Short Throw Projector VS Movie Projector For Movies

Watching movies is among the best ways to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Meanwhile, if you want to make the best of your movie marathon, you must have the best movie equipment. Two of the most commonly used film equipment today are short throw projector and movie projector. Are you not sure which one of the two can give you the highest satisfaction for your movie habit? Don’t worry because this article will guide you.

Short Throw Projector

A short throw projector comes with a 0.4 to 1 throw ratio. It can be your perfect partner to watch your favorite movies. If you plan to buy this equipment, consider its advantages and disadvantages below.



One advantage of using a short throw projector is that you can maximize space because of its compact size. It doesn’t require too much space.

Adjustable screen size 

You can easily adjust the screen size of the screen so that you can enjoy a more convenient viewing experience.

Eye comfort

A short throw projector is comfortable to the eyes. With its bigger screen, it can reduce eye strain.

Lightweight and compact size 

Another good thing about a short throw projector is it is lightweight and compact in size. It can maximize your space and provides you easy storage if you’re not using it.

Good value

The projector can offer a good value for your time and money. Thus, it can be a quality device for your home entertainment needs.


It can get hot

A short throw projector can get hot because of the additional processing power needed.

No zoom 

Sometimes, a short throw projector doesn’t have zoom. It can be challenging for you to install or set up the projector at the right distance.


Movie Projector

A movie projector is another device you can use to watch your favorite movies with your loved ones. The following are some of its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if it’s the right movie equipment for you.


Great customization

With a movie projector, you can have a more customized movie watching experience. Thus, you can customize the size of the screen.

Bigger images

You can view the images on a clear and bigger screen, which may reduce eye strain. With that, you can have a theater-like viewing experience. You can enjoy better picture quality while using this equipment.


It also comes with high portability. So, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor entertainment. It is easy to transport, so you can bring it anywhere you want for your movie marathon.

Outdoor movie viewing 

Unlike other equipment, a movie projector allows you to enjoy outdoor movie viewing. You can bring it outside of your house or when you’re camping in a specific destination.



Compared to short throw projectors, a movie projector is more expensive. With the continuous innovation of digital technology, new models were developed. These movie projectors may come with higher costs.

Repair and maintenance issues

Movie projectors have repair and maintenance issues that may cost you in the future. So, make sure to be responsible for maintaining its best efficiency for your movie habit.

It may get noisy and hot

One drawback of a movie projector is it may get noisy and hot. It may not be energy-efficient for your movie viewing needs.

Needs external speakers

Unlike other devices, a movie projector may also need external speakers to give you better audio quality. With that, it may take time to set up and install other accessories before you can watch movies.


Just like what we mentioned earlier, both short throw projector and movie projector are among the most famous pieces of equipment for watching movies at home or anywhere. However, both of them come with their specific advantages and disadvantages.

With this post’s help, we hope that you already picked the right one that can match your standards and needs for your movie viewing habit. You can choose according to your needs and budget. Short throw projectors may be more affordable compared to movie projectors. On the other hand, movie projectors may offer you more innovative features to satisfy your movie needs.

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