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Space can be a commodity.  Not just in overall living, but also when we need to get things done: the dreaded CHORES. So, isnt it nice when we can make appliances disappear when not needed and reclaim our space? We’ve reviewed collapsible laundry baskets and folding dining room tables. But here is another space saving gem: Stow away ironing boards.

Think about the space your ironing board takes up. Most of the time there are pretty long. But not only that, you have to get them, expand them and set them up. And of course, doing the reverse when you’re finished.

These pull down ironing boards are not only convenient, but they allow you to hide, tuck away the ironing board and have your space back. So, when you need the board, you just conveniently pull it down.

Here are our top selections. Please enjoy!

Wooden-Life Fold Out Convertible Wall Mount Desk – White

Folding Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Computer Table

Ikea Wall-mounted drop-leaf table, white

Household essentials stow away ironing boardHousehold Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board | White | Cut into Wall to Install

$199 – See Prices and more on Amazon

Do you live in a studio or an apartment that is just too small for the number of people living in it? Do you ever think to yourself that only if you had a bigger place? Well, we can’t promise you enlarged area but we surely can make your place more spacious. This product from Household Essentials is an ideal item to have in your home. It is an ironing board that can be folded into the cupboard, which you can place on a wall! This will space a lot of space in your apartment because a fixed ironing board stays horizontal and can’t be stuffed in any cupboard.

Not only space, this also brings you a lot of conveniences. You can adjust this to your height, first of all, and you’ll have to do that only once and never care about it again. It will open at the same height every time. You can even adjust the height after installation. Also, the board can swivel front and back and to the sides, giving you a sense of freedom of posture. You can move it and position it as you like. There is a bolt under the board that lets you do the adjustment.

Additionally, there are two small shelves in this cabinet on which you can keep your iron and spray etc. The product has three and a half star rating which has been reviewed by 424 people, so we’d say that the quality is pretty much verified.


  1. Easy Installation: This cabinet is very easy to install on your wall. There are detailed installation guidelines that come with the box which you can follow.
  2. Adjustable: The iron board is highly adjustable in terms of height and angle. It is also very easy to change its configuration.
  3. Shelves and Hook: There are 2 shelves and a cloth hanging hook, which makes this cabinet your entire go to for ironing your clothes since you can keep your iron in here itself.


  • You can adjust the angle of the ironing board.
  • You can turn the ironing board at 180 degrees if you’re left-handed.
  • Height can be adjusted even after installation.
  • Includes shelves and hook.


  • Simple light wood color does not look very attracting.
  • A little pricey as compared to others.

Final Verdict:

This is a space saving and durable product that has good reviews and lets you be carefree about your ironing station in the house.


USAflag drop down ironing boardBuilt-in Ironing Board Cabinet Raw Wood, Iron Storage, Hide Away, Stow, Fold Away, with Routed Door (usaflags)

$139 – See prices and more on Amazon

This ironing cabinet is made out of birch plywood which guarantees its durability. It goes only 6.5 inches into the wall and that makes it very compact and easy to install. But even after being compact, its design allows it to have plenty of space inside, so as to store your iron and even switchboards inside the cabinet itself. The iron board is 3 feet long when it is opened fully. This is long enough for you to easily iron any type of cloth. The door of the cabinet is hinged from either side, so you can choose whether it opens from left or right. This is often very convenient when you’re left handed but you find everything is made for right-handed use.

What is unique about this product is that it comes unfinished. The outer layer of the cabinet is uncolored raw wood which gives you the option to have it colored as per your rooms color scheme. This is a really nice feature which lets you maintain your interior design and sophistication.

Also, we found this product to be cheaper than most in the market. Despite the fact that this is cheap, it comes with mounting hardware, padding and even a cover included. Now that is value for money.


  1. Space Saving: Can be mounted on almost any wall and saves the space of a whole iron board in your house.
  2. Left or Right Option: Comes with both sides of the door hinged, so you have the option to choose whether it opens from left or right.
  3. Made in the USA: This product is made in the USA and thus you can be sure of its quality and durability.
  4. Unfinished: Comes with an unfinished look which lets you customize it according to your interior pattern.


  • This is a durable product since its made from birch plywood.
  • It is very cheap as compared to its competitor products in the market.
  • The unfinished look lets you customize it according to your will and your interior design.


  • It comes uncolored so that adds a task for you to do which will cost you time as well as money. So the total cost of the cabinet will land a bit higher than its cost.

Final Verdict:

If you are really into color patterns or you really do care about your interior, I’d say that this is the one for you since it comes with an unfinished frame which you can customize on your own.

southern enterprises drop down wall mounted ironing boardWall Mount Ironing Board Center with Storage and Wall Mirror – White (southern enterprises)

$128 – See prices and more on Amazon

This is a wall mount ironing board center from Southern Enterprises, which saves you the space of an iron board like the rest of the products on this list. The cabinet hangs on the wall and when open the latch of the door, an iron board comes out of it on which you can iron your clothes.

