Why an Automatic Watch?

In the world of fashion, there are two major categories of people;

  • People who wear watches
  • People who don’t wear watches

Those that fall in the latter category tend to take things too practical. Ask any of these people why they don’t wear watches, and most will reason with you that watches are just old-fashioned accessories, since we have the smartphones with us now.

It is true that the smartphones have taken over the world and revolutionized communication. These not only tell the time, but also tell it down to the millisecond. Therefore, it is not wrong for some to feel that the watch is just but an unnecessary accessory that only serves to weigh down the wearers.

However, there is one aspect about automatic watches that smartphones, or any other types of watches, can never replace; self-expression. Being part of the fashion industry, automatic watches allow the wearers to express themselves by creating their own unique styles. This is something that no technology of any sort could provide. And, when you think about this way, you will realize that a watch is not an unnecessary accessory as most people claim.

Yet, this is just but one advantage of the automatic watch. If you are part of the latter category, then this article is designed just for you. Read on to find out just why you should consider being part of the former group; those who wear, not just any watch, but specifically automatic watches.

Why Get an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch can either be self-winding or manual. The most common automatic watches are the self-winding ones. Still, you can find a high quality vintage manual watch. So, apart from the charm and uniqueness that these types of watches offer, what else do you stand to gain by wearing these timepieces?

The following points highlight 6 major reasons why you should get yourself an automatic watch;

1.) They do not Require Batteries

This is the most outstanding advantage of automatic watches. Since automatic watches are usually self-winding, they do not require batteries so as to keep going. These watches are designed in such a way that they include a motor, which is usually powered by a built-in spring. The fact that this built-in spring can be wound either automatically, or by hand, is what eliminates the requirement for batteries in an automatic watch.

Therefore, having an automatic watch saves you all the trouble of regularly changing batteries, as is common with other types of watches. Also, lack of batteries in these watches eliminates any risks of battery fluid leakage. Such leakages usually result to rusting of internal parts, as well as corrosion of the watch mechanism.

Automatic watches also have cool accessories to boot.  For example, many  find that getting a watch winding case adds to their enjoyment of their watch. These cases keep their watches wound when not in use. And you can find a case for one watch to up to 18 watches.

2.) Provide a Unique, Vintage Feel

A wristwatch is more than just a tool for telling time; it acts as a great fashion piece. This is why wristwatches have the ability to make or break outfits. As for the self-winding automatic watches, these provide a more old-world aristocratic feel.

The unique vintage feel that these timepieces bring about can be associated with special first class gatherings and black-tie events. It is no wonder, then, that the stores of most avid collectors and enthusiasts of vintage things never lack several well-kept automatic watches.

3.) They are Highly Durable

Compared with other standard watches, automatic watches last for longer time periods. Actually, these self-winding/manual timepieces last even longer than smartphones. Their high durability can be attributed to their lack of batteries. This is because; batteries tend to increase the chances of dust accumulation, rusting and fluid leakage, which in turn result to gradual damaging of the internal mechanisms of a watch.

More so, automatic watches have the ability to restart themselves, even after they’ve stopped running for a long time. This ability not only gives them an added bonus over other types of watches and smartphones, but also promotes their long lasting aspect.

4.) They Never Lose their Sense of Fashion

If it is a part of fashion that never goes out of style, it is the automatic watch. When the watch was first invented, it was crafted with a unique design that allowed it to be worn easily on the wrist. Even today, the uniqueness and creativity of the automatic watch has not been lost.

The unique technology applied in automatic watches still stands out, even in an age where technology has made such great advancements. Also, the fact that automatic watches still survive in a world where almost every device is powered by batteries, is enough proof that these timepieces can never go out of style.

5.) They Work Quietly

The major disadvantage about other type of watches and clocks is the tic toc sound that they produce. However, this annoying sound is non-existent in automatic watches. An automatic watch is designed in such a way that the gear flow pushes the watch’s second hand, which in turn sweeps forward in a swift, yet very silent motion. Therefore, automatic watches don’t just tell the accurate time, but also function very quietly.

6.) They Appreciate Over Time

Purchase an automatic watch, and you will have made an incredible investment. Unlike smartphones which depreciate over time, automatic watches actually increase in value from the time that they are purchased. Therefore, buying an automatic watch is no different from buying other valuables items, such as pieces of jewelry and materials, such as gold.

More so, automatic watches don’t have expiration dates. And, when these are properly maintained, they can last for many more decades. Then, when the automatic watch has finally crossed the threshold and become a real vintage, you can even sell it for a fortune during one of the ‘rainy’ days.


Automatic watches make a unique part of fashion. And like the saying goes, ‘fashion is culture, and culture is art.’ No smartphone, however, advanced it is, can replace art. Therefore, owning an automatic watch makes you a unique and self-expressed individual. So, unless you want to be part of a crowd, it is the high time you got yourself one of the vintage and classic automatic watches,