Great Patio Furniture Sectionals

Patio Furniture Sectionals

outdoor sectionalsOutdoors are an amazing place to be. Some days are so beautiful you don’t want to be indoors. That’s where patio furniture comes in. With outdoor sectionals there is an opportunity to take in the sun, enjoy a cool beverage and meals with friends or family while at home in comfortable attractive outdoor settings. And with the variety of outdoor furniture out there, along with the different ways you can layout your patio chairs, corner sectionals and more, you can design a look that suits your space, making it all the more appealing.

Outdoor Sectional Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

In the recent years, outdoor patio furniture has been rapidly gaining traction with homeowners beginning to make use of their backyards. That space in the backyard is very valuable since you can turn it into a lounge, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, daybeds or even add water features. The possibilities are endless.

Due to the continued changes in the industry, it is now very easy to reclaim your backyard and turn it into a center for family events, social gatherings or just a place for relaxation. Together let’s make the patio great again.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about patio furniture.

Will wrought iron patio furniture rust?

At the start of the 20th century, wrought iron became a popular choice for metal blacksmiths due to its extreme durability. It was an iron alloy that contained 99% iron, which eliminated the likelihood of having impurities that could weaken the frames as seen in steel or cast iron.

Wrought iron is highly malleable which means that at very high temperatures it can be hammered, pressed, and bent without cracking or breaking.

Wrought iron patio furniture has six main properties:

  • Resistant to rust
  • Resistant to fading
  • Heavy thus won’t fly away
  • Better corrosion resistance compared to steel
  • Decorative styling & craftsmanship
  • Optimum comfort and support

Wrought iron is rust and corrosion resistant. However, all metals will rust over time and wrought iron is no exception. If the wrought iron is exposed to the elements for too long without a coat of paint, It will definitely start rusting. Therefore, the best way to prevent rusting is to apply a rust-proof coat of paint on your wrought iron patio furniture.

Will snow ruin patio furniture?

Yes it will. If you leave your patio furniture out in the cold winter with no/poor furniture maintenance be sure that the patio furniture will be harmed. So how do you protect your patio furniture from snow?

  1. Wood furniture: apply a protective sealant that protects the wood from damage by the cold weather especially moisture damage. During winter, the snow will easily seep through the cracks and freeze causing cracks. Covers and sealants help prevent moisture absorption.
  2. Plastic furniture: Unlike wood, plastic is not affected by the moisture. However, the cold temperatures make the plastic furniture brittle such that if you try to use it, it will either crack or break. The best way to protect plastic furniture from snow is by bringing them indoors once it starts snowing.
  3. Metal outdoor furniture: Metal furniture will easily rust when exposed to freezing rain or snow. Wrought iron and galvanized metal will hold up better when exposed to snow. The best way to protect metal outdoor furniture is by applying rust-proof paint.

Can patio furniture be left outside in the winter?

Yes it can. However, the furniture needs to be protected from the freezing rain or snow. Like earlier mentioned, you can use protective sealants, covers and other maintenance practices such as rust-proof paint.

Can patio furniture be used indoors?

Most patio furniture are built withstand abuse from the elements, which means that they can take accidental spills without much fuss. You can swap your cushy couches for these patio furniture if you are worried of spills and the kind of mess that comes with having kids around.

Also, these days patio furniture in indoor spaces is fast becoming a trend. This is because they are appealing, trendy, cheaper than lavish furniture and also practical.

Can you wash patio furniture covers?

While the patio furniture covers protect the furniture, they also need cleaning and maintenance to extend their life. The best way/time to clean your patio chair covers is when they are still on the furniture. Use bleach, water and mild detergent. Preferably, use a spray bottle to clean the stained areas. Once you are done leave it for a few minutes and then rinse off with clean water.

For general cleaning, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Use a soft cloth, piece of towel or a soft scrub brush to apply the detergent. After scrubbing for a while, rinse off with clean water.

Allow the cover to dry completely, fold it and store in a clean dry place.

What patio furniture lasts the longest?

The longevity of patio furniture depends on the material and the location. Hardwood can last for 50+ years while softwood can last for 20+ years. However, wood needs regular maintenance to last that long. Aluminum and synthetic wicker furniture will also last long with proper maintenance. Overall, metal patio furniture will last the longest and are the most durable.

What is deep seating patio furniture?

Deep seating patio furniture refers to furniture that has an extended depth especially on the seat bottom. It is seat that is highly recommended for people who are over 6 ft. tall. The depth of the seat mimics of a sunken feeling which might not resonate well with short individuals.

Key features include:

  • Overstuffed cushions
  • Spacious design
  • Generous frame construction
  • Oversized

Normal furniture covers won’t fit deep seating patio furniture, you either customize or buy from the manufacturer.

What patio furniture won’t rust?

There are a lot of patio furniture that will not rust. However, the key determinant here is the material, conditions and maintenance practices. For example, patio furniture made of plastic, polymer or resin will not rust. Furniture made from resin and plastic is resistant to moisture, insects, stains and mildew. They are also highly durable and will not peel, rust, fade or crack. High quality plastic patio furniture tends to be heavier than typical plastic furniture.

