Popular Sink materials That Have Something To Offer For Everyone

The longevity of kitchen sinks is vital. No matter how easy the installation is, replacing sinks is not always easy, especially for double bowl sinks and undermount sinks. The longevity depends on the manner of use and sink material. Sinks add aesthetic value to kitchens and contributes to the style that you want to achieve. The choice of sink material must complement the color and finish of the countertop, although it not always necessary to match colors. Sinks come in a variety of shapes and the way you utilize the sink for doing some work determines what kind of sink would be right for you.

The sink material is essential not only for longevity but also for maintaining the good looks by keeping it clean. In other words, regular and easy cleaning is a factor that you must consider when deciding about the sink material. For example, installing a granite composite sink might be expensive, but it produces great looks and is easy to clean, thereby helping to maintain good hygiene essential for healthy living. Choosing a stain and scratch-resistant material enhances the looks.

In this article will discuss some of the best materials for kitchen sinks that you can consider during new installation or remodeling.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most popular material for sinks because of its versatility and durability. The metal compliments many different types of countertops like stone, granite, or wood to produce sleek, contemporary looks. 16 to 18-gauge stainless steel sheets make the most sturdy and durable sinks, and you must also consider the series number. Stainless steel comes with series numbers that pertain to its specifications, like whether it is magnetic or non-magnetic. Kitchen sinks use stainless steel 300 series, which is the non-magnetic variety. Besides the non-magnetic property, stainless steel 300 series contains nickel and chromium that adds corrosion resistant and heat resistant properties to it. The sinks are easy to clean and maintain besides being durable.


Sinks become the focal point of kitchen aesthetics. Choosing a copper sink with its rosy color that exudes warmth and looks bright is ideal for any style of the sink from undermount models to farmhouse style. Copper comes in different finishes that create the distinctive looks, and there are several patinas available in both plain and hammered looks. Copper sinks are very healthy and hygienic because the metal has high anti-bacterial properties, which naturally kills 99.9% bacteria. Copper molecules create dents in the bacteria membrane, which inhibits metabolism and arrests growth. Since the cooking space can be a breeding space for germs, copper sinks offer the healthiest option provided you are ready to bear the cost, which starts at $600.


You can see enamel sinks in both traditional and contemporary kitchens that have light to medium use. Although old-fashioned, enamel sinks made from cast iron coated with glass material produce the timeless looks and, if well maintained, can enhance the home value. Since the sinks are quite heavy, it needs strong and robust countertops and cabinetry for support.  Regular cleaning helps to keep enamel sinks stain-free, which are otherwise prone to staining and scratching. For treating stains, you must use vinegar or mild acid, and DIY kits are available for refinishing the surface, or you can engage a professional for doing it.


Spacious modern kitchens and farmhouses use sinks made from fireclay, which has a long lifespan, is easy to clean and highly durable.  These are like designer sinks that are very expensive and heavy. Fireclay is a type of enamel produced by fusing white clay with glaze at very high temperatures. These sinks are like cast iron sinks but have stain and scratch-resistant properties. However, the surface gets dull after prolonged use, and it would require re-glazing. Since the sinks are very heavy, it requires reinforced cabinetry and countertops for safe installation.  Fireclay sinks are available mostly in white and off-white shades, but those who prefer more dramatic looks would find blue and black shades too. A single bowl style with a deep bowl is the most striking farmhouse style, and the price ranges between $570 and $1,400 depending on the design, style, and size.


Granite and marble sinks are typical examples of stone sinks that are very versatile and suitable for all kinds of use. The sinks go very well with wooden or natural stone countertops and make kitchens not only look beautiful but adds a wow factor too. Every stone sink is unique due to its natural origin, and it preserves the natural texture and tone with minimal variations as it is carved from a single block.  Proper sealing is essential to counter the porosity of stone sinks and prevent damage, staining, and scratching from chemicals and other cleaning products. It requires reinforced cabinetry to support the massive sink, and the price starts at $1,000.

Solid surface

Solid surface sinks are ideal for contemporary kitchens that prefer lightweight sinks for light to medium use. The biggest attraction of these sinks is that it is durable, affordable, and customizable. Man-made acrylic resin is the sink material that is available in different brand names, which is also suitable for countertops. The material replicates the looks of enamel sinks but is lightweight. Avoid using cheap acrylic material that shortens the life and impairs the looks of the sink that already has a short life span even for the best quality. The price starts at just $155.


A composite material made by blending acrylic resins and quartz dust is another variety of sink material suitable for all kinds of use in traditional and contemporary kitchens.  From the point of affordability, composite sinks are below stone sinks, but above stainless steel and solid surface sinks. Extreme heat can damage the sink. Some people prefer composite sinks over stone due to its uniform looks and for heavy-duty use. The sinks are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes.

The overall kitchen design, décor, and the type of use determine the options available for sink materials.

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