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6 Of the Best Corner Sofa Beds

In our opinion, no one should fill their house with beds in anticipation of visitors who come once or twice a year. Truthfully speaking, apart from those impromptu ones, we only get visitors around thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s what you can do instead. Invest in sofa beds and you will have won in three ways.

  1. Your house stays neat and does not get crowded
  2. You save lots of space
  3. You become all-time ready to host guests
Some of these corner sofa beds are so attractive that you would never imagine that they also function as beds. They are a combination of style, convenience and comfort. By nature, a corner sofa bed is multi-purpose; you lounge on it during the day and spread it out as a bed in the night. Add a corner sofa table and you have an exquisite comfy set. For this reason, you will need to carefully select the unit you want to buy as the market is now flooded with lots of excellent options. In this buying guide, we first made a shortlist of best corner sofa beds before delving into features and other essential things to consider before making a purchase.  

6 Best Corner Sofa Beds

D & H Tufted Reversible Sofa Lounge Daybed Couch Full Size Day Bed
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Sofa, Sectional Sofa, Living Room Couch Sofa Bed
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Corner Sectional Sofa-Bed transformer
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Furniture of America Charlton Contemporary Corner Sectional with Pull-Out Sleeper
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Benchcraft - Alturo Contemporary Sofa Chaise Sleeper - Queen Size
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Furniture of America Laurence Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Storage
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Corner Sofa Bed Reviews

corner day bedTufted Reversible Sofa Lounge Daybed Couch Full Size Day Bed Corner Black by D&H

$295.00 - Click To See More

Design features

This modern sofa bed measures 81.70 Inches long, 59.25 Inches wide and 32.25 Inches high. Its headboard frame is hardwood made (kiln-dried). It is reversible meaning you will be able to modify the lounge position either to the right or to the left.

It comes with side recline panel and a tufted pillow back. The side rails, head board and foot board are upholstered.


This sofa is versatile. Apart from acting as a study chair, lounge chair and sofa bed. It can be used as an accessory for adding flavor to your living room. When you want to sleep, it opens up as a large full-size bed. The tufted cushioned side and back enable you to lounge sitting upright.


Easy to assemble

You do not need a box spring; the European curved wood supports the structure fully.

The canvas material is versatile and durable


The bed is too low; it may be comfortable for children but will be un-comfortable for most adults while standing or sitting.


corner sofa day bedCorner Sofa, Sectional Sofa, Living Room Couch Sofa Bed, Modern Sofa Futon Contemporary Home Furniture

$609.99 - Click To See More

This black sectional sofa’s frame is wood made while the mechanism is metallic. You can consider it a convenience sofa. It’s easy to assemble and set it up as a bed, it’s easy to clean and maintain and it’s also easy to mix and match with existing furniture. It’s an all season sofa.

Design Features

The futon contemporary sectional sofa measures 102 X 71 X 32.3 Inches. It’s made with grey fabric and comes with 2 pillows. This sofa bed features a firm back and additional plush cushions.

It’s made with a stain and moisture resistant fabric. This means it’s easy to clean and you can blot out spots with a moist cloth. It has 2 detachable and matching pillows. The sofa also has a long chaise of about 75.2 Inches.


Futon contemporary sofa bed is super easy to dissemble and transport. It’s also a low maintenance seat. The cushions are dense and comfortable. The set allows you to mix and match with existing furniture and design a new look for your living room.

It’s an easy to assemble sofa bed as you only join 2 hooks and 4 legs. It will take you about 5 minutes to assemble. The back offers a comfortable leaning on the cushions and the seat has a dense padding.


The adjustable headrest according to your preference is a pleasant unexpected feature

The pull out bed plus mattress are greatly designed

The set has an easy to clean non stain material

The design is classy and easy to blend with existing furniture



blue corner sofa bedSally Right Corner Sectional Sofa-Bed transformer

$1, 263 - Click To See More

Sally right corner sofa is a premium fabric made, European quality multi-purpose sofa made in the USA. Its design blends smoothly into already existing furniture. It comes with headrest cushions that are convertible. The chaise also doubles up as a storage option.

