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15 Best Minimalist Desks For Your Space

Minimalist Desks Are Just Right For You

Look around your office, whether at home or at work. How does your working desk look like? Do you need everything that is on the desk? Or, are there things that you could do away with This is what minimalism entails. Minimalism aims at ensuring simple, neat and organized environments, free of clutter.

A while back, having a messy and cramped working desk was considered a sign of intelligence. However, long gone are those days. People now appreciate organized and clutter-free working spaces, where everything is kept in order and in place. This is the main reason behind the development of minimalist desks.

This article will consider the benefits that you can enjoy from using a minimalist desk in your office, as well as what you should consider when choosing a minimalist desk. Read along, also, to know just which minimalist desk you should go for, when you decide to reduce your office clutter.

Why Minimalist Decor?

Minimalist decor promotes a healthier and more beneficial living. For instance, those people who practice minimalist living spend less money by not buying items that they don’t really require, and only settling for the essentials. Therefore, minimalist decor promotes more financial freedom, while cutting on expenses.

Minimalist decor homes/offices are also less stressful. Since minimalist decor works to simplify the environment and eliminate unnecessary decor, such minimalist homes/offices have enough space, such that the owners can freely move around and enjoy a spacious and well-aerated place. More so, a clutter-free home/office is much easier to clean, as it has fewer things requiring cleaning.

Looking even at the bigger picture, you will realize that minimalist decor is good for the environment. Minimalism reduces the stuff and clutter in a place, which in turn reduces the purchase and consumption of such items. And, the lesser the things we purchase and consume, the lesser damage we cause to the environment.

15 Best Reviewed Minimalist Desks

If you’re thinking of getting a minimalist desk for your office, then the following 15 best reviewed minimalist desks should be at the top of your list:

bonVIVO Writing Desk Massimo

This is one of the most durable and high quality minimalist desks available in the market. Its work surface includes a top made using sturdy tempered glass. This tempered glass is shatter-resistant, and is supported by a MDF-wood shelf built underneath it. The bonVIVO minimalist desk is also designed with wooden legs, made of high quality and durable bamboo.

This writing desk is ideal for use by all people; whether working people, or students, or even for gaming by kids. The bonVIVO is not just a minimalist desk, but also a trendy piece of furniture with a modern design and elegant versatility. The style used to make this desk brings out a touch of elegancy, as well as professionalism.

The bonVIVO glass desk is built with plenty of storage space. The assembling process is also quite easy, taking an approximate time duration of 20-30 minutes. The assembly instructions are usually included in the package.

The design used to make the bonVIVO writing desk makes it ideal for use in small spaces. It can be used as a corner desk, hence saving on a lot of space in the office. It is a desk that will always fit and blend perfectly with all environments.


4NM No-Assembly Folding Desk

The 4NM minimalist desk does not require any assembling. It is constructed with a folding design, such that the user can simply fold or unfold it within seconds. When expanded, the desk has dimensions of 31.5 x 17.72 x 29.72 inches, and when folded it measures 31.5 × 2.55 x 29.72 inches. Its folding design makes it ideal for small office and living spaces.

The frame of the desk is made using sturdy metal, which adds to the overall durability of the desk. More so, the 4NM minimalist folding desk is designed with a modern style that is compatible with almost every office/home design and style.

This minimalist desk can be used as a computer desk, a minimalist desk for the office, a study desk, or even as a writing desk. Another good thing about this particular desk is that; the package includes an offer for a 100% refund or re-send, in case the desk is damaged or has defects.


Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Desk

The Tribesigns minimalist computer desk is designed with a simple, yet modern and elegant design. The desk provides very good support, having very sturdy legs of metal construction. The legs are also built with pads, which can be adjusted to fit different heights, as the user prefers. These leg pads also help to provide stability to the desk, when placed on uneven floors.

This minimalist desk has a width of 23.6 inches, which provides enough space for your computer or desktops, printer, and any other item that you need for your office activities. It also offers a large legroom space of 42.9 inches. Therefore, tall people, or those with long legs, can comfortably use the Tribesigns minimalist desk.