Steel patio furniture will rust if not well maintained. Stainless steel is better due to its rustproof properties. However, if the steel is not stainless you can apply rust-proof paint to protect it from harsh elements.

Wicker and rattan also make good patio furniture. They do not rust and are ideal for porches, decks as well as sunrooms.

Wrought iron works well in tough conditions since it can withstand the elements. However, these properties do not last forever. A rust protector or paint while help increase its resistance to rust.

Wood patio furniture do not rust. Wood types such as teak are resistant to warping, swelling, shrinkage and rotting.

How do I secure patio furniture from wind?

It is not every day that the weather will be calm, you will experience days when it will be super windy. And when that day comes you will want to have your patio furniture tightly secured against strong winds. How do you do this?

  1. Determine the wind direction

Ascertain where the wind is coming from and where it is blowing to. This will help determine the best way to secure your patio furniture.

  1. Figure out the best patio furniture weights

Now that you have a clear understanding of where the wind is blowing to, you can come up with ways to hold the furniture down. One of the cheapest to secure patio furniture is by using sandbags which are available in local home stores. Simply place the sandbags on the furniture and you are good to go.

If you don’t like sandbags then outdoor furniture weights should do the trick. They include ABCCANOPY heavy duty weight bags which are ideal for tents, patio umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, gazebos and any other type of patio furniture.

How best to choose your outdoor sectional furniture?

When choosing patio furniture you want to consider a few things. They include:

  1. Consider the weather

How is the weather in your area? Does it rain often? Is the area hot and dry? All these will be vital when choosing patio furniture. For example, hot and dry conditions cause wood to splinter and crack. While strong winds can topple your furniture. Winter and moisture will bring about rust and rotting.

  1. Measure your space

How big is your space? How much of the space do you plan to use? Once you have exact measurements of the space you will use, you can now shop for patio furniture that will comfortably fit in the space allocated.

  1. Where will you place the furniture?

Do you have an overhead covering or is your patio exposed? Will the furniture rest on a hard surface, grass or soft ground? All these questions will help you choose materials that are a perfect match for the surrounding.

For example, placing soft wood in an exposed space will work against you. This is because the wood will soak up moisture cause it to rot.

  1. Material

What is your preferred material for outdoor furniture? Is the material resistant to the elements? Is the material durable?

  1. Comfort

If you are going to buy patio furniture it might as well be comfortable otherwise why were you even buying it? If it is chairs, add cushions or pillows. Choose high quality fabrics that can withstand the elements such as sunlight.

For relaxation, recliners, rockers and chaise lounges are the way to go.

  1. Storage space

During winter you will need storage space to store some of your outdoor furniture.

How to store patio furniture

During the winter season you will be forced to store some of your patio furniture due to the harsh weather conditions. You can try to cover the furniture using the respective covers unfortunately it does not work for all patio furniture.

There are several components such as cushions and pillows that require extra attention. Anything with fabric is best stored indoors. Wicker furniture should be stored in a dry place. Remember to keep the wicker furniture off the ground by using wooden blocks.

How do I cover my patio sectional furniture?

Although patio furniture covers are an additional cost when buying furniture they are a worthy investment. In most cases, you will find that the patio furniture can withstand fluctuations in weather conditions. However, covering the furniture using patio covers will go a long way in extending the life of the furniture.

You cover your furniture using a set of patio furniture covers or a stackable chair cover for stackable chairs. The cost of the coves will vary depending on the size and material used.

When is patio furniture on sale?

After Labor Day, most of the patio furniture sellers tend to offload their furniture in anticipation of the winter season when the prices are very low. During winter the sale of patio furniture is close to zero since most of the suppliers prefer to allocate their space to indoor furniture as opposed to outdoor.

Often the best time to buy patio furniture is in the early fall when there are deep discounts. As the season progresses, the prices fall even further and the discounts deepen. By this time most of the quality patio furniture have already been sold off and the selection line is very limited.

When should I cover patio furniture?

During the months of spring and summer, most of the time is spent outdoors thus the need to cover patio furniture is nonexistent. Once winter sets in, outdoor escapades become a rare occurrence and within no time you’ve forgotten all about your patio furniture. During this period it wise to cover your patio furniture using the appropriate covers.

When should I clean my patio furniture?

While most patio furniture are mold and mildew resistant, cleaning is inevitable especially for outdoor fabrics. You are likely to notice mold growth on the seams of your patio cushions that will need cleaning. The best way to keep your patio furniture clean is by coming up with a schedule where you will be cleaning your cushions/fabrics after every week/fortnight/month etc.

For metal furniture, you can clean using a soft cleaning brush after removing the pillows and cushions.

Plastic patio furniture are the easiest to clean, you take a hose pipe and spray your furniture with clean water and cleaning solution. Scrub the furniture for a while to remove all the dirt and rinse with clean water. Dry with a clean cloth.

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