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Jacob’s Ladder Stepper – Cardio Burning Climbing Machine

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper

The larger percentage of people do not like working out on the treadmill. However effective and advantageous it is, the treadmill tends to affect the running form of most people. This is because it requires a person to regularly set the right incline and speed. It also calls for a longer exercising period, so as for the user to get the most out of it.

A good alternative to a treadmill is the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper. This exercising machine eliminates all the problems associated with a treadmill. In other words, it is the anti-treadmill. The Jacob’s ladder Stepper is not a very popular equipment, yet it is one of the most effective machines that you can use for a fully effective workout.

But, what makes the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper a very effective workout machine? And, what can you do to make sure that you get the most out of it? This article will help you understand the details and functionality of this equipment.

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Why Jacob’s Ladder Stepper?

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is a very unique type of cardio machine, designed with a continuous treadmill that is angled at 40 degrees. However, unlike the regular treadmills, the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is non-motorised. On the treadmill are rungs, which act as the steps of the ladder.

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper machine is usually self-propelled. This means that; the faster a user goes, the faster the equipment also goes. Therefore, this machine ensures that users get an optimized workout cardio, since high intensity levels of training can be easily achieved with this machine.

In order to use the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper, the user is first required to snap on the machine’s control belt. They can then start climbing. This continuous treadmill is also designed with a braking device. This device works to stop the ladder when users stop to climb, or when they have reached the rungs at the lower parts of the ladder.

More so, the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is designed in such a way that it clearly provides essential workout data to the exerciser. For instance, the equipment displays the total number of feet that the user climbed, the effort levels that were put out, as well as the number of calories burnt during the workout. It is no wonder that the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is ranked among the top best workout equipment in the world.

Benefits of Using Jacob’s Ladder Stepper

However simple it is, the Jacob’s Ladder offers very many health and cardiovascular benefits. This is one of the most effective machines that can be used for burning calories. And, the Jacob’s Ladder does not burn calories at the pace of a snail, as most equipment do. Rather, it burns calories at a very high and fast rate. This is because, the climbing activity involved calls for the user to constantly move their arms and legs, resulting to a faster and efficient burning of calories.

Also, working out on the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper feels less laborious, as compared to exercising on a treadmill. Having a typical workout on this equipment not only feels like less work, but could also prove to be enjoyable. The main reason behind this is that; the Jacob’s Ladder is designed with a muscle- building component, that is not included in the regular treadmills. This added component is what makes the workouts on the Jacob’s Ladder less laborious.

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is also very easy on the body. The effective workout that this machine provides does not sacrifice on its safety. Unlike running on a treadmill, which causes a high impact on the joints and knees, climbing on the Jacob’s Ladder takes a very low toll on the body. The rungs of the machine are usually built very close together, so as to ensure that a low impact are produced during workout, and that the impact is also distributed evenly between the exerciser’s legs and arms.

Furthermore, working out on the Jacob’s Ladder is a very simple experience. The equipment itself is self-propelled, while the belt worn by the exerciser controls the motion of the rungs. Therefore, this equipment eliminates any fussing with settings, as is common when using regular treadmills.

Different Exercises on Jacob’s Ladder Stepper

jacob ladder climbing machineThe Jacob’s Ladder Stepper can be used for different types of workouts, ranging from typical workouts to the most challenging workouts. The fact that this equipment can be used to achieve the most challenging of all workouts is what has led to some people dubbing it as, not ‘the stairway to heaven’ (as it is named after), but ‘the stairway to hell.’

The exercises performed on the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper combine both the upper and lower body of the user, ensuring a most effective workout. The most common workouts done on this machine are; high intensity workouts, training workouts, weight loss exercises, rehabilitation workouts and just typical workouts.

High intensity workouts performed on the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper are mainly intended to boost the endurance levels of the user. While doing a high intensity workout, the exerciser is recommended to start with a 2-minute warm-up, so as to get their heart rate at 70%. The user can then pick a speed on the ladder which will maintain their heart rate at 70%. Alternatively, for an even more extensive workout, the user can do a constant speed, and climb for a duration of 15 to 20 minutes. Then, the speed can be reduced so as to allow the user to cool down.

On the other hand, training workouts on the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper are done to boost the development of Type IIB muscle fiber. Just like with the high intensive workouts, a person is first required to do a 2-minute warm-up, that gets their heart rate at an HR maximum of 70%. Then, the user can alternate climbing rapidly and resting, at time intervals of 2 minutes and 1 minute, respectively. During the 2 minutes of climbing, the speed should be maintained constant. This set can be done like 5 times, after which the user can then reduce the speed to allow for cooling down.