The work surface of this desk is both waterproof and resistant to scratch, aspects which can be credited to the thick laminated MDF used to make the desktop. It is also very easy to clean. The assembling process of the desk is very easy, taking just a few minutes. The Tribesigns desk can support a large maximize weight of 900 lbs.

FRU L Shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

Like its name suggests, this minimalist desk by FRU takes the shape of an ‘L.’ It consists of 3 separate pieces that can be easily put together to make the desk. The 3 separate pieces give the user freedom to arrange the desk in whichever style that they prefer. For instance, the user can arrange the desk, such that the longer board goes to the left or right side, as they prefer. A person can also arrange the desk to make it a U-shaped minimalist desk.

This L-shaped desk is built with several drawers and a keyboard tray, all which can be easily slid out to provide enough storage space. This space can be used to store items such as, the desktop mouse, keyboard and other smaller office items. The stands of the desk are constructed with foot cups, whose heights can be adjusted to an equal level, when the desk is set on slightly uneven grounds.

The durability and sturdy nature of the L-shaped desk is one that cannot be doubted. It is built using particle wood boards, which are not only environmental-friendly, but are also of the premium P2 class. The frames supporting the desk are made using heavy-duty steel material, which makes the desk even more durable. This desk is quite easy to install, and comes with all the required installation instructions.


Need Small Heavy Duty Desk

The Need Small is a minimalist desk with a folding design. It can be folded up and down very quickly, which makes it a desk that is readily available for use. When folded, this minimalist desk has a thickness of 4.5 inches, which makes it convenient to store even in tight spaces. The package usually comes completely assembled, eliminating the need to assemble it again.

The frame of the Need Small minimalist desk is made using thick tubing steel material, which gives the desk its high durability. The steel material is also designed with a powder coating finishing. This finishing adds elegancy to the table, giving it a modern design which adds style to whichever room the desk is added.

The desktop surface of the desk is highly resistant to scratch and friction. The Need Small desk, therefore, always provides a smooth and clean working space for many years. It can support a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs.

FURINNO Computer Writing Desk

The FURINO computer writing desk is another highly recommended minimalist desk for home or office use. It is constructed with a very stylish and simple design, that can help to minimize all your office clutter.

On both the left and right sides the FURINNO writing desk are shelves. These shelves provides additional space for keeping the computer CPU and books. This desk is also designed with an elevated shelf that can be used to store a compact printer, or any other office stationery decor.

The material used to make the FURINNO minimalist desk is composite wood, as well as PVC tubes. This desk is small enough to be fitted into even tight spaces. It is also cheaper and budget-friendly, compared to other minimalist desks sold in the market. The installation of this desk calls for some assembling. More so, the desk comes with a variety of styles and colors to fit all types of decor and user preferences.


CubiCubi Computer Desk

The CubiCubi computer desk is popular for its industrial charm appearance. This appearance is mainly due to the dark metal legs supporting the desk, as well as the texture of the board. The rustic brown color of this desk, combined with the industrial charm appearance, make this desk compatible with furniture and decor of any design.

The general design of this minimalist desk is very sturdy, having its frames made using heavy-duty metal, and also including a double triangular strut. The legs are also designed with adjustable pads that ensure the stability of the desk, even when set on surfaces that are uneven.

The CubiCubi minimalist desk is very easy to install. Most users finish the installation process within just 10 minutes, when they follow the instructions on the accompanied manual. This desk also comes in different sizes. Therefore, there is always a CubiCubi computer desk for all office spaces, whether large or tight.


SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk for Small Space

The SOFSYS is a multi-purpose minimalist desk; it can be used as a writing desk, a drawing desk, a gaming desk, and much more. It is built in a design that saves on space, making it an ideal desk for use in offices that are limited in space. Even with the space-saving design, this desk still offers a user with plenty of space for keeping their laptop, a computer monitor, and other office items.

