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Best Under Desk Exercise And Elliptical Machines


Now more than ever, we spent most of our day sitting. During the day, we sit at our desks in the office. And when we go home, we spend even more time watching television, while seated at the couch. Such a sedentary life leaves us with very little time to exercise, which could be very harmful to our health.

Well, the sedentary life that we live may be beyond our control; we can’t just quit our jobs since we still need to make a living, and we can’t fail to rest in the evening after a long tired day. However, there is one thing that we can actually control; our keeping active.

You don’t have to strain too much to make time in your busy schedule to go to a gym. Rather, you can actually multitask and keep active, while still working. An under desk exerciser makes that possible. This exercising equipment can help you to keep healthy and burn calories, at the comfort of your very own home or office.

What is an Under Desk Exerciser?

Simply put, an under desk exerciser is an equipment that is used for exercising the lower body muscles, as well as for burning calories. Under desk exercisers are popular for their compatibility and portability. These can be placed under the desk, as their name suggests. Therefore, with an under desk exerciser, a person can workout out while seated at their office or home.

There are different types of under desk exercisers. The most commonly used are the under desk elliptical and the under desk bike. A desk elliptical comes in different sizes. There are both large and mini elliptical machines. The mini elliptical equipment are most preferred for their compact and portable aspects, which make it easier to fit them in homes and apartments with limited spaces.

An under the desk bike is also referred to as a pedal exerciser, or a bike peddler. It is usually a mini bike, which can be placed on the floor and under desk. A pedal exerciser mainly engages the lower body of the user. In order to start working out, all that the user is required to do is to simply put their feet on the bike pedals, then start moving.

The desk elliptical and the pedal exerciser are very similar, especially when it comes to their primary function, size and weight. The main difference between the two is that; an under desk elliptical functions by making forward and backward movements, while an under desk bike functions by making up and down circulation motions. With all the different types of under desk exercisers available in the market, you can never run out of options on which equipment to get.

Best Reviewed Under Desk Exerciser

The following are the 8 best reviewed under desk exercisers you should consider getting for your home or work office:

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle

Working out on the DeskCycle 2 pedal exerciser is one of the best ways you can stay fit while working. It does not cause any distractions while working out. Therefore, the user can stay focused and even improve their productivity, while still burning calories.


  • The leg of the DeskCycle 2 can be easily adjusted to accommodate different leg heights. The maximum height that can be reached is 10 inches.
  • This pedal exerciser is designed with a clear LCD screen which displays essential workout data. The user can use such workout data to track their progress.
  • DeskCycle 2 bike peddler works with almost all desk sizes, even desks with a low height of 27 inches.
  • The pedal motion associated with this equipment is very smooth and quiet. It is also easy on the joints.
  • It is designed with different resistance settings. The user can, therefore, choose from easy to more challenging peddling workouts


  • If the user fails to follow the instruction manual carefully, the DeskCycle 2 pedal exerciser may end up cranking up by level 4 or higher.
DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle,Pedal Exerciser - Stationary Mini Exercise Bike -Office, Home Equipment - Adjustable Legs
  • STAY FIT IN THE OFFICE -Our high-quality portable under desk bike keeps you focused, improves productivity and burns calories. Includes an adjustable leg and LCD 6-function display!
  • WORKS WITH LOW DESKS -As low as 27 inches
  • PATENTED MAGNETIC RESISTANCE MECHANISM-Quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion -great for your joints, and lets you focus on your work
  • MAGNETIC RESISTANCE & ADJUSTABLE LEG -Quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion -great for your joints. Set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches or drop it down to 9 inches to give you more desk clearance.
  • 8 CALIBRATED RESISTANCE SETTINGS -from very easy to challenging and more than 2x the range of other pedal exercisers!



Sunny Health Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike with Digital Monitor

The Sunny Health and Fitness is quite small and portable, which makes it easy to use under a work or home desk. It is designed with a very powerful, yet quiet magnetic system. Hence, it does not cause any distractions to the user or other people during workouts. This machine supports a maximum of 220 lbs.


  • The pedals of the Sunny Health mini exercise bike can be adjusted to fit different sizes of feet or hands.
  • There are safety straps built on the pedals. Not only do these straps ensure safety during exercising, but they also provide more stability to the users.
  • This equipment is also designed with a knob which can be easily adjusted to 8 different levels of tension, for even more versatile workouts.
  • It includes an LCD display, which clearly shows the time spent working out, distance and speed covered, as well as the number of calories burnt.


