padded stools accessorized with faux black leather upholstery.
  5. Easy Maintenance: It can be taken care of easily and doesn’t require hefty expenses to maintain it.


  • The dining table is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of small apartments and offices.
  • It can be perfectly used as a dining table or as a console.
  • It has got the space saving design that makes it possible for the users to use the space for other purposes as well.
  • The tuck in option of the padded cushions further into the table make the adequate space in the room for other requirements.
  • Its easy maintenance makes it the recommended choice of people.
  • It arrives with the provision of free shipping.


A few people found it difficult to assemble it.

Our View:

The dining table is considered as one of the best options in case where space saving is the primary objective as it comes with multi utility functions. It is a highly recommended product from the recognized brand Dorel Living that promises unmatched quality with amazing performance.

5-Piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Ottoman:

$189.99 – See more info and prices on Amazon

5 piece space saving dining set

The 5 piece dining set is a great option for all those people who need a dining space that can be further utilized in the storage space. As the dining table comes with storage ottoman that is designed aesthetically, so the users get great benefit from using the premium quality furniture. Moreover the seats are cushioned and the use of taupe vinyl makes its upholstery a beneficial factor for storage purposes.


  1. Contemporary Style: The dining table is designed with contemporary style that makes it easy for the users to place it perfectly in any corner of their place. Moreover, laminated finish adds to its contemporary touch that makes it a great option for décor purposes.
  2. Multipurpose Usage: It offers the multipurpose usage as it can be used as a dining table, kitchen table or for the work purposes.
  3. Ample Storage Space: The dining table is designed with the objective of proving the space solutions in small apartments. Thus, it comes with cushioned seats that offer an ample amount of storage with easy usage.
  4. Low Maintenance: The dining table can be utilized quite effectively as its low maintenance makes it the preferred choice of the users.
  5. Cost Effective: It is recommended for all those people who prefer to have the space solution and that too at the affordable pricing.


  • The dining table offers the four pieces of storage ottoman that make it a great choice for people facing the space concerns.
  • It adds to the charm of your décor by being stylish and offering the contemporary looks.
  • It provides the benefit of low cost maintenance as with adequate usage and care, its performance can be enhanced.
  • The durability comes from the use of high quality particleboard that has been used in its construction.
  • The laminated covering helps to keep the table top safe from any sort of stains.
  • It comes with the provision of free shipping.


Few people found it to be a bit wobbly.

Our View:

The 5 piece dining table is a huge success with people who need to have the space solution along with having the provision of storage space. It is great furniture with sleek design, cost efficient and solve the concerns of storage as well.

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