5 Unique Furniture Ideas to Fit With Your New French Doors

French doors, along with moving glass walls allow the infusion of a cool breeze or the gentleness of warm sunlight into your home environment. From the colors to the style of the decor, it is important to find unique, idyllic furniture to complement the lovely openness of the room. Having a cohesive style for your home goes a long way towards creating a unified vision and identity for the kind of home you live in and the way you will live in it.

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Love Rugs?

If your doors have bright colors or are adorned with curtains in a bold color or unique pattern, choose accessories that will complement that style.  Simple striped and patterned rugs can be offset with a bright red or orange couch to bring an exciting energy to the room. Or you can go for simple furniture pieces with bright colored curtains to complement your doors.

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Pillow Couches

A cozy design idea for a room with French doors or a moving glass wall are lofty pillow couches adorned with many plush decorative pillows. This style is ideal for a comfortable den that invokes lounging energy. Low wooden coffee tables are the best compliment to the little pillow couch. Underneath the pillow couch and small coffee table, place a fluffy, soft rug to complete the look.

Wooden Benches

Matching wooden benches make a great accessory to French doors, with seats on both sides of the doors. They can be simple seating areas to enjoy the streaming sunlight provided by the small-paned windows or the open door. They can also be a decorative piece to add character. Pillows will add a soft, cozy and stylish addition to the hardwood look. Benches are a very functional addition to a patio, porch, or deck. You’ll want your bench to be mobile so you can enjoy sunny weather, but still be able to relocate your benches when the weather gets worse.

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Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a trendy and unique style of furniture that works well with French and a moving glass wall. Wicker furniture can come in a variety of styles and colors to match the decor idea you have in mind. This style of furniture fits perfectly in a pool house or the patio outside of your moving glass doors providing a casual appearance to complement the gentleness and openness of the doors. 

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Daybed Couches

Decorate your room with large and ornate daybeds that double as couches. You can place two wooden or wrought iron day beds with plush bedding and pillows facing a coffee table to give your room a cozy, yet unique vibe. If your family loves to lounge while enjoying each other’s company, this is a fun way to encourage that. Get some professional movers to help you deliver these couches so you can enjoy your time lounging around.

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French doors are a wonderfully inviting choice for your home. Choose furniture that will bring the same feeling of peace, comfort, and openness while adding a unique flare to pull together the room allowing you to relax and enjoy your doors over the years.

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