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8 Of The Best Indoor and Outdoor Corner Plant Stands

Corner plant stands are a great way to utilize a little extra space in your home or garden while also adding the liveliness of plant life. You can utilize the plant stands to display your garden and they can add extra storage space for you. The plants will brighten up your home and give off a positive energy to the space. Plant stands are also a great idea if you have no or small outdoor space, but still want to pursue gardening. Here are 12 indoor and outdoor corner plant stand ideas.


  1. Finhomy 3-Tier Multipurpose Corner Plant Stand (SOLD OUT)

This stand has a nice tiered design to it, which would add an attractive homey feel to any room, or even an outdoor space. It’s nice that the shelves are different sizes so you can store plants, or even knickknacks of varying sizes, it can hold plants, books, and keepsakes. The construction on this is sturdy and can hold up to 25 pounds on each tier. The varnish has a waterproof coating on it so it can be kept indoors or outdoors without rusting. The whole thing is 35 inches tall, has about 16 inches between shelves and weighs only 2 pounds making it a really great value. This corner plant stand looks incredible and would add a nice storage area to any room or outdoor space.

        2) Black Floral Design 3 Tier Step Style Corner Shelf

Wow this corner shelf really displays your items prominently. It’s got a much bigger footprint than some of the others on this list, so make sure you have the space for it–it’s 41 inches wide and 33 inches tall, making it quite the conversation piece. It is sturdy enough to hold potted plants, books, shoes, bags, and keepsakes. This corner shelf is 11 pounds, so it’s definitely strong enough to hold whatever you need it to. There’s a subtle floral design to this piece which would make it great for a patio or balcony. It’s a little more expensive than some of the others, but it might be worth it with the amount of style and extra shelf space this offers. It’s black metal, and has some assembly required. If you have the space for it, this seems like a great corner shelf option–especially if you need to liven up your outdoor space. Check the price today!

        3) Sunnydaze 3 Tier Step Style Mosaic Tiled Corner Shelf

Wow! This mosaic tiled corner shelf is really spectacular–not to mention big. The bottom shelf is 50 inches wide and the entire unit is 40 inches tall and the entire thing weighs a staggering 59 pounds. Each shelf has a specified weight limit: 70 pounds for the bottom, 50 pounds for the middle, and 30 pounds for the top, so it should be sturdy enough to hold any and all of your plants. The Sunnydaze 3 Tier Mosaic Corner Shelf is made of steel with clay tiles so it’s both stylish and durable. It can be used indoors or outdoors and comes with a 1 year warranty! Although it looks great, you’ll be paying for it–at $170, this is one of the more expensive items on this list; but those tiles might be worth it! This corner shelf looks great and has pretty good reviews, so if you have the space and the budget for it, this might add exactly what you need to your patio. Check out the most current price today!

        4) Brixton Corner Indoor/Outdoor Folding Baker’s Rack

This corner baker’s rack is a really nice piece! The Brixton Corner Baker’s Rack has four narrow shelves that would be great for holding plates, keepsakes,towels,  flower pots, and moore. It’s got a rustic metal design making it great for indoor or outdoor use and it folds up conveniently for easy storage.

This would be a great piece to keep in the dining room to store extra plates, or carafes during dinner. The unit is 61 inches tall, and weighs 17 pounds. There is plenty of space between shelves so you can store standing wine bottles, or stacks of spare towels. This unit seems like a great value and isn’t too expensive. It would add stylish extra storage to any room in your home. Check out this price today!

5) Topeakmart 3 Tier Folding Baker’s Rack

Well if this isn’t just the cutest little corner shelf! The Topeakmart 3 Tier Folding Baker’s Rack comes in a lovely coffee color and would be great for indoor or outdoor use. The shelves are on the smaller side but they would be great for books, small plants, coffee mugs, knickknacks, etc.
This piece is great for small corners and adds extra storage space to any room without giving up style and decor. It’s also very sturdy–the frame is made of iron and the shelves are MDF board, so it’ll hold anything you need it to. This corner shelf is 45 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and weighs 18 pounds. What a great little addition to any room. See a close up here.

        6) Giantex 4 Tier Wood Corner Shelf

This ladder-style corner shelf seems like it would be perfect in a kid’s bedroom or a living room. The shelves are small and can hold small toys, books or plants, while still helping keep the rest of the space organized. It comes in a 3-Tier and 4-Tier design. The 3-Tier unit is 40 inches tall, while the 4-Tier unit is 54 inches tall. The unit is made of MDF, making it sturdy and able to hold your most valuable possessions. It’s  pretty light-weight–around 10 pounds–so it’s easy to move to any room you need it in. It’s got a nice white frame with brown shelves, giving it a feeling of a country home. Under $50!

There are no reviews on Amazon, which might indicate an issue or could just mean it’s a new product. It looks great though, so why not give it a shot!

        7) Metal Antiqued Faux Verdigris Corner Plant Stand

This is a great little piece to add to your home or garden. It includes three shelves that are each 12 inches across and 9 inches deep, giving plenty of room to for your plants or keepsakes. The Metal Antiqued Faux Verdigris Corner Plant Stand is great for indoor or outdoor use and at 30 inches tall, it won’t be overly imposing or take up too much space. It’s got an ornate background on the frame making it very stylish and decorative. It looks like it might hinge closed so it would be easy to move and store. Under $50!
There are not many reviews on Amazon, but as it looks great and is relatively inexpensive, it might be worth the risk of trying it out. It’ll look great in your living room or patio and will add a little style to any room.

8) Metal Corner Flower Stand

This semi-circle flower stand comes in three different colors to match any space and decor: copper, white, and black. The shelves are semi-circular and are built in a stair-step design. This piece seems like it might be specific for outdoor use and would look great on a balcony, deck, or patio. The whole unit is about 6 pounds, so it’s not very heavy, but as it’s metal it can hold all of the plants you need it to. This corner plant stand would look great in any space and it has a decorative flair on the metal frame. The item description doesn’t specify how tall or wide the unit is, and so far there are no reviews of this item on Amazon.
At under $100, you’ll have to decide if the style is worth the risk.

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