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Amazing Life Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Dinosaur Replica (You Got To See This!) For Sale



There’s not much else you can about this incredible, life size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Fossil Dinosaur Replica for sale.

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Life Sized Dinosaur Replica For Sale

This live sized dinosaur replica was created from custom resin casing.  It has the same measurements as the real deal had, standing at an impressive 4.5 feet. It measures 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. And, coupled with it’s realism, it may be initially scary to touch.

This is not a life size dinosaur toy. The artists behind this included realistic detailing and natural textures and markings.  For example, the skull of Tyrannosaurus Rex is as long as 5ft and its skull had large holes or openings that made their skulls lighter and also hold blood vessels that helped the dinosaurs cool their heads. You see these detailed in this replica. Also, at the top of T-Rex’s skull is a hole that served as an anchor for the jaw muscles, which assisted in biting and chewing along with teeth that were massive and strong, with the largest tooth at about 12 inches long. You see this intricately detailed in this piece as well.

The artists behind this piece did a great job of crafting a life sized replica that, with your imagination, can almost seem real. You can picture this creature alive and well right in your living room – putting this predator’s fascinating size into perspective.

This piece also comes with a custom base, crafted from North American knotless plywood measures 68″ long, is 42″ wide at the base of the mount, and tapers to 16″ towards the front.

Custom Base Included

This amazing skull comes with a custom base, crafted from North American knotless plywood measures 68″ long, is 42″ wide at the base of the mount, and tapers to 16″ towards the front.

Dinosaur skull replica measures just as an authentic fossil would, standing at an impressive 4.5 feet. It measures 5 feet long and 3 feet wide.
Exceptional quality and fitted display make this piece an excellent addition to any specimen enthusiast’s collection or for display in a museum.

The Amazing Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest and most famous of all dinosaurs. It is by far the meanest and deadliest dinosaur that has ever lived, making it the dinosaur that is mostly showcased and represented in most dinosaur movies such as Toy Story, Night at the Museum and Land of the Lost.

Although it has small arms, T-rex as the Tyrannosaurus Rex is fondly referred to, weighed up to 7.5tons, and it was as big as 43 ft, with massive legs that were strong enough to run as fast as 20km/h.

Why Was The Tyrannosaurus Rex Feared The Most?

Not only was T-Rex a smart and intelligent dinosaur, but it was a very fast one also. It was fast especially when it was hunting and scavenging for preys.  In addition, Tyrannosaurus rex boasts of massive teeth which numbers up to 50/60. These teeth were pointed, serrated and sharp for catching, piercing, slicing and tearing meats.  And with these teeth, T-Rex doesn’t bite than once, as its bite was two times as strong as a lion’s, and three times as strong as a white shark’s.  Finally, T-rex has extremely sharp bones that were strong enough to crush the bones of other bigger dinosaurs. Really! That’s something to be scared of.


  • Height (not including base): 4.5 feet, Width: 3 feet, Length: 5 feet.
  • Shipping Weight: 600 Lbs
hBARSCI Incredible Life Size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica, Mounted on Wooden Base - 5 ft Long, 3 ft Wide, 4.5 ft Tall (250 lbs) - Full Size Fossil Replica, Exquisite Detail and Realism
  • Incredible, life size Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Fossil Replica
  • Created from custom resin casing, this T-Rex Skull reproduction shows fascinating, detailed natural markings and textures
  • Custom base, crafted from North American knotless plywood measures 68" long, is 42" wide at the base of the mount, and tapers to 16" towards the front.
  • Dinosaur skull replica measures just as an authentic fossil would, standing at an impressive 4.5 feet. It measures 5 feet long and 3 feet wide.
  • Exceptional quality and fitted display make this piece an excellent addition to any specimen enthusiast's collection or for display in a museum.

The Amazing History Of Dinosaurs

It is common knowledge that dinosaurs were life-sized animals that went into extinction over 66 million years ago.