Design Features

It measures 79.52 x 53.54 x 34.64 Inches, it’s made with premium fabric and has wavy springs for enhancing comfort. The sleeping portion dimensions are 79.52 Inches by 53.54 Inches. It comes with extra plush cushions

This sofa bed easily blends with either traditional or modern furniture. It offers a pull-out bed and has storage option. It can be used as a single seat or as an additional to existing furniture.


Sally right corner sofa color and design easily blends in with various styles. It can also be used separately on its own. Its convertible headrest cushions greatly enhance its comfort. It prides itself as a highly efficient multi-purpose set because of its pull-out bed, day sofa and storage option.


This sofa’s design matches all types of interior whether modern or traditional

The flexible headrest cushions enhance comfort

The storage maintains general neatness in the living room


It’s tiring to sleep on it for several days continuously. You might need to add extra cushioning.

Leather Look corner sofa bedFurniture of America Charlton Contemporary Corner Sectional with Pull-Out Sleeper, Black

$749.00 - Click To See More

America Charton contemporary sofa bed offers you storage efficiency, space economy and comfort. Its lustrous black color and sleek design will add ambiance to your living room. And with the leatherette look, you get the look of leather corner couch without the price.

Design Features

Charlton sofa bed is the ideal option for saving space. It fits perfectly into room corners and offers storage in addition.

This set effortlessly converts into a sofa bed; you only need to draw out the hidden seat beneath and the seat base. The fine black leather finishing gives it an epic appearance for a living room or a lounge. It also has spring-lift support and features a reversible chaise.

Charton’s frame is made artistically with wood and wood veneers. Inside, it’s filled with foam (high-density) and support springs. It’s complimented with plush cushions and tufted seats and back

After assembling, the dimensions will be 36.75 Inches high, 98.75 Inches wide and 63.75 Inches deep. The seat dimensions are 18 inches H X 22 Inches D


Charton contemporary Sofa bed is made in China. It’s easy to assemble and dissemble. To convert into bed, you only need to pull out the seat. This sofa bed also serves as an alternative storage option if you're looking for corner sofa beds with storage .


The sofa bed is multi-purpose; it works efficiently as a sofa, as a bed and storage as well as changing the ambience of the room with its sleek appearance

You get 30 days warranty – to replace any problematic parts hustle free



corner brown sofa bedBenchcraft - Alturo Contemporary Sofa Chaise Sleeper - Queen Size Mattress Included - Dune

$799 - Click to See More

Benchcraft Alturo contemporary chaise sofa prides in great texture and finishing. Its tone brings with it a feeling of comfort and carefree living. This sofa is just what you need after a long day’s work.

Design Features

This flexible sofa bed measures 81”W X 63” D X 39”H and weighs 173 Pounds. This sofa converts into a pull out, sturdy queen size bed. It comes with a collapsed memory foam mattress with superb airflow. It has a supportive and firm steel frame.

It has plush cushions keenly finished with a form of artificial leather. The pillows’ are completed with polyester fabric. This sofa bed is held firm by a corner blocked structure that reveals its wood-like legs.


This versatile and spacious sofa bed fits perfectly in your sitting and study room. The design makes it so easy to blend in with the rest of the furniture.


The queen size bed pull out is large and comfortable

Its design easily blends in with other furniture



brown corner sofa sleeperFurniture of America Laurence Sectional Sofa Sleeper with Storage

$655.55 - Click To See More

America Laurence sectional sofa is manufactured in China. It’s loved for its skillful upholstery, modern design and economy of space. Its cushy back cushions and plentiful sitting space makes it an adorable home solution.

Design features

This corner seat weighs 114.4 pounds and has dimensions of 93 Inches long, 61 Inches wide and 32 Inches high. The seat depth is 18 Inches.

Its color and design make it easy to blend in with other furniture. The rich leatherette and double sew accents makes it a perfect sectional sofa. It definitely lights up the room. The chaise seat conveniently doubles up as a suitable storage space. You only need to lift it to store or remove your beddings.


America Laurence corner sofa has caster wheels that ease the conversion to a sleeping space with an effortless sliding motion.

It’s a comfortable appealing and convenient set.


