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Soft Tip Dartboards – Safe Indoor Fun

If you wanted to know about soft tip dartboards then you’re on the right page. In this guide, we’ll share with you about different types of soft tip dartboards. Usually, in the game of darts, a circular board use that is marked with numbered segments is known as a dartboard.


On the market, you will find different types of dartboards are available and among them, one is the soft tip dartboard. The tips of the soft dartboards are made of plastic, rubber, or other soft materials. Compared to other dartboards, soft tip dartboards are safe to use as well as they are light in weight.


It’s a coming thing we see the soft tip darts are used with the combination of electronic dartboards. You can easily replace the tips of the board if they are somehow destroyed and the board will not be damaged. As we mentioned above soft dirt boards are safe so it is best for young adults and beginners.


Plastic Soft Tip Dart Board

Usually, the cabinets and electronic soft tip dartboards come in our mind when we are talking about plastic soft tip dartboards. That’s because the electronic soft tip dartboards are made of plastics. And the plastics tend to fragile so they are not the best choice for your children.


Rubber Soft Tip Dart Boards

The rubber soft tip dartboards are safe for playing, and for your kids, a great choice could be this dartboard. When you throw a rubber tip towards the board, it is less tend to bounce or if it is bouncy, it will not harm your kids or to the board as the bounce level is low. Also, for your wall, rubber soft tips dartboard is a good choice. So you can set a rubber soft tip boards to your home.


Bristle Soft Tip Dart Boards

Nowadays some of the soft tip dartboards are also made of bristle though, they are mostly used for steel tip darts. When it comes to the soft tip dartboard bristle is not the best choice. However, for the durability bristle is great. And it is also great for expert players.


Electronic soft tip dartboard and non-electronic soft tip dartboard – these are the two main types of soft tip dartboards are available in the world of the dart. Though they both are soft tip dartboards, yet they have some differences, and below are the details of this.


Here are the specifications of Electronic soft tip dartboard and non-electronic soft tip dartboard –

Soft Tip DartBoards Comparison


Specifications Electronic soft tip dartboard Non-electronic soft tip dartboard
Best for Seasonal and casual players Professional, casual, and beginners players
Outdoor playing Not ideal Yes
Indoor playing Yes Yes
Safety Safe Safe
Gaming modes Multiple
Battery It required battery No
Quality Durable Durable
Material Polypropylene Polypropylene


Best Soft tip dartboards

These were the specifications of electronic and non-electronic soft tip dartboards specifications. From the above specifications, we hope you now know the differences between these two soft tips dartboards. Now let’s discuss some of the best soft tip dartboards that you can choose to buy. Here’s a quick comparison table of some dartboards –



Soft Tip Dartboards Name Pros Cons
Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard Best for all levels of dart players, it has multiple game options also, it is durable. This is pricey, and children who are under 6 years old, for them this is not ideal.
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Soft Tip Electronic Board 8 players can play, it includes 39 games and 175 variations, ideal for every player, for tournaments it can be used and much more. This dartboard is not easy to set up and this is expensive.
Viper Showdown Electronic Dartboard You can hang this anywhere, it has a crisp and clear LCD, to reduce bounce-outs there are ultra-thin segments. To operate this board it required 3AA batteries.
Gran Board 2 Electronic Dartboard There are different game options on this board, this board is app compatible, unique sound quality and many more things that can impress you. It is not a cabinet design, and it does not contain 2 years warranty.
BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard You’ll get 6 soft darts, for indoor and outdoor this is ideal, this is a durable, portable as it is light in weight, easy to install. This board doesn’t come with hanging accessories.
Piero Lorenzo Soft Tip Dart Board Ideal for kids (above 6 years), easy to install and safe to use and much more. During the rain, you cannot use this outdoor.


We’ll compare the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard and BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard and from the comparison, we hope you can choose the best one for you.


Best for

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is the best for the players of all levels, on the other hand, for family fun, children and for the newcomers, the BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard (non-electronic) is great.



The electronic soft tip dartboard is high-quality, it has easy to read panel, and there are up to four sets of darts that is built-in slots in the doors stores. Also, it is durable. While the non-electronic one is also durable as well as it is viable. And about the materials of the dartboard, you do not need not worry as it is made of polypropylene.


Variations of game

There are 34 games and 183 scoring options are included in the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, and when you’re less busy this electronic soft tip dartboard can keep you engaged. While there are no variations of the game on the non-electronic BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard but this is great for spending time with family or friends.


Ease of use

For the experts, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is easy to use while usually, for both beginners and experts as well the BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard is easy to use.



Both of them contain a game manual and 6 soft tips darts. In the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, mounting hardware, an AC power adapter, and 6 spare tips come. And with the BetterLine Soft Tip Dartboard 6 extra tips, and a 15-inch board (37.5cm) come.


The verdict

For the different players, these two are the best options to buy. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is great for all level players while the BETTER LINE Soft Tip Dart Board is the best for beginners. Both are durable. If you are an expert dart player then you can go for the electronic one that is Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, and if you are a newcomer then go for the non-electronic one.



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