The Amazing Stand Up Mirror Cabinet

The Beautiful And Practical Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Are you looking for a more spacious and space saving storage solution for your precious jewelry or do you simply want to upgrade your existing jewelry storage to keep your collection safer and well organized? Well, whether you live in a sprawling colonial mansion or a studio apartment, you can use a little more storage space for your lovely trinkets. That’s exactly what you get from a beautiful stand up mirror jewelry cabinet.

So What is a Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Cabinet?

This is a mirror jewelry cabinet creatively designed to give you a more storage space to keep your necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings, and other precious trinkets in a more organized and safer way.

The neat discreet cabinets come in full length mirror sizes without taking too much space in your bedroom. The stand up jewelry cabinet features a full length mirror that you can use to check yourself when you wear your necklaces and earrings. The mirrors are creatively designed in different styles.

The storage space is usually located behind the mirror. This mirror jewelry holder is a neat discreet option for securely locking away your family heirlooms and other precious statement pieces.

Most free standing mirror jewelry cabinets do not require any form of extra mounting because they come already designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to perfectly fit into the corner of your room.

They can also attach easily to the wall or door and save you lots of space, especially in a small apartment. The mirrored cabinet opens easily to display your jewelry collection so you can conveniently choose which one to wear without the usual hassle of combing through a box of clutter to find the right piece to wear every morning.

Stand up jewelry mirror cabinets are available in beautiful color variations and rich wood finishes including oak, cherry, black, and white. They also feature intricate wood details and unique metal drawer handles.

The jewelry cabinet is not only a jewelry storage solution but is also a perfect addition to any bedroom décor. It provides a perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

Nicetree Standing Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror, Standing Lockable Jewelry Armoire Organizer, 3 Angel Adjustable (White)
  • 💄FULL SCREEN MIRROR & DECORATION- Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet is designed with a full-length mirror measuring 42.5"H x 14.57"W. You can use it to check yourself, your whole outfit before leaving the house. The stylish outlook makes it a perfect decoration which can help enhance the style of your room.
  • 👗FLEXIBLE & ADJUSTABLE- Come with stand, this jewelry armoire is easier to move around the house compared to a leaning one. There are 3 horizontal holes on each side of the stand, you can adjust the most suitable bevel angle according to your height to get a better view.
  • 👒LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY - With a large storage capacity, it helps you arrange all your jewelry and cosmetics in one space. This Standing Jewelry Cabinet contains 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring grooves, 108 stud earring holes, 36 earring slots, 4 shelves, 2 bracelet rod, 3 makeup tool cups and 2 bottom drawers.
  • 💋QUALITY & SECURITY - Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet is made of fiber board qualified P2 which have a high quality. It is lacquer free, totally good for environment and health. It has a high quality lock and key, a children proof armoire, which can keep jewelry out of kids' reach.
  • 👑EASY TO ASSEMBLEE - The frame of jewelry cabinet is pre-assembled, you only need to assemble the legs, all the tools are prepared. Nicetree is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Giantex Lockable Standing Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Giantex Lockable Standing Jewelry Armoire with 14 Auto-on LED & Full Length Mirror, 14 LEDs Jewelry Mirrored Cabinet and Storage Organizer with 2 Drawers, 4 Angles Adjustable (White)
  • 【Stable And Durable Jewelry Cabinet】This jewelry cabinet is simple in shape and uses the MDF as main frame material. It has very good texure. The frame is thick and durable. The bottom of the foot has a curved design. It can firmly grasp the ground and is very stable. After storing some items, it will not wobble easily.
  • 【Dressing Mirror and 14 Auto-ON LED】This jewelry cabinet is a combination of a full-length mirror and a jewelry cabinet. It can be used as a mirror for you to dress. It can also be used as a jewelry cabinet to store your daily jewelry. The auto-on LED lights are specially designed for all your ring pickup. (LED is powered by 3 AAA batteries, not included)
  • 【4-Angle Tilting Swivel Mirror】The mirror is 4-angle adjustable for you to find the most comfortable position. You can swivel the mirror and fix the position. It will not tip over or swivel backwards easily. This full length mirror is ideal for to you dress and makeup.
  • 【4-Angle Tilting Swivel Mirror】The mirror is 4-angle adjustable for you to find the most comfortable position. You can swivel the mirror and fix the position. It will not tip over or swivel backwards easily. This full length mirror is ideal for to you dress and makeup.
  • 【Lockable Cabinet with Keys】This jewel armoire is lockable with keys. You can keep the private storage of your jewelry. The lock and key are well built and of superior quality.