  • The LCD display lacks an on and off switch.
  • If the batteries are left in the exerciser when it is off, the LCD display turns itself on and starts recording statistics.
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike with Digital Monitor and 8 Level Resistance
  • SAFETY STRAPS: Pedals work well with both feet and hands. Pedals are adjustable to fit foot or hands for safety and stability.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: 8 Levels of tension for a versatile workout. Adjust resistance to challenge your arms and legs toward building muscles.
  • EASY TO READ LCD: Displays Time, Speed, Distance, ODM, Calories
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Supports 220 lb maximum user weight limit.

MaxKare Under Desk Exercise Bike

The MaxKare is one the easiest bike peddlers a person can use. It allows for multi-use, with 3 different ways of use. First, a person can put this equipment on the table and use it to exercise their arms. Also, the user can peddle it like a bicycle, hence, exercising their legs. Alternatively, the user can exercise the arm muscles by using the included resistance rope.


  • The foot pedal of MaxKare mini pedal exerciser is designed with an anti-slip technology, which adds more friction between the pedal and the user’s feet, preventing slippage.
  • A protective pad is built into the bottom part of the equipment, such that the pedal exerciser doesn’t slide during workouts.
  • It is designed with a handle, and is also lightweight, having a total weight of 18.5 lbs. This makes the MaxKare mini bike portable and easy to carry around.
  • It offers 16 different levels of resistance, and works quietly.
  • Includes a clear LCD monitor for displaying workout data.


  • The LCD display lacks any lights, such that the equipment cannot be used during the night.
MaxKare Exercise Bike Stationary Magnetic Cycle Pedal Exerciser Under Desk Bike with LCD Monitor for Leg and Arm Recovery for Men and women at Home and Office (Resistance Bands Included)
  • 【Multi-use Fitness Machine with Resistance Rope】---This under desk bike is very easy to use, which has 3 ways to exercise: ① Exercise arms: You can put this exercise bike on the table for arm exercises ②Bicycling: You can put the exercise bike on the ground, you sit on a chair, you ride, you exercise your legs ③With the resistance rope: Which can help exercise arm muscles .The mini exercise bike with multi-use pedals, alternate use of hands and feet, can help us achieve the purpose of exercise
  • 【Non-slip Foot Pedal & Anti-slip Bottom】 --What's more, The foot pedal of the stationary bike adopts anti-slip technology. The foot-covered pedal increases the friction between the foot and the pedal, and the mini pedal exerciser is not easy to fall off, and the bottom is designed with a protective pad to prevent it from moving sliding for safety
  • 【Portable Under Desk Bike】-- Handle design ,so the mini exercise bike is very easy to carry, and the weight of this product is 18.5 lbs and the size of the exercise bike is 23.6*21.8*12.6 inches, which is relatively light and easy to move
  • 【Different levels of Resistance & Quite Exercise Bike】---The under desk bike with 16 levels of resistance, fom light to strong, calibrate the resistance level to fit your diverse needs. Magnetic wheel of the exercise bike provides ultra-quiet operation, making it easy to use in the office or at home without causing disturb. Start, step on and stay fit at anytime. You can Exercise anywhere and anytime
  • 【LCD Monitor】--The foot pedal exerciser with digital LCD monitor, which displays time, distance, speed and calories burned, helping you achieve a reasonable and effective workout, you can also reset by long press the button. (Electronic display requires No. 7 Alkaline Battery, Inlucde in the package)

Mindful Living Under Desk Exercise Bike

As its name suggests, this under desk bike takes into consideration the living spaces into which it is put. It is compatible with almost every room style and design, perfectly complimenting it. The high quality of this bike peddler is also guaranteed by the 5-year parts warranty that is included in the package.


  • The Mindful Living under desk bike is designed with a modern look. The matte black and solid bamboo paneling making the bike compliment and add to the elegance of the office or home in which it is put.
  • The magnetic flywheel of this exercise bike works very quietly.
  • It offers different levels of resistance, from the lowest to medium resistance.
  • The seat incorporated in this bike has some padding, making it more comfortable. A person can, therefore, comfortably workout on the bike for an extended time.
  • The bike can be easily folded using the incorporated support wings, make it easy to store the bike.