The SOFSYS desk has a pop-up foldable design. This makes it convenient to store, even in tight spaces. The writing surface is constructed using particle board of a high quality. This surface is usually resistant to scratches, as well as waterproof.

The frame of the SOFSYS modern desk is made using sturdy metal. The legs of the desk are also constructed using metal, which is in turn coated with powder to give it a modern and elegant finishing. The strong metal material used to make the desk is responsible for the high durability of the minimalist desk. This desk can support a maximum weight of 70 lbs.


Casaottima L Shaped Home Office Desk

This L-shaped desk by Casaottima can be used as either a home desk or an office desk. It has dimensions of 50.8 inches length x 18.1 inches width x 28 inches height. These large dimensions of the desk provide an ample space for keeping of essential office equipment. Also, the height of the desk allows for plenty of leg space, as well as storage.

The structure of the minimalist desk includes a dismountable monitor shelf. The user has the freedom to choose which side to install this monitor shelf; either to the right side or the left side of the desk. This dismountable monitor shelf can serve as an additional storage space, or even a computer shelf, when the user is working while standing.

The L-shaped desk by Casaottima is a very strong and durable minimalist desk. Its frames are made using thick metal and extra brackets, which add to the stability of the desk. The desktop surface is made with MDF material, which can be cleaned very easily, and is also both waterproof and resistant to scratch.


AmazonBasics Classic, Home Office Computer Desk With Shelves

The AmazonBasics minimalist computer desk has a modern contemporary design, which adds a touch of elegance to whichever room that the desk is added. The desk is designed with a wood and metal construction, which give it a high durability and stability.

The installation and assembling process of the AmazonBasics minimalist desk is very easy and does not require any tools whatsoever. This desk is best suited for those people with home offices, and require a working space where they can regularly work or study.

Furthermore, this particular minimalist desk provides a user with ample storage space for keeping their essentials. The AmazonBasics desk includes two open-sided shelves, in which the user can place supplies, devices and other important files. The wide desktop surface also provides a large space for placing the desktop, laptop or any other working item. This desk can, therefore, be used for multiple tasks.

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE is a nearly full L-shaped minimalist desk. It can be used as a corner desk, maximizing on the available space. It is, therefore, an ideal desk for small working or living spaces. This minimalist desk is designed with an elegant monitor shelf, which not only saves on space, but also leaves a lot of storage space for the keyboard and mouse. Its installation is very easy and almost effortless, and the package comes with all the necessary tools for installation.

This desk is built using P2 MDF material of a high quality, while its frame is constructed using heavy-duty steel metal coated with powder. These materials ensure the high durability and stability of Mr IRONSTONE minimalist desk.

Also, the desktop surface of this desk is quite large, being a double desktop. The two sides of the desk can be switched very easily, as they are of equal length. Mr IRONSTONE minimalist desk also has a high desk height of 29.5 inches, which provides plenty of legroom and storage space. The stands of the desk are also fitted with pads, which can be adjusted to keep the desk in a level position when placed on uneven surfaces.


Bestier Computer Desk with Shelves

The Bestier minimalist computer desk offers a very large writing space, having dimensions of 47 inches in length and 23.6 inches in width. Such a large working space ensures that the user has an ample and comfortable surface to work and keep their essential office tools.

The desk is designed with 4 open shelves that provide plenty of storage space. These shelves can be used to store books, supplies, files and other smaller office devices. Also, if a person prefers, they can install these open shelves on the right or left side of the desk, such that they are used as either a bookcase or a display shelf.

The desktop surface of the Bestier minimalist desk is made using P2 board. This board is waterproof and anti-scratch, making it highly durable. More so, the P2 board is very eco-friendly, which makes it healthy for the general family, as well as pets. The desk package comes with the instruction manual for assembling the desk.

ZENY L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk Glass Tabletop

The open-air style design used to make this desk makes it just the ideal simple and modern minimalist desk to include in your home office. The ZENY computer desk is L-shaped, and can be used as a corner desk that maximizes on space, in offices with limited space. It has a height of 29 inches from the floor, which provides a lot of leg room and storage.