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Standing Full Length Mirror Cabinet Armoire

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Lockable Standing Jewelry Organizer, Large Capacity with 2 Drawers, 3 Angel Adjustable, Glossy Dark Brown UJJC94K
  • SURPRISING LED LIGHTS: Exclusive 6 cozy blue LED Lights inside jewelry cabinet help you to choose right jewelry quickly, without disturbing your husband in the morning, we check every light before delivery to ensure customers' convenience; attractive gift for your wife/mother for Mother's Day
  • SPECIALIZED JEWELRY CABINET : SONGMICS devote lots of energy and time to extending the space utilization in the jewelry cabinet, ensuring more storage space for your tons of jewelry. 32 necklace hooks, 84 ring slots, 138 earring holes, 4 shelves with 10 compartments, 1 utility scarf rod and 2 drawers
  • REAL GLASS MIRROR: Highly selective glass helps avoid "fun house" effect and provides better performance, the full length mirror with solid MDF frame offers a head-to-toe view of your outfit, without smelly glass glue and avoid distorting, you deserve a better constructed jewelry cabinet for long time use from SONGMICS
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The frame of jewelry cabinet is pre-assembled for a worry free setup; you only need to assemble the legs with included tool
  • STURDY OUTSIDE, SOFT INSIDE: P2-grade MDF frame and 39.4"H legs contribute to a sturdy structure, while the soft velvet lining in the jewelry cabinet protects your jewelry from scratches

SONGMICS LED Standing Full Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with Full Length Mirror Makeup Tray Large Drawer Base Brown UJJC87BRV1
  • LED LIGHT STRIP & LOCKABLE: Interior 39 3/8'' LED light strap powered by 6 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) helps you make up and select jewelry quickly; the lock keeps your jewelry safe and out of reach of children
  • LARGE BOTTOM DRAWER: The large pull-out drawer adds more stability to the jewelry cabinet and provides plenty of room for organizing larger items such as hair dryer and curler
  • HASSLE FREE STORAGE: 24 necklace hooks, 98 ring slots, 48 stud holes on 60° slant shelves, 3 earrings rods, 12 compartments and 2 small drawers organize all of your jewelry in one place
  • SIMPLE MAKEUP AREA: 11.5'' x 44.3'' built-in mirror, light strip, 13 1/4" x 9 1/2" flip-over cosmetic tray and 9 eyebrow pencil slots create a simple vanity table for you
  • ADJUSTABLE CHEVAL MIRROR: Full length mirror 14.6''L x 48.4''H with 4 tilting angles offer a better view head-to-toe; quality glass provides a clear and accurate image

TWING Standing Full Length Mirror Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

TWING Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet 360 Rotating, Lockable Standing Wall Jewelry Armoire with Full Length Mirror Large Jewelry Armoire Cabinet(White with Wood Grain)
  • 💒 SPACE SAVER : The design of wall mounted makes it possible to be placed anywhere. Compared to heavy burden cabinet, jewelry cabinet can save lots of space.
  • 💒 360 DEGREE ROTATION: The makeup organizer can rotate in 360 degree. 360 Revolving angle makeup shelf help find your essentials easily.
  • 💒 LARGE CAPACITY: Hold at least 32 necklace hooks, 48 stud earring holes , 90 earring slots. and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more cosmetics.Super large space can meet the individual's desire for collection and display.
  • 💒 REAL GLASS MIRROR: Full length mirror offers a head-to-toe view of your outfit; with the help of real glass, you can collocate according your performance.
  • 💒 INTERNAL MIRROR: Convenient for you to choose beautiful jewelry, eliminating the trouble of repeatedly switching the cabinet door to the external mirror.