  • Some people have claimed that the padding included in the seat is not really enough, and the seat is actually quite hard.
Mindful Living Under Desk Exercise Bike
  • MINDFUL LIVING EXERCISE BICYCLE - Perfectly compliments your sit/stand desk. This exercise bike is intended to be used under your sit/stand desk as an alternative to sitting for long hours.
  • MACHINED WITH PREMIUM RAW MATERIALS AND SOLID BAMBOO PANELING - You'll love the modern look of this exercise bike. It perfectly compliments the modern home or office with a combination of matte black and bamboo.
  • MAGNETIC FLYWHEEL IS WHISPER SILENT- magnetic flywheel offers various settings of resistence between very little resistance to medium resistance. This exercise bicycle won't replace your 5am workout regime however with consistent steady use you'll start to appreciate the edge having a consistent burn gives you!
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT | EASY PORTABILITY | LOW PROFILE - this exercise machine offers a well padded comfortable seat (comfortable for users up to 6' 2") for extended use. The bicycle also offers two hidden casters under the frame which make porting and moving the desk a breeze. Finally, the support wings fold into the bicycle for a completely streamlined storage (when not in use.)
  • GUARANTEE AND WARRANTEE - This product ships fully assembled and well packaged however we also offer a 5 year warranty on part replacement.

Sunny Health Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

The Sunny Health and Fitness mini elliptical functions by pairing the magnetic resistance with the built-in belt drive mechanism. Such a functioning mechanism ensures that the desk elliptical provides a quiet workout experience, and is also very easy to maintain.


  • The mini elliptical is designed with a digital monitor which clearly displays workout data, such as calories burnt, the speed and time covered.
  • It provides a user with the option of choosing between 8 different levels of resistance. The built-in tension knob can be used to increase the levels of intensity for more intensive workouts.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness under desk elliptical is designed with a compact size and a centrally located handle, making it a portable elliptical which can be easily moved and stored.
  • The pedals of this mini elliptical are textured and non-slip, adding to the safety of the equipment. Also, the size the pedals can accommodate all foot sizes.


  • The friction caused between the pedal and the ground could cause some squeaking.
  • The battery meter of the mini elliptical can easily get damaged during transportation.
Sunny Health & Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical – SF-E3872, Grey
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: Track time, speed, calories, and distance using the centrally located digital monitor. Or chose the scan function to scroll through all variable while your workout.
  • BELT DRIVE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: This elliptical pairs a belt drive mechanism with magnetic resistance to give you a low maintenance and smooth quiet exercise experience.
  • 8 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: Choose between 8 levels of magnetic resistance using the tension knob to provide increased levels of intensity to your workout as you build muscular endurance.
  • COMPACT SIZE: This low profile elliptical will fit under most desks and around your favorite chairs giving you the freedom to exercise while you sit in many different environments.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION – A centrally located transportation handle allows you to move your elliptical with ease.

TECHMOO Mini Under Desk Exercise Workout Bike

The TECHMOO pedal exerciser can be used for both training and recovery purposes. It focuses on both the lower and upper body workout, specifically the legs, knees, shoulders and arms. The magnetic resistance of this equipment provides a smooth and quiet exercising experience.


  • The pedals of the TECHMOO bike peddler provide a smooth forward and backward peddling experience.
  • The under desk exerciser offers 8 different resistance levels, which can be easily adjusted using the tension control knob.
  • It is designed with a multi-functional LCD display. This display monitor works automatically, and displays important data which can be used to track the progress of the user, such as the distance and speed covered.
  • Both pedals of the pedal exerciser are non-slip, and include adjustable straps which prevent sliding and provide more stability to the user.
  • The assembling process of the TECHMOO bike peddler is quite easy, and the package comes with the simple instructions on how to do so.


