Features to Look for in a Watch Winder Box

Do you own an automatic watch, or even multiple of such cool watches? If you do, then you most probably are well aware of the major issue associated with these types of watches; you remove the watch, put it in your drawer/ jewelry box, and tell yourself that first thing in the morning you will come back to wind it. However, what happens in most cases? Most of us actually forget to come back and wind our automatic watches. And, when we do remember to wind them, it is too late and the watches have already stopped running.

This is why, the technology incorporated in watch winder boxes have proved to be very beneficial to automatic watch owners. These boxes function to keep automatic watches running, even when these are not being worn. In other words, watch winder boxes save automatic watch owners all the hustle of having to reset the time and date features of their watches.

However, the market today offers all types of watch winder boxes. Whether you want to purchase a watch winder box for $250, or for $25000, you will find a box that matches your budget. So, how can you know just which watch winder box to go for?

10 Features to Look for in a Watch Winder Box

Before you can buy a watch winder box, you need to look out for several features that identify the ideal boxes. Considering the following 10 features will help you make a wise choice on which watch winder box to purchase:

1.) Turntable Rotation

The most basic watch winder boxes are designed with one turntable. The automatic watches are placed on this turntable, inside the watch winder box. The turntable usually makes rotations of 5 turns per minute. There are also other turntables that make both clockwise and anticlockwise rotations.

If you own just one automatic watch, this basic watch winder box would be ideal for you. However, if you own several watches, then you would do well to go for a watch winder box that has two or more well-functioning turntables.

2.) The Weight of Your Watches

Different watch winder boxes are designed to support specific weight capacities of watches. Therefore, before you can settle on which watch winder box to buy, first ensure that it can comfortably support the weight of all your watches. And, especially should you avoid the cheaper winder boxes if you own several heavy watches.

3.) Storage

A good watch winder box will provide enough storage space for your watches. Yet, even better is that which provides additional storage space for other timepieces and jewelry. Also, it would be wise to go for a watch winder box that not only provides enough storage space, but also offers enough protection to your automatic watches, such that these do not scratch or develop dents. Watch winder boxes that are lined with a soft interior fabric provide the very best and safe storages for automatic watches.

4.) Brand

It is always recommended that you get your watch winder box from a trusted and well-known brand. Contrary to what many people think, the good brands for watch winder boxes are not necessarily the most expensive brands.

So, you don’t need to rob a bank so as to get yourself a good watch winder box. There are still brands that offer affordable and high quality watch winder boxes, such as the Wolf and the Swiss brands.

5.) Motor

If the motor of a watch winder box is only substandard, then that particular box is not worth buying, however attractive and beautiful in design it might be. Due to this, you are encouraged to avoid watch winder boxes which include the cheap Chinese-made motors, as these types of boxes tend to break down easily. The best types of motors are the mid-range Japanese and German-made models.

6.) Noise

This is an often overlooked, yet very essential feature of a watch winder box. Noisy watch winder boxes tend to put a lot of stress on the watches. More so, over time, the noisy watch winder boxes lead to the wearing down of different internal parts of a watch’s mechanics.

Noisy winder boxes are usually due to the presence of substandard motors that aren’t well equilibrated. Therefore, go for boxes that have optimal motors, as these will ensure quiet and effective watch winder boxes.

7.) Battery Capabilities

Before you can buy a watch winder box, think about where and how you will use it. For example, if you are regularly traveling, you would do well to buy a watch winder box that supports both attery power and AC power. Such a watch winder box will provide you with more flexibility, even when traveling to foreign countries.

8.) Style

There are different styles of watch winder boxes sold in the market. For instance, there is the secure box style of watch winders. This style of watch winder boxes is ideal for those people who own multiple automatic watches, as they are designed with more storage space.

Also, there is the unique watch winder category, composed of watch winders that have unique and beautiful designs. If you are a person who cares much about the outward appearance of your watch winder box, then this is the ideal box to go for.

9.) Resting Settings

Watch winder boxes usually make clockwise or counter-clockwise rotations, so as to accurately wind the automatic watches. However, continuous rotation of these boxes tends to put unnecessary stress on the watches, and could even lead to their failing after a while.

Therefore, choose a watch winder box that includes resting settings in its design. Having resting settings means that the watch winder box winds the watches, then rests these for a couple of seconds. This ensures that undue stress is not put on your watches.

10.) Watch Capacity

This is another important feature that you should consider before buying your watch winder box. How big is your watch collection? If you own one or two automatic watches, consider purchasing either the single or dual watch winder boxes. On the other hand, if your watch collection exceeds two automatic watches, you can either choose to get multiple watch winder boxes, or even a single box with a larger storage capacity.


If you really love your timepieces, then you obviously wish to keep these fine and accurate for as long as possible. One way in which you can ensure this is by choosing a perfect watch winder box for your watches. However, not any random watch winder box is ideal for you. So, when you go out to the market to get your watch winder box, make sure to keep the above 10 considerations in mind, before making any final decisions.