Essential Home Emily Breakfast Nook Kitchen Nook Solid Wood Corner Dining Breakfast Set Table Bench Chair Booth Price: $1,199.98 (as of 19/09/2020 08:13 PST- Details)

Kitchen Nook Corner Dining Table
Breakfast Set Table
Bench Chair Booth Solid Wood



Kitchen Nook Nook Eating Breakfast Set Desk Bench Chair Sales space Forged Wooden.
Kitchen Nook Nook Eating Desk
Breakfast Set Desk
Bench Chair Sales space Forged Wooden

Essential Home Emily Breakfast Nook

The essential home Emily Breakfast Nook is a 3 piece sophisticated set of furniture for enjoying the best eating experience with your family. You can place it at any comfortable location in your kitchen, dining hall, garden and balcony etc. The assembled set has a chair booth, table and a bench. Weighing about 119lbs the set is available in attractive colors to match the interior design and décor of your kitchen. The overall rectangular shaped nook is designed for 5 people to sit comfortably. The Solid Pine Wood material has high density, classy surface finishing, traditional appeal and resistance to damages.

Emily Breakfast Nook – Material and Making

  • Solid Pine Wood (SPW): The SPW is made of high quality wood fibers which are dry processed before the manufacturing process. The density of the material remains constant throughout its dimensions. Thermal pressing of the fibers under high pressure ensures complete bonding between the fiber layers. Dry processing shapes the tensile strength and water resistance characters of the material. Hence, the Emily breakfast nook is completely free from mold, termite and other common pest problems. The flexibility of the wood makes it easy to machine and finish it into complex designs and patterns. The wood s also easy to paint and it retains the brightness for many decades without fading.
  • Making of Emily Breakfast-Nook: The Emily breakfast nook is manufactured in conformance to the ISO/TC 136 standards and guidelines. Hydraulic machines are used for pressing the SPW by distributing the pressure and heat uniformly along the dimensions. It ensures high level of tensile strength and durability. The experts then shape the finishing with water and weather resistant varnish. The finishing paint enhances the aesthetic appeal and classical appearance.
  • Easy Assembly Features: Assembling the Emily breakfast nook is a simple and easy process. The booth has an approximate height of 85.7cms and lengths of 131cms and 172cms. The table approximately measures 75cms X 70cms X 110cms. The bench approximately measures 44cms X 30.4cms X 110cms. The complete set comes in a box which needs to be assembled. The user manual contains all the part names including the legs, back panels, rails, back-rests and the stretchers. All you need is a head-screwdriver and a spanner set to assemble the nook. You can easily follow the layout drawing specified in the user manual and follow the instructions in steps.
  • Furniture Quality Standards:  The manufacturers have conformed to the ISO/TC 136 standards for the design, construction and finishing features of the nook. The construction of railing, panels, legs and backrests is streamlined to match with each other for perfect assembly. The screw depth and size are designed to ensure the structural stability of the nook, while enduing static body weight of the seated people. The even weight distribution on the nook, the table and the bench ensure perfect center of gravity balancing. The surface finishing ensures stain-proof and scratch characteristics of the set. The material density of 0.51g/cubic-cm has a thermal resistance value of 100-degree-celcius, which is almost equivalent to that of solid bricks. Hence, the material can withstand high temperature without expanding or getting brittle. At the same time the elasticity modulus of the material enables highly compression resistant during cold climatic conditions. The manufacturing process ensures resistance to warping, moisture, contamination and internal material erosion. The Emily breakfast nook can withstand axial and vertical stress factors comfortably. The shock absorbing characteristic of the material is derived from the material strength coefficients that get enhanced during the manufacturing processes.
  • Furniture Safety Standards: Solid Pine Wood is generally known for its slip free surface finishing that makes the set completely safe for kids. The finishing at the edges and corners are smooth and free of sharp projections. The smallest gap between the floor and the leg design make it possible for you to place the nook on plain floor or carpeted floor with no hassles.

Breakfast Nooks and their Benefits – Overview

Having gone through the most efficient manufacturing and toughest quality tests, the Emily breakfast nook is top rated for its functionality and durability.

  • Flexibility: The easy assembly and compact dimension of the nook set makes it easily portable. You may assemble the set within a time of 20 minutes with the right tools. You can place the set at any convenient location at your home and enjoy the comfort and coziness.
  • Capacity: Even through the Emily breakfast nook is compactly designed, it can accommodate 5+ members of average size and weight easily. You can allow the freedom of spilling liquids and jumping on the nook to your kids with little or no hesitation. The wipe clean feature and scratch free surface will endure the stress and strain without hassles (refer to product manual for specific terms and conditions).
  • Hardness: The side hardness of the assembled side and corner back panels makes it highly sturdy in construction. It prevents the seat cover from bending at the middle. The reinforcement of stretchers at the lower layers of the seat keeps the material from developing cracks in the long run.

Essential Home Products – Aesthetic Elegance

  • Wood varnish: The wood varnishing on the set creates additional grain bonding on the surface area considerably. The manufacturers have used the industrial grade adhesives during the pressing and forging processes. Hence, the material gets a smooth and soft finishing after the varnish.
  • Natural Appearance: The final touch up and painting enhances the natural appearance of the wood. The furniture set can be an interior décor for every kind of wall, ceiling and flooring in your home. The external design looks very simple, yet it is highly sophisticated in aesthetics.

Emily Breakfast Nook – Cost Effective

If you calculate the average making cost associated with the manufacturing, designing and construction procedures of the set, the purchase price you pay is highly economical. In fact you could make a cost comparison review of the similar specifications products from the other brands available online. You can get the complete picture of the savings you can enjoy for the ISO/TC 136 standards compliant product.

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