  • The pedal exerciser is not efficient for long intensive workouts.
  • The screws tend to loosen and require regular readjustment.
TECHMOO Pedal Exerciser Compact Magnetic Peddler Stationary Cycle Bike Mini Under Desk Exercise Workout Bike for Legs Arms Portable Indoor Office Low Impact Fitness Exercise with Adjustable Resistance
  • 【Low Compact Magnetic Pedal Exerciser】is design to be a low resistance long duration exerciser, used for arms and legs exercise at office or at home where an individual would sit for long periods of time. With the magnetic resistance, the pedals are ultra quiet and smooth, and can be pedal forward or backward freely.
  • 【8 Levels Adjustable Resistance】 Easily adjust the resistance 8-level with the tension control knob to personalize for yourself and meet different exercise requirement. This pedal exerciser can be used for arms, shoulders, knees and legs strengthen training or recovery exercise.
  • 【Multi-Functional LCD Monitor】LCD Monitor can read about Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Odometer, it works automatically when you pedal this mini under desk exerciser. Scan can show Time-Speed-Distance-Pulse(if have)-Calories automatically. Press Mode when the pointer on the function you wan which begins blinking. Press Mode for 3 seconds or change battery the date can be reset.
  • 【Non-Slip Pedal & Rubber Pads】2 Non-slip pedal with adjustable straps and 4 oversized round non-slip rubber feet provide stability and prevent the pedding exerciser sliding while pedaling.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】Please kindly read the Manual before assembling, follow up the assembly instructions, install all the parts only need 4 steps, very easily.

TODO Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike with Arm Exercise Equipment

The TODO exercise bike is mainly used for exercising the arms and the legs. When used for exercising the arms, the equipment should be placed on the desk. It can be used at home while multitasking with watching the television, or even at work while working. The pedal exerciser can also be used for recovery and rehabilitation reasons.


  • TODO bike peddler is built with an 8-level resistance. This resistance can be easily adjusted to achieve the lowest and most intensive workouts.
  • The pedal motion of the under desk exerciser works smoothly and quietly. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about any production of noise, which could cause distractions to both the user and other people around.
  • It is designed with a large LCD monitor, which displays the speed rate, time taken, distance covered and the calories burnt. Such essential workout data makes it easier for the user to track and manage their workout.
  • The TODO bike peddler is easy to install, and the package comes with the instruction manual and tools required.


  • The TODO bike peddler lacks a handle, hence moving it may prove to be quite difficult.
TODO Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike Smooth and Quiet Leg and Arm Exercise Equipment
  • 【Compact Leg and Arm Exerciser】 Compact magnetic pedal exerciser is used for leg and arm exercise at home or office, pedal the bike while you are watching TV at home, or pedal it before the desk while you are at work, you can also put the bike on desk for arm cycling exercise.
  • 【8 Level Tension Adjustable】8-level resistance adjustable, tension from low to high to meet different intensity of exercise, so it can be used for leg and arm strengthen training exercise, it is also used for leg and arm recovery exercise.
  • 【Smooth and Quiet】Smooth and quiet pedal motion, no noise affect the concentration of you and the people around while you are pedaling it. You can pedal the bike forward and backward freely.
  • 【Big LCD Monitor】BIG LCD monitor shows SPD(SPEED), TIME, DIST(DISTANCE), CAL(CALORIES), SCAN, very easy to ready and let you to manage your workout easily. The monitor works automatically when you pedal it.
  • 【Easy to Install】Come with instruction book and installation tools. Only need 4 steps to install all parts. High quality exercise bike for long term use.

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

This under desk elliptical is mainly intended for gamers. It offers a more passive and low-attention workout, hence does not cause any distractions. Stamina InMotion desk elliptical provides an effective workout of the legs, boosting the blood flow in these areas.


  • The Stamina portable elliptical has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around and store.
  • It works quietly.
  • The mini elliptical is designed with a display monitor which records workout statistics. It also allows the user to see their workout data periodically, by using the incorporated scan function.
  • The Stamina under desk elliptical can be used even when standing.
  • It comes in different color options; green, silver and orange. These vibrant colors add ‘life’ to the rooms and space in which they are put.
  • The portable elliptical can be peddled either forward or backwards, so as to target different leg muscles.
  • The pedals are textured to offer more stability.


  • After a while, the wheels of the Stamina portable elliptical tend to get ‘squeaky.’

