Tiny Kitchen? 3 Tips to Make it Work for You

Tiny kitchens are cute, but when it comes to functionality, they can be a pain to work in. Reworking a kitchen space not only saves you time while you are cooking, but it can also add to the stylish appeal of your home. Here are three tips to maximizing your tiny kitchen and adding potential to your space.

Make Use of Your Cabinet Doors

A smart solution to storage problems within your kitchen hides inside of your cabinets. It is common to use your kitchen cabinets to hide things or cram stuff in them when you don’t want them out on the counter, but this practice is costing you valuable kitchen space. This design specialist instructs how try installing hooks or extra shelving to store your kitchen items can be easy and painless. For example, if you have a shelf that keeps your coffee cups and there is a lot of extra space above, then adding hooks to hang more cups will double your storage space. No longer will you have to stack cups and risk breaking them when you reach for your favorite mug.

Install Corner Shelves

These renovation experts suggest that any renovation that creates more storage space without sacrificing floor space will help make your small kitchen more usable. Try installing shelves across the corners to store spices, cleaning supplies, and more. Typically, the corners of our kitchens are the places that are the least used and are commonly overlooked for other spaces in the home. When you add more space for storage to neglected corners in your kitchen you free up more space for storage within an instant. Not only is this a practical solution to your storage problems, but adding corner shelving units adds a bit of stylish decor to your home.

Keep Certain Appliances on the Counter

Large kitchen appliances are a pain to store in cabinets, especially when you have to haul them out when you want to use them. If you have enough counter space, try keeping them out on your counters. Appliances such as stand mixers, toasters, and blenders add a nice industrial touch to your kitchen whilst saving you space in your cabinets. These cabinet and kitchen experts recommend to keep the design of your kitchen in mind. Decide where every appliance is going to be, and what ones you are going to store in cabinets or shelves. A clean design is going to look infinitely better than a cluttered one. Purchasing color coordinating or matching appliances can really add style and inspiration to your cooking space.

Reworking your kitchen is all about creativity and ingenuity. Finding ways of creative storage in your cooking space may be a bit of trial and error, but do not fret. Try these tips and play with your space. If you don’t like the setup, you can always change it. The idea is functionality, practicality, and inspiration.

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