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Best Kneeling Chairs

Best Kneeling Chairs

During the week days, most of us spend almost the whole day slumped on a chair at the office. And, during the weekends, we can’t help but collapse on the chair for the whole day, hoping to at least get some rest and relaxation from the week’s busy schedule.

With so much time being spent sitting down, this usually poses the risk of developing debilitating musculoskeletal problems. These musculoskeletal problems not only affect our health and personal relationships, but can also lead to poor performance at work. Due to all the time spent sitting down, it is very important to choose the right chairs and seats; your health and life depend on it.

Most experts agree that the best chairs to use in the office are the kneeling chairs. Kneeling chairs are designed in such a way that they position a person with the thighs and bottom supported by a pad, then the shins and knees supported by another pad.

This kneeling position encourages a straighter and more upright posture, ensuring that the back, neck and shoulders are aligned well. Therefore, kneeling chairs prevent any pains and aches caused by sitting for long periods at the office/home.

However, choosing a kneeling chair is not as easy as most people think. Not all kneeling chairs can provide you with the above mentioned benefits. This article discusses the 10 best kneeling chairs guaranteed to offer you these benefits, as well as the frequently asked questions about these unique chairs. Read on!

Best Reviewed Kneeling Chairs

The following are 10 of the best reviewed kneeling chairs available in the market:

1.) Varier Variable Balans Monochrome Original Kneeling Chair Designed by Peter Opsvik

The Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair has a Norwegian design and is built using high quality wood. The chair’s wood structure eliminates the need for an additional crossbar. This high quality wood is also usually flexible, such that the kneeling chair can be easily bend and made flexible.

The design of this chair encourages the body to move constantly. It is designed in such a way that it poses minimal pressure on a person’s spinal discs, so as to ensure that the shoulders and back are well relaxed.

The modern designs of the Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair include a free soft tape. This soft tape helps to protect the floor on which the chair is placed. Also, the chair encourages a more upright posture by gently tilting the user’s pelvis forward. It has an overall weight of 14.5 pounds.

2.) OTZRO New Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Chair

The user-friendly ergonomic design of this meditation chair is what makes it very relaxing. It is built with a pressure dispersion system which functions to distribute the person’s pressure on the kneepad, back-rest and seat, resulting to a more relaxed, upright posture.

The New Ergonomic kneeling chair also corrects a person’s posture by improving their tilt angle. When the user sits on the chair, their spine posture automatically adjusts to fit that of the chair. This posture helps to relieve neck pains, back pains and other related aches.

This kneeling chair is designed with a comfortable back support chair. The frame of the support chair is built using strong metal frame, which ensures the durability of the chair. Also, the back support chair features a high quality caster, which provides a more convenient movement, as well as more stability. The maximum height that can be supported by the kneeling chair is 78 inches.

3.) The Edge Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair and Desk

The Edge Desk kneeling chair and desk package comes fully assembled. It also sets up very fast and easily, with the process taking less than a minute. The kneeling chair encourages a more upright and comfortable sitting, hence reducing lower back aches and fatigue caused by poor sitting postures.

This particular kneeling chair can be folded down easily to a height of 6 inches. Its foldability makes it easier to store, since the chair takes up very little space when folded. For example, the folded chair can be stored under the bed or behind a coach. Also, the foldability feature makes it portable, as it can be easily folded and fitted in the car trunk.
The Edge Desk weighs approximately 28 pounds. The maximum user weight that can be supported by the desk is 250 pounds, while the maximum height supported is 6 feet 2 inches.

4.) Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters, Memory Foam

The Office Star knee chair is designed with a firm, yet flexible design that contours the back into an upright position. The seat of the kneeling chair is built with 2 layers of thickly-padded mesh. This padding helps to increase the comfortability of the chair.

Also, the pressurized seat of the knee chair is built with the ability to wick away moisture, such as that caused by sweating. It can be easily adjusted to allow for simple and quick sitting. More so, the mesh material used to make the seat pad is usually breathable, so it allows enough air circulation in the seat, ensuring that the user is always kept cool. The Office Star knee chair can support a maximum weight of 200 lbs.

