13 Amazing Hidden Safe Furniture Ideas

Why A Hidden Safe?

hidden safe plantKeeping our valuables safe is a necessity. And due to the increase of break ins, it makes sense to have a safe place for our valuables. But criminals are getting smarter, so we need to get creative with where we hide our valuables. And that’s where hidden safe furniture comes to play. Not only are they attractive and low cost, but they hide in plain sight and are basically invisible to all eyes – even for those looking for them. So instead of buying those safes that tell all unwanted visitors that that is where you keep your valuables, these hidden safe ideas can also do the trick.

Hidden safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can look like a potted plant. They can look like books and sit on your bookshelf. They can be flush into your wall and be hidden by paintings. Or they can BE the painting with a hidden compartment. These creative compartments can also be manufactured within coffee tables and shelves. We’ve curated a number of hidden safe ideas below. Enjoy.

Specialty Products Barbasol Can Safe

Made from genuine product containers, this can safe has a screw off bottom to hide your valuables – in plain sight.  Click for more info.

Wishacc Dictionary Secret Book Hidden Safe with Key Lock

Open this book to reveal a secret storage compartment.  Looks like a real book and will blend seamlessly into your bookshelf. Contains a metal safe with a key lock. Click for more info



PS Products Ps Concealment Clock – Rectangle

This fully functional and decorative rectangular clock the perfect hidden safe and can keep your secret stash safe. Click for more info.





Diversion Safe Picture Frame Safes And Secret Compartment

They see a beautiful picture frame. But this attractive piece secretly hides your stash in plain sight.  Click for more info.





GSG Home Series Clock Safe

This wall clock safe is a handsome and functional wall clock with a hidden interior compartment behind the face. It is perfect for stashing valuables including jewelry cash credit cards and more. Click for more info.




Thumbs Up UK CACSAFE Cactus Safe

No one would be silly enough to touch a cactus or clever enough to look in this pot which is safely hiding your valuables. Click for more info

Stack Of Book Hidden Steel Security Safe Box

This mini diversion safe comes with it’s own book disguise that will blend into any environment or setting. It can be a hidden safe in plain view.  Solid steel security box inside.  Click for more info.

Paragon Lock & Safe 7750 Electronic Hidden Wall Safe

This flush mount safe can easily hide behind a picture or inside a closet. Can open by code or key.  Click for more info.


Professional Grade Products WS1 Air Vent Hidden Wall Safe

Fool criminals and keep your valuables safe with this authentic looking faux air vent safe. Makes access to your items simple, but in the last place anyone would look!  Click for more info.



G&G 9005008 PS Products Concealment Shelf Espresso

What looks like an attractive floating shelf is really a nice hidden space for our valuables.  Click for more info.

Yaheetech Adjustable Lift Top Coffee Table – with Hidden Storage Compartment for Living Room Espresso

This lift top table from Yaheetech fits in nicely with any decor plus has a hidden storage compartment.  Click for more info.



Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand with Concealed Compartment, Concealment Furniture, Mocha

This nightstand from Casual Home does more than just look good.  It has a concealed compartment to safeguard your stuff. Click for more info.


Casual Home Jefferson Work Desk Side with Concealed Drawer, Concealment Furniture, Black

Looks like a regular work desk. But a concealed draw is impossible to see and can provide a place for your secret stash.  Click for more info.


So if you aren’t willing use Canara bank net banking just yet, make use of these creative home furniture safes for your valuables and more.