Best Modular Sofas For Small Spaces

For most of us, the couch is the most loved furniture piece in the house. It is where we curl up watching our favorite TV show, lounge with our friends, or even work from home. It’s no wonder, then, that you want your couch to be as comfortable, stylish, durable and versatile as you are.
But who said that a couch has to be big to be considered comfortable and classy? There are still many sofas for small spaces which offer great comfortability and trendy, eye-catching designs. And one good example of such classic chairs is the modular sofa.

Why Find a Modular Sofa for Your Small Space

Modular sofas are buildable, just like toy blocks. They come in trendy, multiple silhouettes, such that you will always find the ideal sofa that matches your preferences and home design. Also, these unique sofa designs add flexibility to whichever rooms they are added to, while promoting open plan living.

Modular sofas also provide extra seating capacity on smaller foot prints, making them the ideal choice for modern houses that are limited in space. More so, their flexibility makes it possible to change the configurations, such as sliding armrests in and out to create a chaise. What’s even better, modular sofas provide hours and hours of great comfort without compromising on space.

What to Look for to Find the Best Modular Sofa

Finding that ideal modular soda is not an easy task. The market offers numerous designs, styles and materials that make it even harder to choose the best sofas for our spaces. However, if you are to find the right modular sofa that will suit your needs for many more years to come, then you need to take into consideration the following three factors before making your purchase:

A. Space
Modular sofas are meant for use in living room with tight spaces. Still, there are some models which are overly large and tend to take up much space. Hence, when buying a sofa for your space, choose one that neither dominates the entire room not makes it hard to move around it.

B. Sectional Sofa Dimensions
Measure both the length and the depth of your modular sofa; these measurements should fit with your seating expectations. Also, remember to measure the length of the chaise component which is usually attached to one end of the sofa. It is advisable that you choose a sofa whose chaise is located on the side of the room with the least traffic.

C. Materials
If your household has young children, you would do well to choose modular sofas whose materials are stain resistant and can be washed with machine. Also, avoid leather sofa if you have pets, as these could easily claw and scratch the material.

How to Maintain Your Modular Sofa

The following are eight tips on how to care and maintain your modular sofa so that it lasts for long:

Make sure to unclip all the pieces before moving the sofa.

The modular sofa should always be placed on an even surface.

Never move the sofa by dragging it – Rather, lift it whenever moving it.

Never sit on the arm’s unit of the sofa.

Avoid sitting on the modular sofa if all the units are not clipped together.

Don’t force the clips together – In case of any resistance, check for what is preventing them for clicking together then let them fit together easily.

Bottom Line

When creating any perfect living room, you will require one very crucial piece of furniture: the sofa. However, choosing the right sofa can be daunting, especially for those with tight living spaces.
One of the most recommended sofas for small spaces is the modular sofa. This type of sofa provides an excellent interior choice for small living spaces. It adds flexibility to a room, while still saving up on a lot of space. So if you are looking to save up more space and retain the elegance of your home, get yourself a classic modular sofa today!

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