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5 Amazing Home Sculptures For Your Corner

There’s nothing like a home sculpture to enhance your decor. And with the myriad of artists and styles out there you will no doubt be able to find the best art sculpture for your home. Whether you’re into abstract styles, artsy touches, natural touches or big and shocking. It’s out there. We have searched and found some amazing sculpture to suit your home decor. Enjoy the journey.

79 Inches Hand Carved Wooden African Giraffe Statue Home Sculpture

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GIRAFFE is brilliantly hand crafted by master craftsmen. Nature lovers and other art lovers would love this. With this piece, you can turn your corner into a showplace. And add some faux trees and other furnishings it can really enhance your space. This home sculpture is made of wood and is 79″H X 11″ X 6″.

Buyer – “These giraffes are awesome. I recommend that if anyone is interested in this item they will not be disappointed.”

Brightech Twist – Modern LED Living Room Floor Lamp – Home Sculpture


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Okay. This modern, versatile art piece isn’t an art piece. It’s the attractive Twist floor lamp from Brightech. But it’s so attractive that it looks like a piece of art for your home. And with its edgy stylings it can fit into any decor.

Buyer: Absolutely love this lamp, especially for the price. Every house guest that has seen it has asked where to get one. As for the lamp: The base is very thick steel and very heavy, the lamp itself would do best not to be moved much as the light itself isn’t very sturdy. Has 3 brightness settings and a floor step-switch. Overall fantastic piece and gives off plenty of light.

hBARSCI Incredible Life Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica Home Sculpture (Mounted on Wooden Base)

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This incredible, life sized reproduction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex skull will cause shock, awe and jaw dropping reactions. Created from custom resin casing this home sculpture model puts this predator’s fascinating size in perspective and the realistic details show the natural markings and textures of a real T-Rex fossil. Standing at over 4 feet high, 3 feet wide and a length of 5 feet, it will be a talking point for many years to come.

AFD Home Big Foot Statue Large Sasquatch Sculpture

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This Big Foot sculpture is Big. Whether you call him Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti for sure this tall, hairy and elusive creature will capture your heart and be the focus of conversation and countless photos for your friends and clients for years to come. At over 7 feet tall he stands a whopping 47″ wide x 44.5″ deep x 84.25″ tall. Told you he was real!

XoticBrands 6ft Life Size Italian Medieval Knight Statue Sculpture Figurine

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At six feet tall, this incredibly detailed knight sculpture in shining armor is a medieval statement piece! Whether standing guard alone or paired to flank an entrance, our high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced resin sculpture is clad in 16th-century, Italian-style armor and proudly displays a medieval sword and chain-mail armor. This ruggedly handsome warrior sculpture transforms any home bar, entertainment area or recreation room into something truly magnificent! 24″Wx21½”Dx71″H. 52 lbs.

How To Keep Your Home Sculptures Clean

We are all aware that sculptures are objects of beauty and can be a huge storehouse of value in terms of financial and spiritual values.

Basically, it can be easily passed down from one heir to another and even donated to any public institution in a bid for it to be appreciated after the original owner passes on.

Nonetheless, when it gets down to the materials used in creating these sculptures, it is safe to say that not all sculptures are actually equal. It is vital to have an idea on the type of sculpture you have in your home and how you can best cater to them.

Cleaning Your Sculptures Properly

There are diverse types of sculptures and they all come with their own demands when it comes to cleaning. We will be analyzing the diverse types of sculptures and how to cater for them individually.

So, let’s go through these sculptures and how to care for them.

  • Resin Sculpture

For the resin sculptures, it is evident that they actually make for great tokens as well as gifts of appreciation as well as achievement. In a bid to keep the resin sculptures clean, you can easily clean them using warm and soapy water before drying it out completely.

  • Bronze Sculpture

You must place your bronze sculpture in a location that will preserve it. Bronze sculptures should be kept in areas that are ventilated and away from excess humidity and heat.

You can keep the bronze sculpture clean by making use of a soft cloth to dust it or even a toothbrush or soft shoe brush. If heavy cleaning is demanded, you can test a small portion by cleaning with distilled water and mild soap.

  • Stone Sculpture

You can start cleaning up your stone sculpture by making use of one of the least damaging solutions and this is none other than water. Easily fill a pump sprayer with clean water and spray the water all over the sculpture

Thoroughly, you can saturate the sculpture by making use of water. Next is to scrub the wet sculpture with a clean brush that is soft in a bid to detach both biological growth and grime.

Furthermore, rinse the sculpture using freshwater to successfully inhibit streaking.

  • Plastic Sculpture

When you want to clean your plastic sculpture, simply mix a gallon of water plus one tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a bucket. Stir it all well enough in a bid to incorporate the dish soap.

Next is to get a kitchen sponge damp with this mixture and wipe down the sculpture with much pressure so that hard stains can go away. Then, rinse off the residue and wipe the sculpture with a clean cloth.

  • Metal Sculpture

For your metal sculpture, all that is needed for cleaning is for you to frequently dust the sculpture in simply to keep off cobwebs or even dust itself from gathering. You can make use of a dry yet soft cloth to gently rub off the dust.

Also, when you want to remove fingerprints from the metal sculpture, you should remove the dust to reduce the chances of scratching the metal sculptures.

To Wrap It Up

Taking care of your sculptures adequately will not only help to maintain the initial and original state of the sculpture, but it will also give you a bigger sense of appreciation for all things art.

How To Make Sure Your Home Sculptures Are Safe

We are all aware of amazing home sculptures are and that is why we purchase them to decorate our homes. However, we sometimes forget to put into consideration the fact that they can be tipped over and hurt someone.

Even if these sculptures are outside the home, we should always consider if they are safe, especially for those who have kids always playing around.

There are fountain statuses, birdbaths and even garden gnomes that make outside the home look adorable. Also, we have diverse ornaments that can be used to add finishing touches to how the inner parts of the house will look.

Nonetheless, safety should always come first. The last thing you will want is for your sculptures to fall over or the tiny gnomes to begin tripping people over.

So, How Do You Secure The Safety Of Your Sculptures?

The fact remains that these sculptures, most especially the ones that are quite heavy should never be left to be free-standing.

These sculptures can crucially hurt a person or even our kids if they should fall on someone. This is because they are made out of diverse materials such as:

  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Marble
  • Metal, and even;
  • Stone

Furthermore, for the sculptures that are to be placed outside the home, you can always invest in a solid plinth to set them on and fix every one of them together firmly.

Also, there are diverse adhesives that can suit the material of your sculpture. You can decide to ask an expert for his or her advice. However, you can always purchase the plinth that will match your sculpture in a bid to make the job much easier.

As for the sculptures placed in the home, they should be kept in places that are not only far from the reach of kids but should be placed on steady shelves or tables that do not get tipped when hit.

Additionally, for those sculptures that can be blown over by a blustery wind, you can always make sure they are kept in steady floors. If they are to be outside sculptures, a concrete foundation will be advisable.

To Wrap It Up

Endeavor to keep all of your sculptures in highly secure areas and far away from the reach of toddlers, vacuums and even pets. Always have it in mind that the taller the sculpture you own, the heavier and more apt they are to fall.

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