Corner Medicine Cabinets You Will Love

<h2>corner medicine cabinet</h2> Corner medicine cabinets combine a number of attractive features. Not only by design do they add a unique and appealing element to your bathroom, but they also assist in saving space. And the variety of corner cabinets are immense. They can be wood or metal. They can come lighted or without. They can even come with a vanity or with square or rounded corners depending on your tastes. Feel free to peruse our findings. No doubt you will love what you find:

Corner Medicine Cabinet Varieties

White Corner Medicine Cabinets

Wood Corner Medicine Cabinets

Rounded Corner Medicine Cabinets

Corner Medicine Cabinet With Double Doors

Arched Mirrored Corner Medicine Cabinet

Cherry Wood Corner Medicine Cabinet

White Shutter Corner Medicine Cabinet

Corner Medicine Cabinet With Vanity Sink

Stainless Steel Corner Medicine Cabinet

Corner Medicine Cabinet

Corner Medicine Cabinets Ideas

Medicine cabinets are usually kept in the bathroom - that is where professionals recommend us to safely store our medicines - in the room where you have to fit a bath tub, a sink and some other shelves/storage cabinets for your objects. So, if you have a small bathroom, how do you arrange all these things in there and you still make your bathroom look good and welcoming? This is where a corner medicine cabinet comes in.

Understanding Corner Medicine Cabinets

Every home sports at least one medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are expected to be small, precise, and made in such a way that they even look decorative. Nobody needs a vast cupboard full of shelves in the name of a medicine cabinet. A limited and brief cabinet which holds just your important medicines is enough. Having said that, most people prefer their medicine cabinets in the orders of their homes. Which is why they are also called as corner medicine cabinets. There are plenty of different corner medicine cabinets to choose from. You don’t want your medicine cabinets to stand out. So, the size, color, and style of your corner medicine cabinet must be in accordance with the interior of your homes. Read on to know more about the different types of corner medicine cabinets, and how you can choose them as per your preferences.

White Corner Medicine Cabinets:

Any cabinet with a whitewash can easily blend into homes of any type of interior. Whit is majestic is appearance. It also looks quite elegant and classy. Such white corner medicine cabinets are mostly available in the wall-mount form. They are made of hard-wood which does not easily wither away. All the required hardware of this type of cabinet is included in itself. There is no tedious process for assembling it and mounting it over the wall. In addition to that, some white corner medicine cabinets come with mirrors too. There is nothing like a wall cabinet with a mirror to make your mornings easier. The white paint of the cabinet is difficult to chip off and can be used for a very long time before it starts getting worn out. You can place such cabinets in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or storage. Its white color will ensure that it fits into any part of your home without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Wood Corner Medicine Cabinets:

Although corner medicine cabinets can be made from plenty of different materials like stainless steel, hardwood is the best option of them all. Not only is it safe, but it even looks extremely fancy as well. A good hardwood medicine cabinet will up the look of your home like nothing else can. In addition to that, wood cabinets are bound to last a life-long. A hardwood cabinet painted in accordance with the interior of your home blends in so well, that it almost looks like a decorative piece. You can take it a step further by installing a mirror on your hardwood corner medicine cabinet. Black, brown, white or any color of your choice will do well with wooden corner medicine cabinets. Wooden cabinets also come in plenty of different styles and sizes too. Make sure you choose the best color and style as per the look of your home and also the room where you intend to place it.

Rounded  Corner  Medicine Cabinets:

These cabinets are specially designed for households with children or elderly people who are most likely to hurt themselves with the sharp corners of the mounted cabinets. These cabinets have rounded corners which aid in plenty of other things apart from being safe. They provide more room for storage within, and are mostly made up of stainless steel. The shelves inside may be adjustable or not, depending on the manufacturer. But due to plenty of storage space within, shelves are in plenty too. Some of the rounded corner medicine cabinets sport full-length piano hinges. They are also rust and corrosion free. There is no particular handle for users to open and close the cabinet since the door has a magnetic catch. In most cases, the outside of the door is complete with a plated glass mirror. The absence of the handle leaves the entire outer surface of the door to serve as a mirror.  Rounded corner medicine cabinets are