The chaise doubles up as a storage space

The caster wheels make conversion into a bed easy

Maximizes the corner space



Hope after looking at these selections you've found the one you want and need. But see below for more options. Enjoy

Corner Sofa Beds

The Beauty and Practicality of Corner Sofa Beds

Nothing makes a room elegance and stylish like a stunning corner sofa bed. It amazingly transforms your family home into a honeymoon living place by providing a satisfactory relaxing and a comfy place. The corner Sofa bed is designed in a marvelous way because it has a variety of settings. You can perfectly use the futon sofa bed when chilling with your lover or entertaining a large number of people as they have a big space for all. The chaise lounge section offers you a section to put on your feet after a tedious day.

Corner sofa bed with storage gives you a 100% comfort because it is made in a soft, spacious, and a sink way. Its generous size can accommodate big and small individuals with ultimate contentment. Its low armrests and seat backs are super compatible with very tender and roomy back seat cushions.  The seat cushions are obtainable with Darcon filling. Corner sofa chair is durably made with a metal base that comes with black chrome, satin, and a glittering appearance.  The corner sofa bed leather can be used in diplomatic offices or individuals home.

Investing in a corner sofa bed remarkably saves your cash in your entire life. Thinking, reflecting, and making a substantial decision is morecorner brown sofa bed reasonable and very crucial as a buyer.  The sectional sleeper sofa is made with a distinguished creativity that you cannot fail to notice at a distance. Its shape is immaculately designed to fit the shape of your room. Gradually on this earthly planet, a small corner sofa bed is becoming popular. The futon sofa bed is becoming a trend and awesomely turns into a fad to massive of individuals.

The design of a corner sofa bed differs in pattern and color. Most people universally purchase them because they are highly versatile and durable. It perfectly matches the color of your carpet and other amazing home stuff. It is made by professional designers to fit your taste and it is very easy to move the furniture to whichever place of your house.

You have total the freedom to move the corner sofa bed leather near the window if you need fresh air, or near the television. Corner sofa bed can be manipulated easily and it’s user-friendly. A small corner sofa bed is designed purposely to accommodate the lovers’ atmosphere.  The furniture of the corner sofa bed is worth the price.  The corner sofa bed can appear expensive, but if you use it responsibly it can really give you years of service.

What's The Difference Between A Sofa And A Couch?

A lot of people use the word couch and sofa interchangeably which is technically wrong. A couch and a sofa are two different items. A sofa normally has a back and two arms while a couch has no arms. In some instances, a couch may have one arm and its short end may be modified to have a back. A chaise (meaning long chair in French) is the same as the English couch. Therefore, any reclining chair can be referred to as a couch because they support our legs. The main difference between a couch and a sofa is how you sit. In a couch, your legs are elevated while on a sofa, your legs rest on the floor.

What To Consider When Choosing A Corner Sofa Bed

  1. Extent of use
You may be looking for a sofa bed that doubles up as a lounge seat during the day; that makes its main purpose to be predominantly a sofa than a bed. For this reason, you need the back support to be sturdy. A good option for such use will be a foam mattress convertible sofa bed. If however you plan to use the sofa only when you have guests, an innerspring mattress option would be your most appropriate choice. Its surface will support the guests’ weight comfortably. Another option would be to use memory foam since it adds extra consistency.

  1. Choice of location
Location pretty much determines the outlook. If the sofa bed will be placed in the study room, your immediate concern will not be its beauty. It’ll probably be the physical dimensions, the space available and the price. Not so much the design and color. What If you want to place it in the living room? You definitely want it to blend in with the rest of the furniture and the theme of the room. You want it to be comfortable and attractive. If the room you are placing it in is spacious, you will opt for comfort and most probably choose a traditional sofa bed.

  1. Your home’s traffic and RAF – LAF labeling
A sofa bed is a perfect solution for many homes but if you are not careful in stationing it, you may just block the paths you are used to. If you have to walk around it to access the rest of the room, then it will prove annoying. To sort this, station the chaise where there is least traffic. To know which side the sofa should face, check the RAF and LAF labeling. When the label reads RAF (Right arm facing), it means while facing it, the arm is on your right. If the label reads LAF (Left arm facing); the arm will be on your left as you face it.

How To Check For Your Sofas’ Functionality?

  • Check the frame: the frame is the backbone of your sofa. It should be firm, even and neatly connected at the joints.

  • It should concern you if it has creaky sounds. That’s a sign that the joint are not well connected. The sofa beds should sit squarely on the floor and every joint must be tightened up. It shouldn’t sway from a slight push. This is the most reliable way of ensuring its durability.

