Space Saving Vendor of the Month: PuraFlame Electric Fireplaces

Vendor of the month: Puraflame Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for the best companion in the cold winter nights, then having a wall mounted fireplace can be the best choice. Over the time, the wall mounted fireplace has become quite popular amongst the people. What really makes them so popular? The main reason for the popularity of wall mounted fireplace is the style quotients that it adds to the room along with being a convenient source of warming the place. It requires very less maintenance and thus has become an essential part of the modern time interiors. Puraflame wall mounted fireplaces are a great choice for many reasons.

PuraFlame 36” Galena, Portable or Wall Mounted, Flat Panel Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Galena Portable or Wall mounted electric fireplace

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The 36” Galena, portable or wall mounted fireplace is yet another masterpiece delivering a comfortable warming experience in an energy-efficient manner. It comes with a multi-functional LCD remote control for managing and controlling the temperature requirements.

The users can use the flames with or even without the heat. The available timer allows the users to set the timing requirement and use the fireplace for a minimum time of 30 minutes to a maximum of 9 hours. Moreover, it makes the best pick to be used as a portable tabletop heater delivering the needed cozy surroundings anytime.


  1. Convenient to use: The fireplace is extremely convenient to use as it can be mounted on the wall or can be used portably on the table top for heating the room as and when required
  2. Heating capacity: The fireplace is capable of heating a 400 square feet room with its adjustable thermostats and temperature range of 60 degrees F to 84 degrees F. It just requires a power supply of 120V for delivering an effective working
  3. Timer facility: It is enabled with a timer facility that automatically turns on and off for maintaining the temperature of the room. The timer can be set for a time interval between 30 minutes to 9 hours
  4. Working features: It creates a feel of realistic flames with its real fire creation functioning. It can offer 13 different types of the heating mode in a different variety of color mode
  5. Places to be used: The fireplace can be effectively used in homes or offices fulfilling the need of supplementary heating the ambiance. The attractive design can easily fit in with all types of interiors of the room


PuraFlame 36″ Vivian Wall Mounted Curved Panel Electric Fireplace with Remote

puraflame vivian wall mounted electric fireplace

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If you are looking for a trusted name in the fireplace market under an affordable price that can deliver convenient heating facility, then Vivian wall mounted fireplace is the right choice for you. The fireplace can be operated with the multi-functional LCD remote control and can be adjusted for the required room temperature with maximum ease.

The curved design of the fireplace fits perfectly and elegantly in the interiors and delivers energy efficient results. No matter for what purpose you are using the fireplace, its heating functionalities are capable to heat up 400 square feet of room. With its 3 different heating and color modes, it can maintain a temperature ranging between 60 degrees F and 84 degrees F.


  1. Heating capacity: The fireplace is well-equipped with 3 different heating modes and flame brightness levels. By just consuming a total voltage of 120V, this fireplace is capable of heating a room of 400 square feet. The heating capacity of the room can be adjusted in between the temperature range of 60 degrees F to 84 degrees F along with automatic and adjustable thermostats
  2. Convenient using: The multi-functional remote control along with 1 button cell battery and a warranty of one year the use of this electric fireplace is really very convenient
  3. Places for use: With the attractive curved panel design the fireplace makes the best choice to be used for homes, offices or any type of interiors
  4. Realistic flames: The fireplace is capable to create real feel like flames with its ability and feature of realistic fire like option. The effect of the flames can be used with or even without the heat. The thermostats automatically turn off and on for effectively maintaining the temperature of the room.

PuraFlame Alice 48″ Recessed Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice 48 Electric Fireplace

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This fireplace heater is an elegant, beautiful and energy-saving fireplace that can be operated with an LCD remote control. The electronic temperature control ensures the maintenance of a specific and precise room temperature for keeping the room warm enough as per the need.

This heater does not require any gas or oil for making the place comfortable and also eliminates the risk of any smoke damage. It has been so designed that the users can use the variable intensity and extreme brightness of the realistic flame without the need of any heat. It is easy to use and install and is one of the best fireplaces in the market for delivering a comfortable room to the users.


  1. Easy installation: This 2 x6” fireplace is the perfect fit in the mentioned dimension. It offers an easy installation to its users and saves a lot of time. The following are the products that are required for installing the fireplace:
  • 110V outlet
  • 2 electrical connections
  • Hard wiring
  1. Effective heater: The fireplace offers a heating setting in between the highest temperature of 1500W and the lowest temperature of 750W. The heating capacity is so that it can heat up a 400 square feet room conveniently. The available thermostat can manage the room’s temperature very effectively in between 61 degrees F to 82 degrees F.
  2. Realistic flames: The users can experience realistic flames due to the presence of ultra-high intensity LED lights. Moreover, the flames can be managed as per the 4 available settings in the fireplace.
  3. Decorative item: The fireplace makes the best decorative item for the modern times interior and can be perfectly placed in the living room, bedroom, etc.

PuraFlame 33″ Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control, 750/1500W, Black

PureFlame 33 Inch Western Electric Recessed Electric Fireplace

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​This fireplace has been designed with a 100% energy saving technology. This fireplace has all the capabilities to be a brilliant replacement for gas logs.


  1. Convenient usage: It is easy to install and use and thus can be effectively used in all types of interiors which require supplement heating
  2. Heating capacity: It can maintain a temperature range of 60 degrees F to 84 degrees F with its 3 different heating modes and flaming modes of variable intensity. With just a voltage consumption of 120V it can effectively heat up 400 square feet room
  3. Realistic flames: The electronic control of the flame temperature can help in maintaining a precise room temperature along with being used with or without heat. The adjustable thermostats effectively controls the room temperature with its automatic on and off ability

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