How to Add More Natural Light To Your Basement


Have you ever found yourself avoiding your basement? You’re not alone. Basements can be dark, musty, and overall unpleasant when ignored. But basements can be so much more — you can use this space to entertain guests, create crafts, or simply add more living space to your home. Dim light bulbs or a general lack of lighting can diminish any hope of using the basement for anything more than storage. However, with some minor changes, you can transform your basement into the space you have always wanted! Adding the right colors, some strategic decor, and the right additions can make that difference.

Choose the right paint

Painting your basement walls with light colors can help reflect the light in such spaces as basements. I would caution that a plain white paint color could be viewed as lacking if the proper complementary décor is not present. Additionally, choosing a satin paint that compliments the hues of your basement furniture is best. That being said, choosing any light colored paint that is more pigmented, that is more saturated, will help compensate for the lack of light in places such as a basement.

Hang mirrors

I recommend the use of mirrors in basements. Mirrors not only provide a feeling of a larger room but also reflect light. Light bounces off these highly reflective surfaces to increase the illumination of your basement without raising your electrical bill. Go bold with floor-to-ceiling installations or artistically-framed smaller mirrors along the walls. You can even simulate the appearance of a window with the quick project mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Bring in the sun

Basements do not have to be dark or gloomy. An excellent way to add more natural light to a basement is through the use of basement window wells. Window wells allow for far more light to pass into the basement windows. If you have a green thumb and like the idea of having a small garden, window boxes can be added which would allow for the planting of flowers or vegetables. Clear plastic tops can be added to window wells to allow for light to pass yet still add protection during inclement weather.

Egress window wells can add a lot of natural light to your basement and also offer an emergency exit. This option is highly recommended for homeowners who would like to rent their basements out to tenants. A potential tenant is likely to stay longer and enjoy their living space more when their home feels inviting. Adding natural light is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

The future is bright

There are many changes you can make to help turn your basements into an enjoyable and usable space. Paint that light blue color you’ve always loved, mount those mirrors to complement your new usable space, add those window wells to bring in the natural light and add more appeal to your home. Just remember it may cost some money to add new light to your basement so look at all your options.

Another way you can brighten your basement is by using the available space efficiently. Check out our corner for space-saving DIY projects today!


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