Corner Medicine Cabinet with lighted mirror:

This type of corner medicine cabinet comes complete with lights on the outside of it. such cabinets don’t sport a handle on the outside, but instead, have a plated mirror all over the door. They can be made up of stainless steel or any other type of material. They are mostly not with rounded corners. These bright lights are placed in different patterns, according to the type of medicine cabinet. They may or may not be brightly colored. They may be placed in a horizontal or vertical position along the edges. Some cabinets have their lights in the dotted line form. Since these cabinets almost never have any handles, they have a mirror on the outside. When lit up, these lights act as a frame for the mirror instantly improving the look of the cabinet. Rely upon them to up the look of your interior by lighting up these lights on your medicine cabinet.

Corner medicine cabinet with double doors:

A medicine cabinet with double doors is surely a large one. It has a lot of storage space within as compared to cabinets with single doors. They are mostly made up of stainless steel or aluminum. Their doors usually have a magnetic catch which leaves enough space for a mirror to be placed all over the outside of the door. Double door cabinets may or be wall-mounted. You can even add lights to them if you wish to. True that double door cabinets are a little broader than the regular ones, they hold more stuff than them too. You can even use such large cabinets to keep things other than medicines too. If you intend to purchase a corner medicine cabinet with double doors, make sure that its edges are a little rounded. Especially if you are going to have it mounted on the wall, you need to go for blunt edges to avoid mishaps.

Arched mirror corner medicine cabinet:

Like rounded corners, arched corners too are a way of designing the top edge to make it appear better. It also gives it a different touch and makes it stand out among the other top edges of the regular cabinets. An arched edge is pretty to look at and adds more charm to the overall look of your corner medicine cabinet. Other touches like adding lights and a magnetic catch to the door can all be done accordingly. This type of style works best with aluminum and stainless steel, and not so much with hardwood. The blank outside of the door makes it ideal to be replaced with a mirror. Adding lights will improve the appearance of your cabinet, especially at night.

Cherry corner medicine cabinet:

True that hardwood is a good option and an amazing material to consider for your medicine cabinet, cherry finished hardwood is even better. It adds color and beauty to your cabinet and also extends its life and performance. Its beautiful red color is soothing to look at, and you can even add a mirror on the outside for better effect. A cherry finished hardwood corner medicine cabinet makes your home look charming and beautiful just because of getting a white shutter door corner medicine cabinet.

White shutter door corner medicine cabinet:

As the name says it, white shutter door cabinets are the ones who don’t have doors with the magnetic catch. They sport a single door, but such cabinets have multiple storage possibilities inside. You can use it to store toiletries and other stuff besides medicines. You can even use it in your bedroom or bathroom to keep respective useful things. Many people prefer having such white shutter door corner medicine cabinets in their living room because they are pretty and stylish to look at. wall-mounted white shutter door cabinets come in a variety of styles and designs to complement the look of your living room. Some individuals think of white to be a boring and blank color, but that’s far from the truth. White not only gives out a classy appearance but also an elegant vibe to your home.

Corner Medicine cabinet with Vanity:

Most people use medicine cabinets for storing their cosmetics and other vanity stuff along with medicines. If you are one of those, then a corner medicine cabinet with vanity would be the best option for you to resort to. Such a vanity case with a mirror on top with a medicine cabinet placed down below is just what you need. It is super convenient and extremely comfortable to apply makeup and touch ups whenever needed.  


The above-mentioned types of corner medicine cabinets are not all. There are plenty of other different styles too that you can pick for your home. You can choose from the many different styles available both in the online as well the offline market. Remember that a cabinet meant for medicines must never appear so. Having a large medicine cabinet is nothing to brag about. Which is why, try and keep your medicine cabinet small and brief instead of a full-blown one. These types of cabinets are laid down for you to make a clear judgment regarding which ones to keep in your home.  Your personal choices and preferences also play a major role in this regard. Remember to not go compromise on your needs. Don’t opt for a small medicine cabinet if a large one is what you need.