5.) VIVO Wooden Kneeling Chair with Wheels

This particular kneeling chair features 4 caster wheels, which make it easier to move and transport. The seat pad is designed with thick mesh cushions of 4 inches each. These cushions provide users with maximum support.

The height of the VIVO wooden kneeling chair is easily adjustable from 20 inches to 27.9 inches. With this chair, users can either choose to stand or sit. Therefore, the chair provides its users with all the posture benefits of sitting and standing. It also distributes a person’s weight evenly throughout the legs and buttocks, hence relieving them of any pressure or pain on the spine.

The VIVO kneeling chair is built using highly durable beach wood material. The light color of the beach wood gives the seat a beautiful modern, rustic design. It can support a weight of up to 250 lbs.

6.) Master Massage Comfort Wooden, Rolling Kneeling Chair

The Master Massage seat is one of the best kneeling chairs you can use in your office. This chair eases the hips into a tilt position, leading to a more upright forward position that aligns the neck, back and shoulders. Due to its properties, this particular kneeling chair can be conveniently used by those who have hip, lower lumber and sciatic problems.
The height of the Master Massage kneeling chair can be easily adjusted to fit the working table in the office. Also, the seat is designed with dual-wheel carpet casters. These casters make it possible for users to wheel the kneeling chair from their office to other rooms/locations.

These kneeling chairs come in a wide range of colors. Therefore, users can choose whichever chair that fits their preferences or that matches their office room decor. Users of different ages can easily use the chair by adjusting the wood and steel frame to match their heights.

7.) SLEEKFORM Rocking Kneeling Chair

This 19.4 pound kneeling chair corrects a person’s posture by encouraging an open hip angle position. This upright posture helps to align the neck, back and shoulders, as well as relieve pains associated with poor postures.

Both the knee pads and ergonomic seat of the SLEEKFORM Rocking kneeling chair are built with thick memory foam of 4 inches. This memory foam provides added support and comfort to the knees and buttocks. Also, the seat features 3 frame crossbars that add to the stability and durability of the overall kneeling chair.

SLEEKFORM Rocking chair is mainly designed for people with a height of 5.2 inches to 6.3 inches. The maximum weight that can be supported by the stool is 120 kgs.

8.) DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The modern style of the DRAGONN kneeling chair fits perfectly with all types of office decor and design. It is designed with a back support made with a thick mesh cushion of 3 inches. Therefore, you can rest assured that this kneeling chair will provide you with excellent support.

DRAGONN kneeling chair is also built with 4 caster wheels. These wheels make the chair portable, in turn giving users more freedom to move the chair and use it wherever they prefer, even outdoors.

This kneeling chair features a functional design that makes it possible for users to either stand or sit, as they prefer. Therefore, with this unique chair, you need not hunch over your desk or keyboard for long time periods. The kneeling stool is also built with a highly durable metal base, such that it lasts for many years. It supports a weight of up to 250 lbs.

9.) SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The SLEEKFORM Ergonomic kneeling chair is designed with padded handles and a lumbar back rest. These provide more stability to the chair when the user is getting on or off. The knee pads also feature a thick memory foam of 4 inches, which makes the seat even more comfortable.

The sitting angle of the kneeling chair can be easily adjusted to fit each user’s needs and preferences. The height can be adjusted from 19 inches to 26 inches. The two built-in caster wheels make the kneeling chair easy to move around and customize. SLEEKFORM Ergonomic kneeling chair can support a maximum weight of 265 lbs.

10.) FringeKitt Upright Kneeling Chair

In addition to providing users with a natural upright position, the FringeKitt kneeling chair distributes the weight of the user evenly. The even distribution is usually done by the chair’s footrests. This helps to relieve the numbness and pain associated with extended sitting periods.

