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Modern Home Decorating: Tricks for Framing a Room

We all know that tying a room together takes patience and an eye for detail. But there are a few decorating tips you can use to get the most out of any space. Tiny tips and tricks can sometimes take you a long way. From drab, incoherent, and sloppy to sophisticated, put-together, and stunning. Here are a few tricks that designers use to make the rooms they design into something absolutely beautiful.

Window Treatments

Window treatments often serve as a focal point that can pull the room together. Your bedspread shouldn’t match your drapes exactly unless you want your bedroom to look like a motel room. The window treatments should coordinate with other elements of the room’s design. Also, window treatments can frame a beautiful outdoor scene, which will add to the room. Light, airy curtains are often a great option for letting in more natural light, and letting you appreciate the outdoors.


Statement Piece Accessories

To give a room a sense of cohesion, you can try making a focal point a major piece of art or an accessory. The item you choose will be dependent on the style of décor you are interested in using. For instance, if you like a rustic look, one option is to add in an artisan-made barn door or perhaps a free-standing antique window frame. Other options might be framing around a unique coffee table, antique bed frame, or large piece of artwork. Make sure style is key and that you aren’t cluttered with accessories but using them as a focal point.



A well-chosen wallpaper can give a room a focal point while also coordinating with the rest of the room. Similar to coordinating window treatments and bedspread, oftentimes when two items match too much, it can look tacky. Instead, add in the wallpaper with solid-colored furniture or dark stained cabinets that complements the chosen wallpaper.



Since mirrors reflect, they add depth and dimension to a room. But since they are also a fixed object, they also serve as a stationary piece that can add cohesion to a room. If you think about it, essentially a mirror can double up on whatever it is facing, adding cohesion through the mirroring effect.


Focal Point Wall

Cohesion in a room can be created through a focal point wall, which gives people a place to look, creating a sense of order. Focal point walls can feature blown-up photos and other types of art. You can also use paint to accent one wall and draw focus to one part of the room.


If you’re looking to pull a room in your house together, try creating a sense of cohesion. This sense of cohesion can be attained through a focal point, making your room feel framed.

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