And that is too long a time for lots of people especially non-scientist, as humans were said to have been on earth for only 2.5 million years according to Fact Retriever, and this would make it impossible for humans to understand or relate to the concept of dinosaurs in this present age and time.
So, to enlighten those who have no idea of what dinosaurs are and how they became extinct, here is a run-through of what you need to know about dinosaurs.

What Are Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs were life-sized giant animals, reptiles especially, who lived on the land for over a hundred and fifty years (150 years) during the Age of Reptiles.

Although not so much could be said about the looks of dinosaurs, as there were no humans around at the time of their existence, but from fossils gathered, it has been revealed that dinosaurs are animals with life-sized massive body structures (some were as big as 40 feet tall), with equally big tails and straight back legs.

While some had and walked on two legs, others had and walked on four legs. And while some dinosaurs sport horns and spikes on their backs, others sport very thick bump(s) on their skins.

It is interesting to know that while some dinosaurs have scaly bodies, others have feathery, and some have both feathers and scales on their bodies.
Dinosaurs have skulls with a hole in between the nose and their eye socket, and right behind the eye socket, there are also two holes present.
And just like lizards and other oviparous animals, dinosaurs are egg layers. They lay eggs that hatch into baby dinos, but most of these newborns don’t live long as a result of lack of maternal nursing.

As said earlier in the article, dinosaurs lived on the earth for over 150 years before they were wiped out enmasse together with some other animals over 65.5 million years ago.

The cause of mass extinction of dinosaurs and other animals in the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event is said to be a controversy, as different theories are being spread about the extinction.

One of the theories claimed that some mammals who were obviously intimidated and outshone by the dinosaurs, ate up the eggs of the dinosaurs till there were no more eggs to hatch into newborn dinosaurs.

Another theory claimed that the dinosaurs were all wiped out by a disease, while another claimed that the extinction was a gradual thing and not a general affair.

But the most believable theory was that which claimed that an asteroid had hit a place in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and brought about a change in the climate due to the diffusion of a deadly metal known as “iridium” in the air.  And as a result of the climate change, a lot of animals including dinosaurs were affected and they died.

Types Of Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are divided into groups based on two factors:

1. According to their hipbones structure
2. According to their diet

According to the hipbones structure, there are two types of dinosaurs namely the Saurischian and the Ornithischian.

The Saurischian (lizard-hipped) dinosaurs are those with unequaled fingers, are carnivorous, have a hand that grasps fast, a long, movable neck, and hipbone facing towards the front part of the dinosaur.

The Ornithischian (bird-hipped) dinosaur have broad necks, lots of teeth, are herbivorous and have hipbone facing the tail part of the body.

And in diet, there are two basic types of dinosaurs: the carnivores (the meat eaters) and the herbivores (the plant eaters).
Although the meat-eating species of dinosaurs are the most popular and famous in human stories; one of the reasons why the Tyrannosaurus Rex (also known as the T-Rex) is one of the most popular dinosaurs known to man; they are not the most when it comes to numbers.

The truth is the plant-eating dinosaurs are much more than the meat-eating ones, but because the theropod (carnivores) were the life of the party, the terrifying, menacing and fearless ones, they became more known and famous than the herbivores.

But generally, the following are the different genera of dinosaurs: Pachycephalosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Spinosaurus, Ornithomimus, Micropachycephalosaurus, and Stegosaurus, but the dinosaur that lived closer to the commencement of the existence of humans and the most famous was the T Rex.

To Wrap It Up

In all, the skull of a life-size dinosaur is a beauty to behold. It is no wonder why the skull and other body parts of the dinosaur are on display for public viewing at different museums in the world such as the National Museum of National History, The Manchester Museum (UK) and the Sternberg Museum of Natural History (Kansas).  Also, some life-size dinosaur replicas are for sale. And you can find these life-size dinosaur replicas for sale at stores such as My Dinosaurs, Amazon, and eBay.


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