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Don’t pay for an interior designer. Amazon’s FREE online living room designer does it all. You have virtually an unlimited number of design combinations at your fingertips. And you can see how your finished combination looks right before your eyes. Don’t like how one combo looks? Change it in seconds. Like what you see but want to see more options? Then save your Showroom to look at or compare with another later. Love your design? Then in one click you can send it to your shopping cart for immediate or future purchase.


Amazon’s Free Online Living Room Designer



Easy To Use:

1) Click here to get started (Opens Up In Another Tab)

2) “View Details” allows you to get info on each item in your living room.

3) “Swap Out Products” Tab allows you to design your living room with Hundreds Of different options.

4) “Save Your Showroom” allows you to save that combination for future perusal or to share with others

5) “In room Items” allows you to see all the items in your current of saved showcase to add to your shopping cart.

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What Is An Online Interior Design Tool?

Are you looking forward to making some extensions in your home, or bringing in more beautiful designs? You may be planning to do so yourself, or with the help of a designer. None of those options is a bad idea. However, you may be missing out on a lot of good things by not considering the option of using an online interior design tool.

An online interior design tool is a tool that let’s a homeowner see how their preferred designs would look like, even before they are implemented. Most online interior design tools are free. They don’t require a homeowner to buy stuff such as tutorials or computer programs.

These online interior design tools are created with one major goal; to maximize on space function and make it more appealing to the eyes. They make it easier for homeowners to communicate their design ideas in a clear manner.

The Benefits Of  Online Interior Design Tools

With so many options of interior designing available, you may be wondering why you would consider using an online interior design tool. After all, you can just call on an interior designer and let them do all the work. However, one thing that most people don’t realize is that online interior design tools have more advantages compared to all other interior design options. The follow are the benefits of an online interior design tool;

a.) You Can Design From the Comfort of Your Home

This being an online interior design tool, the entire process of designing a space is done online. A homeowner can, therefore, look for the most suitable designs from the comfort of their very own home. A person is not required to go into a physical shop to get their designing. This method of interior design is location independent. Think about it, sitting on your favorite couch, or even on your comfy bed, in your pajamas, designing your home space. What better deal than that could there be?

b.) You Can Plan Your Time Well

The fact that one can design from their home also means that the homeowner can plan their own time. Since everything is online, you won’t have any appointments with interior designers, who should come to your house to do the designing. Furthermore, a homeowner won’t have to go through the inconveniences of spending time on shopping and going to meetings with interior designers. Rather, homeowners can design their homes themselves, with the help of an online design tool, at their own planned time. A person can also process their design ideas as well as implement them by themselves, dependent on their free time. This helps to save on time, for doing other activities.

c.) Affordable Designing

Online interior design tools lets homeowners do the simple and basic steps themselves. These steps include taking measurements and pictures of their home space, making purchases of the items as well as placing the items within the space being remodeled.

If a homeowner would rather call in interior designers to do these steps for him or her, the end result would be more costs and expenses incurred. Call an interior designer to design your house, and you might as well just forget about that fancy sofa you have been thinking of getting.

Furthermore, using online interior design tools ensures that the scope of the work is constant and fixed. In other words, the homeowner has a set fixed cost of the already chosen package. These tools provide exact prices for items, which ensures good planning by the homeowner. This also ensures that one knows the exact amount that they will spent and that they will pay for. Indeed, online interior design tools save homeowners a lot of money, making the designing process more affordable.

d.) Designing is Customized to Meet the Homeowner’s Needs

The online interior design tools ensure that homeowners can customize everything to fit their preferences and tastes. For instance, with these online tools, an homeowner can decide to add some new furniture, at the same time keeping their already owned furniture.

e.) Colors Can Be Compared

Online interior design tools provides an homeowner with a shopping list for affordable items. These items come in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. The homeowner can compare the available different colors, and settle on the colors that match with the space’s color theme and size.

f.) Compare How Furniture Pieces Work Together

Online interior design tools are like an extra pair of eyes. They can help a homeowner see and notice things about their space, that the homeowner hadn’t noticed before. A good example is, these tools prove to be very beneficial when it comes to comparing how furniture pieces work together. With these online tools, a homeowner is guaranteed to picking the best and matching furniture, that ensures a cozier and more comfortable home space.

g.) Compare How Designs Fit in a Room

Online interior design tools provide a homeowner with a well detailed e-Design plan. This means that the tools provide a homeowner with the best plan on where to fit designs in a room. Not only do they determine the best location for these designs, but the online interior design tools also explain how to fit these designs in the available room spaces.

h.) Compare How Furniture Looks in a Room

A homeowner can visualize how furniture will look in a room, using an online interior design tool. For instance, a person can see how a style board will appear in a space, and compare this with a mood board. Such a comparison enables the homeowner to choose the furniture pieces which best improves the general appearance of the room.