SRIWATANA Full Length Mirror Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

SRIWATANA Jewelry Armoire Cabinet, Solid Wood Standing Jewelry Organizer with Full Length Mirror (Carbonized Black)
  • Vintage Jewelry Armoire - Solid wood in torched finish, burlap and black metal complement each other, creating a vintage style for your cabinet and will definitely match your room decor.
  • Slant Stud Shelves - Unique 45° slant design makes it super easy to plug and fetch your stud earrings.
  • Mirrored & Lockable Cabinet - Bright glass mirror reflects real image and offers a head-to-toe view of your appearance; magnetic and lockable door with keys ensures the safety of your jewelry.
  • Easy to Assemble - The frame of jewelry armoire is pre-assembled for a worry free setup; All you need to do is attach the legs with provided tool. Warm tips: Keys are in the cabinet upon arrival, and a certain force is required to open the door due to the magnetic design.
  • Gift for Anyone on Your List - This Jewelry organizer will keep her jewelry neatly organized with 5 slant stud shelves, 2 hanging rods, 22 necklace and bracelet hooks, 23 ring slots, 52 earring holes and 5 compartments.

The Benefits of a Standing Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Here are some of the many benefits you get when you have a standing mirror jewelry cabinet in your bedroom:

Space saving storage for your jewelry

Most stand up mirror jewelry cabinets are conveniently mounted on walls and door and therefore don’t take up too much space in your bedroom.

If anything, these handy standing mirror cabinets create extra storage to help you avoid clutter and free up more space. They usually have a compact sleek design and are made to fit in small spaces. They are the perfect solution for people with limited space in their living quarters.

Durable Construction

A good stand up mirror jewelry cabinet is made from elegant looking and sturdy materials to last for many years. They have a solid and durable construction. It will take many years before you need to buy another one.

Ornate hooks, drawer handles, trays, and other beautiful features

The mirror jewelry cabinet comes with intricately designed hooks, drawer handles, trays and other unique features that add style and character to your bedroom.

For the best performance, the stand up jewelry cabinet should have 18 or more cushioned ring rolls and lots of hooks to hang your precious bracelets, rings, and necklaces. It should be designed to accommodate all kinds of jewelry you wear on a regular basis.

Security for your precious ornaments

The stand up jewelry cabinet provides you with a more secure storage option for your valuable jewels.

They are especially helpful if you have children who love to play dress-up with your jewelry and possibly end up misplacing everything. The jewelry cabinet comes with a childproof lock and key to keep your little ones at bay.

A handy mirror for quick reflection

If you can’t leave the house without a quick glance at the mirror, storage mirror cabinets are your best option. Instead of the ornate woodwork normally featured in traditional armoires, the stand up mirror jewelry cabinet has a neat mirror on the entire front façade.

There are other mirror designs such as a flip-top mirror and a mirror located inside the door. Wherever, the mirror is placed, it will surely be helpful when you are wearing your special jewelry.

Adds a sparkle to your accessories

Most stand up jewelry mirror cabinets have extra features such as integrated LEDs that light up to make your accessories sparkle and shine. A mirror cabinet with glass windows helps to reveal the real beauty of your gorgeous trinkets even in storage.

Available in different styles and sizes

Another good thing about standing mirror jewelry cabinets is the fact that they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit every room and type of jewelry. You can easily find a good jewelry cabinet to accommodate all your shiny objects.

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll be glad to know that there are many standing mirror cabinets designed for people with limited space in their bedrooms. There are diverse styles and colors of these jewel mirror cabinets made to match your taste and type of bedroom décor.

Other Uses For a Storage Mirror

Storage mirrors have a few other uses besides providing a secure storage option for your jewelry including the following:

They have a multi-purpose design that gives you a full length mirror as well as a storage organizer for your jewelry all in one piece of furniture.
They help to create neat organized spaces in your bedroom

They can also be used as decorative pieces depending on the type of materials used in the jewelry cabinet’s construction and how it perfectly blends with your room. The mirror storage cabinet is designed to improve the general aesthetics and overall appearance of your room.

The mirror jewelry holder is a great time saver too. Rather than rummage through your several drawers to find the perfect accessories for your attire, you’ll simply open the stand up jewelry cabinet and pick the right trinket at a glance.

Final Thoughts On The Ever Practical Stand Up Cabinet Mirror

A stand up mirror jewelry cabinet is an important piece of bedroom furniture for anyone looking for a neat and more organized way to store their precious jewelry.

These jewelry cabinets provide ample storage space and are available in beautiful rich wood finishes that suit every type of bedroom décor.

They also add character and a touch of elegance to your room. If you want to make better use of your limited bedroom space, a stand up mirror jewelry cabinet will be quite useful.

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