What is the value of Lne?

Baibhab Sahu , studies Physics & Mathematics at St. Xavier’s High School, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar (2025)
Answered January 2, 2019

lnx = Log x base e

So we know that log x Base x is equal to 1

So lne = log e base e = 1

So lne = 1



Sarthak Chauhan
Answered January 2, 2019

ln means log (base e).. so the answer of ln(e) is 1.

LOGeE is equal to 1…

bcz ln means log to the base e and ln e is equal to 1 bcz base is equal to the value x



Atul Kumar, B.tech Computer Science Engineering (2021)
Answered January 2, 2019

ln is logarithm with base e

i.e log(base e)

And we know that

Log of anything with same base is 1

So the value of lne is 1

Asha Agarwal , M.Sc. from Chaudhary Charan Singh University (1991)

Answered January 2, 2019

1ne means logarithm of “e” at base “e” =1


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