Small Spaces

How to Create Extra Space in a Small Apartment

Having enough room in your home is important. Small houses and apartments are a common complaint among modern homeowners. A cramped space can not only put a damper on your mood, but it can create safety problems as well. Getting more space doesn’t necessarily mean trading in an old apartment for a new one or knocking down walls. There are many different ways to maximize the space you already have. Here are some things to consider.


Any piece of furniture you can utilize for multiple purposes instantly saves you a ton of space. For example, an old fold-out couch can turn your bedroom into a living room and vice-versa. Now your studio apartment is masquerading as a one-bedroom apartment, and your dinner guest or guests won’t ever know the difference.

One furniture trend that is gaining popularity is the chair that doubles as a table or platform. This kind of modular mix-and-match approach to decorating has numerous benefits, not the least of which is the money saved by not having to buy as many pieces and the space saved by adapting one for the other.


Use Light

Whenever possible, use light to help open a small or dark room. If you have windows, trade in dark curtains for sheer ones that let in more light. If your windows have broken light bars due to grids or blinds on your windows, try to open those or find smaller, wider grids for less broken light. Use mirrors on the walls to help reflect more light around your space.


Color Balance

A uniform look tricks the mind into believing a space is bigger than it actually is. Clutter, on the other hand, even if it only looks that way because of the mish-mash of colors, will cause you to believe your living space is more crowded than it actually is. What you want is vast expanse, or at least a close approximation. Make sure you decorate your space to match your vision, and you’ll find things open up considerably.¬†Use one or two colors and use textures and patterns to break up any monotony.



If you can stand at a well-trafficked spot in your apartment and see an unobstructed line of travel all the way to the opposite edge of the structure, you have something called a “sight line.” If you can arrange to have two such sight lines in your apartment, no matter how small it might be, it will seem much larger. If you can have three, it will seem larger still. One of the best ways to build sight lines is to move storage to the corners with a corner shelf, bookcase, or similar furniture.

It often takes quite a bit of experimentation to get a sight line working properly. When combined with color balance, this technique can be very effective, especially for when guests come to visit.


Engineering more living space is a good use of your time, as it will contribute considerably to your sense of well-being and make your home a much more comfortable and positive place to stay. When you plan your expansion, take advantage of what you have first and do your best to exhaust all the free possibilities before spending too heavily. It’s also nice to have some money saved up while you’re relaxing in that newly spacious apartment.



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