For the weight loss workouts, start with a 2-minute workout and get your heart rate up to 70%. Choose a constant speed that will maintain your heart rate at a maximum HR of 70%. Then, climb the ladder for approximately 15-20 minutes. After, reduce the speed, so that you can allow yourself to cool down.

Rehabilitation workouts are mostly recommended for those with back and muscle injuries. The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper can prove to be a very effective rehabilitation tool for such like ones, as it helps to lower body and back injuries. However, before a person can start using this machine for rehabilitation purposes, they should first consult their therapist or physician.

Typical workouts can be done for the main purpose of achieving a daily workout and fitness. The users do not have to undertake intensive workouts, and can even fit different workout aspects for a short time duration of like 20-25 minutes. Such typical workouts are mainly done for a long-term achievement of fitness goals.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Jacob’s Ladder Machine

Despite being a very effective workout machine, the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper can fail to offer the most benefit when not used properly. The following 5 tips can help a person get the most out of the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper;

Before you get started on the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper machine, prepare well. First, ensure that you set both your height and weight accurately on the equipment. The weight is usually set on the reset sensor, while the height is set on the height strap of the machine. After you have set this essential data, attach the belt of the machine firmly to your waist, then climb on the machine. It is highly recommended that a person starts their climbing at a slow pace, going up. Also, as you climb, apply the opposing limb movement motion, such that as your left arm reaches up, your right leg is left on the rung, and vice versa. During breaks, or when you intend to stop working out, always let yourself cool down first.

Always warm-up before getting into your regular workout. Slow and short-time workouts are highly recommended, because the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper calls for increased cardiovascular fitness, as well as coordination. Warming up before a regular workout ensures that the exerciser activates their core muscles and joints, making them even more prepared for the workout.

From time to time, incorporate the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper into your circuit workout. You can do this by doing intervals of 1-2 minutes on the equipment. Such intervals are usually done between workouts.

Remember to note down your progress. Since the Jacob’s Ladder provides a measurement of pace in feet for every minute, it is wise for a user to keep track and note down the different difficulty levels and pace achieved. During the next workout, you can then try to beat you that particular difficulty level.

Use the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper on a more regular basis. As you use the equipment more often, you will be able to get the most cardiovascular and health benefits that this machine provides.

Quality Built of Jacob’s Ladder Stepper

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is designed with a very tough build. Its structure is made using welded tubular steel material, which ensures that the machine is highly durable. The climbing rungs of the Jacob’s ladder are also highly durable, being made using solid Maple. These high quality materials used to make the structure of the Jacob’s Ladder give it a high strength that can support even the most intensive of workouts.

The climbing ladder of this equipment is angled at 40 degrees. This perfect angles ensures that during workout, the lowest impact and stress is imposed on the hips, knees and lower back. Also, the machine is self-powered, which eliminates the need for any wall outlet to plug the machine. After all, the user’s own output is what determines the pace of the machine.

Also, the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper is designed with a clear digital display. This display provides helpful workout data, such as the number of calories burnt, the heart rate, as well as the feet and speed rate achieved. Such important workout data helps the user to keep track of their progress.
The height of the Jacob’s Ladder can be adjusted to fit the preference of the user. This equipment is also designed in such a way that the speed is automatically adjusted, making it easier to operate. Furthermore, the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper incorporates an auto-stop option, for when the user comes to the end of the workout.

Where Can You Put Your Jacob’s Ladder Stepper?

The Jacob’s Ladder Stepper can be used at almost all locations. For home workouts, a person is not required to do a complete home makeover so as to make enough space for their Jacob’s Ladder Stepper machine. All that you have to do is set aside an open and comfortable space in your home, which will not cause any distractions or obstruct paths.

For instance, you can place the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper in your garage. The garage provides ample room for this machine. Also, putting this machine in the garage will ensure that you have enough space and time to yourself when working out, since you are quite far from the grind of family routines.

You could also place the Jacob’s Ladder in your bedroom. The bedroom provides a user with privacy during workout, such that they can enjoy some solitude. Putting the machine in the bedroom also encourages the users to workout immediately after waking up, which provides them with just the needed motivation to start their day.

Alternatively, the Jacob’s Ladder can be kept in the basement. Since the basement has less activity compared to the other rooms, putting this equipment there ensures that the user enjoys some privacy during workout. The basement also provides enough space for exercising.

Following the ‘superior’ workout that it provides, the Jacob’s Ladder is mostly used for training purposes in facilities such as, military bases, football and athletics teams, police departments, military academies and fire departments.


If you are thinking of opening a fitness club, or even a home gym, then the Jacob’s Ladder Stepper should be among your priority workout machines to get. This exercising equipment doesn’t just burn calories, but also offers numerous benefits, while ensuring that you have fun in the process. So, get your gym one of these eye-catching workout machines, and you will never get enough of it!

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