  • The padding: the whole frame and all the corners should be well padded. You shouldn’t have anything sticking out through the upholstery. Run over all the parts of the sofa with your hand. Ensure there is minimal or no friction between the fabric and the sofa.

  • The back of the sofa should also not be hollow. The fabric should be firmly woven.

  • For a pull-out sofa bed or a recliner, the mechanism should be smooth. You shouldn’t be forcing movement. They should be basically quiet. In case it’s getting stuck, or is noisy, that’s a call for urgent repair.

  • Storage Convenience: If your chaise or ottoman has storage space, it should be easy to open and once closed, should be evenly aligned with the rest of the set. Avoid the temptation to fill it in excess and then forcing it to close. That will soon cause it to malfunction.

  • Ease of assembling: just like the pull-out and reclining mechanism, assembling shouldn’t be forced. Once the separate parts are joined together, you don’t need to force-fix. Follow the instructions to set-up. Get help to fix if you’re not sure how to go about it.


Final thoughts

Unlike in the past when sofa beds were cumbersome and weak, today’s sofa beds are as durable and dependable as actual beds. Their innovation has become today’s best solution for studio rooms, hostels and living room additions. If you are yet to try them, this is a perfect time as we approach the festive season. Also, if you're in the market for it, we've also found for you the best recliners for small spaces as well. Enjoy.

Where to buy Corner Sofa Beds?

Corner Sofa bed can be purchased in an online or offline platform. Corner sofa bed can be bought from the earth’s largest hub of selling furniture, electronics, magazines, softwares, and computers. Purchasing the futon sofa bed is a very simple task for you as the buyer.  You need to do a thorough research on your smart phone or laptop on which corner sofa bed to purchase at Get acquainted with the products description, features, details, specifications, color, and the price.

You also have a golden opportunity to buy a sectional sleeper sofa of your choice at eBay. eBay is an online shop where buying and selling of furniture, cars, electronics, sports goods, collectibles, and digital cameras are done.  eBay online platform gives you a logical product description of the corner sofa bed you want to purchase. It is very advantageous to shop your corner sofa bed leather at eBay because you are given a free service delivery up to your offices or home.

You can also buy a corner sofa bed with storage at your nearest showroom. All that you need is to trust your senses by purchasing a corner sofa bed that seduces you. In addition check all the necessary details of the corner sofa bed, this include durability, comfortability, softness, spaciousness, and portability. The price is also very vital to consider because of your budget. It is highly recommended to purchase a corner sofa bed that perfectly suits your cash.

How to Maintain a Leather Corner Sofa Bed?

Buying a corner sofa bed isn’t enough but also you need to have all the tactics at your fingertips on maintaining the pricey sofa bed. The leather is a gorgeous material that looks catchy and magnetic to your eyes. You need to keep your corner sofa bed leather at a super condition. It is hygienic and healthy to thoroughly clean your sofa to clear the dust and make it smell fresh.

Use a white clean piece of cloth to remove all the dust on your corner sofa bed leather. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum with a tender brush adapter to quicken the process.  Use a moist cloth for wiping down all the surfaces of the leather sofa. To do it more appropriately you can use distilled water as chlorine of the tap water gradually fades the surface of the leather.  Monthly, it is recommendable to use a specialist cleaning leather product to clean the corner sofa bed leather.
Leather Corner Sofa Bed

Leather Corner Sofa Bed

Never use purpose cleaners, sprays, and wipes as they damage the surface of the sofa bed. If you want your corner sofa bed leather to look new apply a good conditioner to frequently rejuvenate the oils in the leather. This prevents it from cracking, creasing and drying. Don’t expose your corner sofa chair at a direct source of heat or sunlight for a long period of time.  This makes the material of the leather to crack, stiffen, and develop some wrinkles.

In Conclusion

Corner Sofa Bed epitomizes your pleasure to the brim. You consume a lot of hours doing various kinds of activities in your life. You need this. Sectional sleeper sofa lessens your fatigue, accommodates you with your darling, and elevates your ego to live in a luxurious standard. You need a valuable place to put on your glorious body when watching a television, listening to music, bonding with your family, or finishing your pending work at home. Don’t hesitate to buy a corner sofa bed. It is a good investment and will give you years of pleasure.