The writing surface of the ZENY minimalist desk is made using tempered safety glass. This glass can be cleaned with great ease, and is both anti-scratch and waterproof. The frame of the desk is constructed using steel, which is powder coated to provide a beautiful finishing. The frame is also designed with extra metal brackets, which add to the stability of the desk. The durable construction of the ZENY desk can support a weight of up to 150 lbs.

The ZENY minimalist desk package includes an autonomous CPU stand, as well as a keyboard tray which can be slid out. These two included components can be installed on either side of the minimalist desk. The package also comes with an instruction manual and a screwdriver, which make assembling of the desk much easier.

Foxemart Desk 47” Modern Office Desk

This Foxemart minimalist desk has a very sturdy and stable structure. The great stability of the desk can be attributed to the steel metal frame, which is not only coated with powder, but also  incorporates extra steel brackets and a triangle-shaped junction design.

The minimalist desk can be used even on uneven floors. This is because its legs are fitted with pads, which can be adjusted to level heights. Minimal assembly is required with this desk; all that the user is required to do is to attach the stands and the struts. The assembling process usually takes less than 15 minutes.

The writing surface of this Foxemart minimalist desk is constructed using thick MDF material. MDF material is popular for its anti-scratch quality and waterproof design. The use of this material on the desk’s desktop, therefore, ensures that the minimalist desk remains protected from the daily wear and tear. This spacious desktop also provides ample space for placing the computer, printer and other essential office supplies.


Nathan James Leighton Small Oval Glam Desk

The Nathan James Leighton is a small minimalist desk that is designed with an oval shape. It is beautifully designed with gold accent finishings on its sleek legs, giving the desk a modern contemporary look. Therefore, this desk adds a touch of elegance and style to the rooms and offices in which it is added.

The assembling process of the Nathan James Leighton desk is quite easy, usually taking a maximum of 30 minutes. The desktop surface of the desk is also very smooth, providing just the perfect writing surface.

More so, the desk is built with large drawers, which offer enough storage space for both essential office and personal items. These drawers are built with brass hope handles, which add to the general beauty of the desk. The sturdy and highly durable structure of the Nathan James Leighton desk can carry a weight capacity of up to 99 lbs.

How To Select The Best Minimalist Desk For Your Needs

There are very many different types of minimalist desks in the market. If you decide to get a minimalist desk for your office, then you need to be very careful on what desk you choose. Choosing the right desk can mean smoother and enjoyable working days, while choosing the wrong desk can mean miserable working days for you.

So, what should you really look for in a minimalist desk? The following are some considerations that you can consider so as to ensure that you settle for the minimalist desk that fits your needs;


1.) Enough Leg-room

The minimalist desk that you get should allow for enough leg-room. Desks with a height of 29-30 inches are most recommended, as they offer enough leg space to most people.


2.) Ergonomics

The minimalist desk you choose should be able to accommodate your desktop keyboard at a height that is comfortable for typing. If the keyboard is too high or too low, it could cause you a lot of discomfort and straining.


3.) Quality and Durability

Of course, you wouldn’t want to get a desk, which will be scrap after few years of use. You can easily tell the quality of a minimalist desk from the construction of its drawers. High quality desks are characterized by metal suspension rollers, or interlocking construction, as well as sturdy material making the desk.


4.) Enough Storage

The main purpose of minimalist decor is to ensure that there is less clutter on your desk. Therefore, you should go for a minimalist desk that offers you enough storage for all your papers and items, and at the same time not allowing for the development of clutter on the desk. In other words, your desk should offer you enough storage space, while keeping it organized.


When you manage and organize your desk, you promote a clean working station in your home office. More so, getting a minimalist desk that helps to reduce clutter will help to promote in you more positive thoughts, and lead to enhanced productivity in the long run.

So, if you are looking to get a working desk for your office, or simply want to replace your old desk, then go for one of the above discussed minimalist desks. By settling for one of those desks, you will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable working experience from now hence forth.

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