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8 Of The Best Corner Desk Ideas for 2020

Corner Desks are a great way to utilize maximum organization without taking up too much square footage. The extra desk space allows for optimal work area while still leaving room for a desktop and printer. Because they are situated in a corner, they typically have a pretty small footprint making them great for a home office, or small workspace. Here are ten affordable corner desk options for 2020.

1) Espresso Corner Writing Desk

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This desk seems very 1800s chic. The Espresso Corner Writing Desk is very simple, looks very nice, and is exactly what it claims to be–a corner writing desk, and not much else. There is a storage drawer in the center for supplies and knickknacks, and a couple (very small) shelves underneath for books, etc. It comes in a few different colors: espresso, white, black, and cherry. Reviews say it might not be easy to assemble, but it does appear to be actual wood which is always nice–it’ll last longer. If all you’re looking for is a place to do some writing this seems like a perfect solution: it’s small and elegant, and ringing in at under $100, it’s the most affordable desk on this list.


2) Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk

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On first impression–wow that’s a slick looking desk. Though after thinking it over, it doesn’t offer much in the way of functionality. There’s plenty of table space and a keyboard drawer–but where would you put anything else? Files, books, etc would just end up all over all that extra space. This desk has a very modern feel to it, and has a computer tower rack on the bottom to keep it out of the way. It looks very nice and clean–this desk is definitely for someone who does not need to keep a lot of things in or near their desk. It also comes in several color options: black with black glass, black with clear glass, silver with clear glass, silver with silver glass, and white with white glass. There’s definitely one for every personality. It’s made of steel and tempered safety glass, though how much weight could it really safely hold? This desk does offer some versatility, however: the center-piece can be disconnected so it can serve as two separate desks–almost making it a two-for-one deal. The Walker Edison Soreno 3 Piece Corner Desk is easy to assemble and looks extremely clean and professional. If you can deal without all the extra knickknacks that take up desk space, this one might be for you.


3) Busch Cabot L Shaped Desk

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This is a desk fit for a CEO. The Cabot L Shaped Desk is a giant desk, but it comes ready to work: it’s got a huge tabletop surface, a four-port USB station for all of your devices, soft storage tray, frosted glass cabinet, box drawer, file drawer, and open cubby shelf. The chrome hardware makes the whole desk look and feel elegant and important. It comes in three colors: espresso oak, harvest cherry, and heather grey, making it useful in any decor. It is interesting that there seems to be a pretty big price gap between each color: the harvest cherry is $40 cheaper than the other two. This desk weighs in at 148 pounds, has four stars on Amazon, and decent reviews. This desk is not wood however, and is made of particleboard. Also, unlike most desks, the file drawer and glass cabinet are not reversible and cannot switch sides. $300 seems a little expensive for a particleboard desk but it does look very professional and strong.

4) Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk–Salt Oak

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Right off the bat this seems like a great desk. The Sauder Harbor View Corner Computer Desk has a slide out keyboard & mouse shelf, two small drawers, one file drawer, and a doored cabinet, all of which can be customized to which side it is installed on. The keyboard & mouse shelf can also be set to roll out in the center of the desk. Additionally, the table-top of this desk is huge–plenty of work space and plenty of space to keep all your nick-nacks, papers, and files. Weighing in at only 90 pounds, this desk would be great for someone who moves often or lives in a walk up apartment. It looks like it only comes in the salt oak color, which feels very beachy. It also has four and a half stars on Amazon and rave reviews. This desk has a huge opening underneath for a chair, making it a great option for someone who might be working from a wheelchair or need extra space. This option seems like a really great one: it looks clean, it’s not especially heavy, it’s customizeable, and it’s under $300.


5) Ryan Rove Kristen Corner L-Shaped Desk In Black

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This desk just screams “Cool.” While it doesn’t have any drawers or cabinets, it has two rounded shelves to one side for books and folders. The left side of the desk is pretty short, while the right side of the desk is longer–and it doesn’t look like that can be switched or customized. A major down-side is that the maximum weight of the top of the desk is 100 pounds. That seems like a lot, but when you factor in computers, books, printer, paper, etc, 100 pounds does not seem like very much at all. According to one of the Amazon reviews, it does not seem like assembly instructions are included. The weight of this desk is not listed but as the price is pretty low, the desk is probably made of particle board, meaning it’s lighter than if it were wood. The desk looks nice and neat, but only if you don’t have a lot of extra supplies to store–there’s nowhere to do that. At first glance this desk seems like a sleek option but on closer look, it’s probably not the best one–though the price is extremely affordable: under $150!


6) Cabot Corner Desk & Hutch-Espresso Oak

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While the surface space on this desk is a little smaller than the others on this list, it seems to be made up for with all the shelf space above. This might be the ultimate space-saving desk: it utilizes height! The Cabot Corner Desk & Hutch has reversible configuration, soft tray for storing electronics, open cubby, file drawer, plus several shelves above, including one behind a glass door. If you’ve got a lot of clutter to deal with in and around your desk, this might be the one for you. On first glance, it does seem like it’s busy and cluttered (even in the staged manufacturer’s picture) and it would probably only get worse with actual use, so if aesthetics matter, maybe this isn’t the best one. And while there is plenty of table-top space over the whole unit, the actual desk space looks a little small and cramped. The desk has 3.5 stars on Amazon (which seems a little lower than expected) and some of the reviews are pretty harsh: reports of the desk bowing and creeking, being flimsy, scratching easily, and being generally cheap. The desk looks nice, and those shelves seem convenient, but overall purchasing this unit seems like a $300 risk.


7) Bestor Manhattan U-Shaped Work-Station

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Wow–this desk is huge! The Bestor Manhattan U-shaped Work-Station seems like it has miles of desk space! It comes with file drawers, a hutch with cabinets, and too many drawers to count, this thing is the biggest (and most expensive) desk on this list! This piece is moderately customizable: the hutch can go on either side, but the keyboard tray can only go in the center. This desk has incredible reviews on Amazon though: barely any reviews under four stars, and zero reviews under three. It seems like it might eat up a lot of space, so if you’re working in a small office, avoid it, but if you have the room, why not? The negative side of this desk: it’s expensive: the list price for this is over $1,500. It looks like it’s on sale for under $1,000 right now, but yikes, if you’re on a budget don’t do it. The Bestor Manhattan U-Shaped Work-Station weighs in at 400 pounds, so if you plan on moving anytime in the next several years, beware. If you have the space, the need, and the budget though, go for it!

8) Bridgeport L-Shaped Computer Workstation


The Bridgeport L-Shaped Computer Workstation looks like something that belongs in a yacht club. The fancy hardware and black finish give it a real ritzy feeling. This desk has two levels to it which might make working difficult if you like to spread your materials out. This nice desk comes with a ton of drawers and pull-out shelves so there’s plenty of space for all your knickknacks and supplies. Though there are only two reviews (both of them positive) which might give you pause about ordering this. One of the reviewers notes that some of the manufacturers parts were not included and the main part of the desk arrives assembled so make sure you have door-clearance for it. Weighing in at 350 pounds this is one of the heaviest and expensive desks on this list: $1,500 without any sales on Amazon. This seems like a desk that might be trying too hard to be a little too fancy.


With such a variety of styles, you should be able to find a corner desk that is just right for you, your corner and your pocket 🙂

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