The pneumatic lever of the FringeKitt kneeling chair allows users to easily adjust the height of the seat such that it fits their height. A tilting knee pads is also built into the structure. This knee pad is designed with 5 different levels which can be easily varied to provide users with more flexibility.
The frame, casters and joints of the FringeKitt kneeling chair have a very sleek, yet sturdy design. The sleek design and finishing of the chair usually goes well with almost all types of interior decorations. It supports a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Kneeling Chair?

Kneeling chairs are mainly designed for performing those tasks that require lengthy sitting, or constant leaning and forward reaching, such as sewing, handwriting and drawing. Taller people should go for kneeling chairs that either offer more leg room, or whose heights can be easily adjusted.

When you use a kneeling chair, it is highly recommended that you regularly switch between the office chair and the kneeling chair. Alternatively, choose a kneeling chair that allows users to sit and even stand.

What Should the Angle on a Kneeling Chair be?

Most kneeling chairs are designed in such a way that the thighs of the users drop to an approximate angle of 60°-70°. This is contrary to the normal office chairs which position the thighs at an angle of 90°.

Kneeling chairs require a slanting position of 25° to 30°. If the chair is set at an angle higher than that, the sitting position will be either excessive or insignificant.

What is the Purpose of Kneeling Chair?

The main purpose of a kneeling chair is to reduce the strain and aches on the lower back, usually caused by poor postures and extended sitting. Kneeling chairs achieve this by evenly distributing a person’s weight throughout the body, especially on the buttocks and shins.

How to Sit Correctly on a Kneeling Chair

When sitting on a kneeling chair, you should ensure that the bulk of your weight is carried by your bottom. The knee pad of the chair should be used to support the shins, as well as the knees (though to a lesser extent).

When using the chair, begin by sitting on the seat. Then, move into a kneeling posture, ensuring that the bulk of your weight is supported by the bottom. When you are seated correctly on the kneeling chair, you will neither be reclining nor bending too much forward.

How do People Sit in a Kneeling Chair?

When sitting on a kneeling chair, it is very important that you frequently vary your position. Varying positions while on the kneeling chair helps to promote constant movement. The following are the 2 common positions that most people vary while sitting on the kneeling chair:

 On the knee pad, place your right knee. Then, extend your left leg and place the foot on the floor. Do this frequently, switching the roles of the legs.
 Place both the right and left feet on the floor. Ensure that both legs are stretched out in front of you.

What to Look for in a Kneeling Chair

Before you can buy a kneeling chair, you first want to make sure that it is the most ideal kneeling chair for you. There are 3 main factors you need to take into account, as considering these key factors will help you make the best choice for a kneeling chair. These 3 factors are:

 The knee pad and seat angle of the kneeling
 The rocking and balancing ability of the chair (If applicable)
 The distance between the knee pad and the seat.

How Good are the Kneeling Chairs for you?

Kneeling chairs encourage constant movement. Regular and constant movement is very important; it helps to relieve a person of the pressure and aches that come about due to extended static postures.

Also, the constant motion promoted by kneeling chairs helps to increase the user’s metabolism. In turn, the increased metabolism boosts the body’s regulation of sugar and also the breakdown of fats, resulting to a healthier and physical fit person.

What Makes a Great Kneeling Chair?

Research shows that the best kneeling chairs are those that are set at an angle inclination of +20 degrees. When the kneeling chair is set at this angle, it maintains standing lumbar curvature. This gives it an added advantage over other standard computer chairs. Great kneeling chairs also feature an adjustable angle seat.

Too much sitting is not just bad for you; it can kill you by gradually deteriorating your musculoskeletal performance and overall physical health. Therefore, if you are the sort that spends most of your time sitting down, it is the high time you got yourself a good office chair. When it comes to ensuring your good health while sitting down, kneeling chairs have got your back! So, get for your office one of the 10 best recommended kneeling chairs above, and say goodbye to aches and pains caused by poor sitting postures.

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