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Tiffany Style Stained Glass 20″ Shade Floor Lamp Azure Sea

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp
Lamp Height = 64 1/4 “, Shade Diameter = 20 “, Shade Height = 9 7/8”
Total Glass Cuts = 1014 + 57 Jewels

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If that is your first Tiffany lamp acquire, please learn the next: The problem of whether or not the fabric within the shade is plastic or glass. Please relax confident, this item, and some other You may also make a selection to procure from us, will likely be stained glass, and best stained glass. If a producer chooses to unite the items of stained glass the use of a mix of copper foil and molten solder alloy — as we do — there may be merely no plastic with the intention to correctly face up to the warmth. Unequivocally, we use stained glass, using the copper foil production methodology which is largely unchanged from the Tiffany Studios on the flip of the twentieth Century. We every so often field “it feels like plastic” complaints, and in each example, we will have to provide an explanation for that small items of glass, ‘floating’ in a cushion of solder and copper would not have the sensory revel in of window panes or wine glasses, for example. Relating to your number of stained glass, I will point out this…. If you’re regarding lamp sun shades, I doubt You’ll in finding any discernible distinction in weight. Relating to window frames, there could also be a distinction. You may also own a few merchandise produced through what’s referred to as the ‘came’ manner, during which a far better ‘H’ formed channel of steel alloy is used to provide the thing. Came methodology is typically related to better flat panels, and the density of came surely exceeds the density of a related quantity of molten solder. Please google “why stained glass feels like plastic”. You’ll in finding thousands of listings on that factor. Connected is the hyper link to the Google search:
Tiffany Taste Stained Glass Ground Lamp
Lamp Top = 64 1/four “, Shade Diameter = 20 “, Shade Top = 9 7/8”
General Glass Cuts = 1014 + 57 Jewels
Makes use of 3 x 60W Bulbs (No longer Included)
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