A homeowner can as well make changes of furniture arrangements and designs. With an online interior design tool, these changes can be made at the right time. A person won’t be forced to make these changes after the room has been painted or new furniture replaced. Rather, they can compare different furniture designs online, before they’re even purchased, and purchase them when it’s the most appropriate time to fit them in the home space.

I.) Faster Designing Process

In some cases, a homeowner may prefer that they design their homes within shorter time durations. This may be due to an upcoming event, or guests coming over during an holiday, or even just moving into a new home. During such cases, calling in offline interior designer would not be that wise a move. This is because, engaging these interior designers would mean more time taken, and the events may catch up with a person, even before the designing process is complete.

No one would want to invite guests over, only for these to arrive and find your house looking like a custom home designed by a 3-year old! To ensure that the designing process is fast and convenient, a homeowner would do well to use an online interior design tool. These tools ensure a faster designing process that leaves your home looking cozy and classic.

Features Of Amazon’s Free Online Living Room Designer

There are many available online interior design tools and softwares available in the market today. Among these many available options, one online interior design tool stands out; the Amazon’s free online living room designer.

In addition to this tool being free, the Amazon’s free online living room designer has more features that give it a higher notch over other online interior design tools. The following are the major features of the Amazon’s free online living room designer:

a.) Ability to Make Shopping of Online Furniture More Visual

The Amazon free online living room designer can help a homeowner determine what item designs are most suitable for their living room spaces. These items may include sofas, carpets, rugs, seats and tables. Finding the most suitable and matching furniture for a space can be quite a daunting task, hence, the Amazon online designer makes this process easier and simpler. It does so by making use of the available Amazon showroom.

The Amazon free online showroom is a tool that enables a homeowner to fit different furniture in a living room space. This living room space is usually virtual. The Amazon showroom has the advantage in that it makes shopping of online furniture more visual.

b.) Ability to Change Decor or Furniture Design and Theme Colors

The Amazon showroom makes it possible for a person to try out different designs of furniture and compare how they would look in a living room space. A homeowner can compare single pieces of furniture or even a set. Each of these pieces of furniture is usually represented to scale, to help determine how items and decor will compare with the living room’s style.

Furthermore, the Amazon showroom can be customized to fit the homeowner’s preferences. For instance, the color of the showroom walls and floors can be changed, so as to match the living room space to be designed. This ensures that the most complimentary and matching furniture are chosen. The only thing that needs to be improved about the Amazon showroom is that, it provides an homeowner with the ability to pick different rooms or arranging of where the pieces/sets of furniture will go.

In summary, it can be said that the Amazon showroom provides the perfect answer to the question, “How will all these decor look together?” The Amazon showroom feature is available both in the website as well as the Amazon App.

c.) Provides an Homeowner With the Opportunity to Try Out Different Combinations

The Amazon showroom consists of a virtual living room, which consists of virtually hundreds of thousands of combinations that a homeowner can try out. This virtual living room is comprised of items such as rugs, art on the wall, sofas and lamps. When a person clicks on the items in the virtual living room, they are able to see the details and description of these items.

This showroom makes it possible for homeowners to pick different designs and colors of rugs, sofas, wall art, among other living room items. The person can, therefore, try out different combinations of different pieces of furniture and rugs. These different options of furniture are available in the ‘swap product’ tab of the Amazon showroom.

d.) Enables Saving of Showroom Designs

After designing a living room and finding the most preferred living room design, a homeowner can save this design(s) in the Amazing showroom. The person can, therefore, load them at another time so as to look over again. These saved showroom designs can also be changed, in case a homeowner changes their preferences or finds better deals. The changed designs can then be saved.

e.) Faster Purchase of Showroom Designs

When the homeowners have finally settled on their preferred living room designs and are ready to buy, the purchase process is very simple and easy. All a person is required to do is send the showroom design to the shopping cart. And, sending showroom designs to the shopping carts is usually just a click away. The homeowner should only click the ‘Add to cart’ button, which is usually easily located in the Amazon showroom. One click is all that is needed, and you’ve got for yourself the most creative and unique design for your living room.


Why would you spent time pouring money into an interior designer’s cash box, while you’ve got free online design tools at your disposal? These tools work just as effectively as an offline interior designer, and in some aspects provide even better services than the interior designers. So, next time you are thinking of making an improvement in your living room, try out the most recommended online interior design tool; the Amazon’s free online living room designer. This online designer comes with so many features, that will ensure you receive the best online interior designing experience of your life!