This cabinet comes with an off-white finish that goes with almost any color scheme your room might have and also, as an extra feature, this cabinet consists of a small and sleek mirror on its door which can be used a dressing mirror when you’re not working with your iron and even if you don’t use it, it looks good on a cabinet in the room.

For added convenience, this cabinet also has two hooks behind its door. It also has two shelves which can hold your iron, spray and lint brushes so that they are at a hands distance when you need them. Its board also has a ground support which ensures rigidity.


  1. Space Saving: It saves space of your iron board and iron in your house by folding them into a wall.
  2. Off White: Off-white look compliments your interior, whichever color scheme might it be.
  3. Ground Support: A supporter opens up from beneath the board that sets on the ground so that you can iron without the board shaking.
  4. Shelves and Hook: There are 2 shelves and 2 hooks in place, for you to have the things you need at a hand’s distance.


  • Saves space and gets everything of need at hands reach.
  • Iron board ground support is there, so you can iron on a rigid surface rather than a hanging board which might shake.
  • There is a mirror on the door and the cabinet has an off-white finish, so the cabinet looks stylish.
  • Made out of Brass hardware, so durability is there.


  • There is an added task of constantly keeping the mirror clean.
  • The mirror adds 42 pounds of weight to the cabinet.

Final Verdict:

This is an ideal product for your home if you’re looking to save some ground space. This is durable, cost-efficient and multipurpose.


organizedlife stow away ironing boardOrganizedlife White Wall Mount Ironing Board Center Cabinet with Mirror and Storage Shelves

$130.99 – See prices and more on Amazon

This is a white wall mount iron board from Organized Life that saves you the ground space of an iron board in your house. This can be mounted on almost any wall in your house and the company has ensured with its light weight and design that it is, in fact, easier to install than most other products of such nature. It has a ravishing 3.9 user rating on Amazon out of 5 which goes to show its reliability.

It comes in pure white color, which obviously is the most elegant color of all. It will not only complement but elevate your interior quality by shining the brightest! Not only praised for its look, but reviews have also said that its design is somehow unique in such a way that in almost the same amount of space as its competitors, it manages to carve out four shelves rather than the normal two and two hooks instead of one. This way you could not only keep your ironing stuff inside this cabinet but also other small stuff like deodorants, lotion etc. The mirror on the front side of the door gives you the option of turning it into a whole dressing table of its own!


  1. Multi-Functional: The four shelves and a mirror let you turn it into a dressing table cum ironing board mount.
  2. More Space: There are more shelves and hooks on this, so you save more space.
  3. Ground Support: A ground supporter opens from under the iron board to stop the board form shaking
  4. White: An elegant white piece of furniture that will compliment your interior schemes.


  • Ground Supporter lends you a certain amount of rigidity and durability while ironing and thus the board does not shake or break.
  • It has a stylish elegant white look.
  • It is cheaper and prices efficient than most in the market for these much features.
  • There are four shelves and two hooks which lets you have more space inside your cabinet.


  • The white color of the cabinet causes a problem sometimes because it needs to be cleaned frequently or else its shine will fade away and it will look dull, which is a negative factor for your interior.
  • The mirror ads extra weight to the cabinet which builds pressure on the bolts.

Final Verdict

This elegant white ironing center comes with a lot of space inside and grounds support rigidity. So this is ideal for a small house.

Hideaway Drop down ironing boardHide-Away Ironing Center, White

$169 – See prices and more on Amazon

This product serial number Ironing Board SUP420 is a highly rated product from HideAway which has got 4 stars on Amazon! It says it all in the name! “HideAway”. You can hide away your iron board into a cabinet on the wall, which is neat riddance we might say. A cabinet on the wall definitely does not look shabbier than an ironing table lying round in a corner in the house!

Although there is only one shelf in this cabinet, it beautifully accommodates your iron and sprays on it. This is one of the company’s supreme line of products which comes with a bunch of extra features apart from a stunning white look both inside and outside! It is scratch resistant and comes already recessed so as to make the installation process much quicker for you. It has a swiveling iron board which means that you can adjust the iron board angle according to your comfort and preferred hand.

What is unique in this is that it includes a heat safety shield which adds a layer of protection to the wood from a heated iron.


  1. Space Saving: You can hide away your iron board in a wall mount cabinet and save huge ground space in your house.
  2. Swivel Board: Its board’s angle can be adjusted ay your choice and preference.
  3. Scratch Resistant: It sinner and outer finish are scratch resistant and won’t let your product lose it shine for quite a long time.


  • It has an adjustable angle iron board.
  • It is scratch resistant and would stay and look like new for longer period of time than the others.
  • It includes a heat shield and a shelf that makes this cabinet safe for iron storage!
  • Its white finish looks in your home.


  • It is a little pricey than other similar options available on the market.
  • It has only one shelf which might cause storage problems.

Final Verdict:

This is a premium range product that offers you safety through heat shield and endurance through scratch resistance. We think its cost is justified and you will not regret buying this one.

















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