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5 Ways to Turn Your Small Apartment into a Home

When you live in a tiny apartment, particularly studio or single bedroom apartments, it can be hard sometimes for it to feel like a home. There are a few things you can do that will help.


Use Multipurpose Furniture

Particularly in a studio apartment, multipurpose furniture will save space. Use a futon instead of having both a bed and a couch. A Murphy bed that folds up into the wall when not in use is another good option, as is a dining room table that also folds into the wall. Use a coffee table that has storage space.


Diffuse a Homey Fragrance

Whether it’s a scent that reminds you of the home you grew up in or one that simply makes you feel relaxed and at ease, a fragrance that permeates your space and makes you think “home” can help make a tiny space feel inviting. An essential oil in a diffuser can be wonderful for this purpose. A high-end diffuser can also double as a humidifier.


Bring Some Nature Indoors

Live plants add some beauty to any space, while also helping to increase the fresh air. There are plants for nearly any kind of space you might have: you can find plants that need lots of light or hardly any at all, ones that need tons of water or only a rare watering, and some that flower or that merely add greenery to your space. If you tend to have more of a black thumb than a green one, consider succulents like cacti that don’t require much from you beyond a rare watering.


Liven Up the Floors

Adding a rug or two to your space can be a great way to warm it up and make it feel homier. It can also be a great way to break a studio apartment into rooms. You can layer rugs to make things look more textured, and you can replace rugs quickly if you decide you’re ready for something different. They come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find ones that meet your needs.


A small space doesn’t have to feel confined or sparse. Use your taste to create a stylish, inviting home no matter the size of your apartment. You don’t need a big budget to decorate a small space. You can also keep some things in storage so you can shake things up without spending a dime.

Turn Your Living Room Into An Entertainment Center

Turn your living room into a movie theater or video gaming room with a short throw projector.

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