10 Benefits of Under desk Exercisers

Working out on an under desk exerciser can bring a person countless benefits, from their health to their productivity at work. The following are 10 proven benefits of working out on an under desk exerciser:

The most outstanding advantage about an under desk equipment is that it allows the user to multitask. Most of the other gym equipment require that a person sets aside time to workout. On the contrary, a person can workout out on an under desk exerciser, while working at home or in their office. Whether the equipment is an under desk elliptical, or a pedal exerciser, the activity is so subtle that it does not distract the user while working. Therefore, the user can have fun burning calories and keeping fit, while making a living at the same time.

Exercising using an under the desk exerciser leads to increased burning of calories. Normally, the human body burns calories, even when a person is idle. Therefore, including some activity and workout while sitting could lead to a person burning almost twice, or even thrice, the number of calories burnt normally. For instance, some people have recorded burning up to 170 calories for every hour spent working out on an under desk exerciser.

People who exercise on under desk workout equipment have much healthier muscles and joints. Too much sitting and inactivity is bad for the muscles and joints, as it tends to weaken them. An under the desk exerciser involves a regular and continuous movement, which focuses on the the joints and muscles of the lower body. Therefore, it helps to keep the user’s muscles and joints active and healthy. Active and healthy joints have a lower risker of developing debilitating joint issues, which tend to occur later in life. It is no wonder, then, that people suffering from arthritis are highly encouraged to engage in 60 minutes of exercise on an under desk exerciser.

Working out on an under the desk exerciser also improves blood circulation. When seated, a person is not involved in any movement. Lack of movement usually results to poor blood circulation in the body. Poor blood circulation not only causes a person to be less effective in their day’s activities, but could also pose serious health issues, such as the development of blood clots and swelling. On the other hand, using an under the desk exerciser helps to keep a person active and get their heart rate up. When the heart rate is increased, blood circulation is also improved. Improved blood circulation ensures good overall health, since all the nutrients and oxygen are properly distributed.

If each day you go home tired and feeling all stressed out, you need to start using an under desk exerciser. Stress is almost an inevitable part of life, yet a simple thing like working out can do a lot to help you manage your stress. Just like other types of physical exercises, working out on this machine triggers the body to release endorphins. Endorphins are also known as ‘feel good’ hormones. As their name suggests, these hormones work to relieve a person of their stress and pain, making him or her feel good. Therefore, simply using a desk exercising equipment throughout the day can help a person keep all of their anxieties at bay.

Using an under desk exerciser at work can help to increase a person’s focus, which in turn boosts his or her productivity. This is because; working out tends to boost circulation to the brain. When the brain has increased blood flow, a person feels even more alert and energized. Increased concentration at work can help a person to focus on the important aspects, ensuring the success and increased productivity in the work place. Also, the good thing about this equipment is that the exercising activity involved does not really cause distractions, which would otherwise affect tasks that require more concentration and focus.

Research shows that physical activity during the day can lead to better sleep quality at night. Since most people lack the time and energy to do intensive daily workouts, the under desk exerciser comes in handy. This equipment ensures that the user has continued exercise throughout the day. Therefore, by the end of the day, the user will be no different from a person who had an intensive workout at the gym. And, by exercising with this equipment, the user can be assured of an healthier and better sleep each night.

Unlike other indoor exercising machines, most under desk exercisers are very portable. They can be easily folded into compact equipment, making it easier to carry and store them in even tight spaces. The portability of under desk exercisers give the user freedom to workout at whichever location and time that they choose to.

Most under desk exercising machines are designed with variable resistance settings, for instance, low, high and medium resistance. Therefore, the user can choose to workout at the resistance setting that feels most comfortable to them. Also, this means that more intensive workouts are possible with these under desk exercisers. For beginners, it is highly recommended that you start with the lowest resistance setting. Then, as you progress and get fit, you can move to the higher resistance levels. Starting at the lowest resistance helps to prevent beginners from getting any sore muscles and injuries.

An under desk exerciser is quite an affordable exercising equipment, when you compare it with other indoor stationary workout machines. Unlike these other equipment, the under desk exerciser can be afforded by most people, even those of the non-working class. The fact that this equipment offers so many cardiovascular, health and productivity benefits, all at a budget-friendly price, is what gives it its high popularity in the market.

Yes, we all need to make a living and survive. However, all those hours that you spent sitting on your desk could lead to the deterioration of your health. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you spent hours working out in the gym. You can still remain active and healthy by working out on an under the desk exerciser. Choose for your home and office one of the under desk exercisers discussed above, and keep active as you earn!

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