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3 Ways To Keep Your Apartment Fresh and Clutter-Free

Do you live in a small space? Is your biggest problem trying to figure out how to remain clutter free? We have three unique ideas that can help you avoid tripping over your belongings in the middle of the night or on the way out of the apartment in a rush.


Re-purpose the home to store awards, toys, and books

Closet organizers, under the stairs shelving, and benches with hinged seating can provide you with many stash places to put extra charger cords, teddy bears, winter coats, and school supplies. Use cardboard to create dividers in kitchen and bathroom drawers. You can use tiny containers to put bobby pins, hair bands, cough drops, scrubbing pads, and condiments.

Clean out before birthdays and holidays

Besides doing a spring or fall cleaning, you might want to pen in some time on the weekend before any event where you or your child will get more stuff like birthdays. Getting rid of old or broken items before new ones can keep you from jamming drawers shut and tripping over the new stuff. With space for new toys or clothes, children are more likely to clean up because they still have a home for everything. Try to get rid of any unneeded items by selling of donating them. If you think you still might find use in the item, try to put it into storage in either a closet or garage. Be sure to pick the correct storage container so that any fragile items or expensive items are properly protected and stored. Try not to put the container on the floor or any excessively dirty places (such as a shed). The point it to recognize what needs to be stored or given away every time you expect to receive new items.

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Use space-saving furniture to keep the walkways clear

A Murphy bed or platform with drawers under the frame make excellent sleeping options for condos, small apartments, and studios where space is an issue. Dining tables with extra leaves let you expand your dinner table during holiday feasts while keeping it small enough the rest of the time for you to move around in your apartment. Houzz says that you can even put electric outlets in the cabinet when you have several appliances or beauty items to plug in.

Once you get the apartment clutter free, the best thing to do is to schedule clean outs once every season or so. You can also plan a big cleaning before the holiday season if you plan to spoil the children or yourself. One of the best pieces of advice is to keep clutter off from your surfaces. The long spans of clean space will give your home a better appearance making it look more organized. For items that you do not use or have no place to put, you can easily donate them to charity and feel good about cleaning up your apartment. You will be happy you gave some things away when you trip less often in the middle of the night.

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