8 Best Full Size Folding Bikes

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Best Full Sized Folding Bikes

I love bike riding.  There’s something about riding and watching the scenery float by that captivates me. In addition, its under my own power and I can go as fast and as slow as I want. And not the mention the health affects of biking.  I’m working my legs, my heart and my senses simultaneously. It’s a great feeling, and a great workout – especially if you’re sitting typing behind a computer as long as I am.

And bikes come in so many shapes and sizes. No matter you style, there is a bike for you. But this site focuses on products that help maximize limited space and full sized bikes that fold do just that. Full sized bikes give you the “full monty” vs mini bikes.  But the advantages the smaller bikes had was their compactness. But with the full sized folding variety, you have the fullness and features of a full sized bike with the folding ability which provides so many benefits, which we have listed below. So, when you’re finished preparing yourself using that bike trainer it’s time to get on the road!

We’ve curated the best reviewed full sized bikes around. 5 of the best full sized bikes and 3 of the best full sized electric bikes. Enjoy the ride.

5 Best Full Sized Folding Bikes (Non Electric)

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1) Folding Mountain Bike 26in 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes

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This 26in 21 speed bicycle has a very beautiful and sturdy design. It is built using very lightweight materials, having a small gross weight of 20kg. This makes it very easy to carry the bike around and cycle.

Also, the frame making the bicycle has a very quality build, adding to the overall durability of the mountain bike. It is made using highly durable carbon steel material. More so, the included Tolan disk brake and MTB brake lever make braking easier, adding to the safety of the folding mountain bike.

The foldability aspect of the Folding Mountain Bike 26in 21 makes it easy to store, even in rooms that are tight in space. When folded, it has dimensions of 37x34x15 inches. The bike is built with 3 spoke magnesium wheels.




2) WEELOLOE 26in Folding Mountain Bike Shimanos 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes

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Montague Paratrooper is gaining popularity day by day, thanks to the rigid frame structure that makes the foldable bike really suitable for mountain biking. This 24-speed folding bike is tough, rugged, and ready for any ride, be it on a flat road surface or the rough mountain trails. Montague is offering a durable and lightweight front suspension to give you the luxury of a smooth ride on rough terrains, allowing room for some cool and awesome acrobatics. The 24 speeds options ensure that you get the right speed and power to make your ride as smooth and effortless as possible, a nice feature you cannot get easily on the market. The paratrooper is equipped with mechanical disc brakes with pad adjustment and allow lever, and the RackStand for hauling gear.

For the techie guys, the frame is made from a custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with DirectConnect System and features a replaceable derailleur hanger and disc mount. The black 32-holed 26” double wall rims are accompanied with 14 gauge stainless spokes and 26” x 2.10” Kinda Kinetics tires. What all that means is that the full-sized foldable bike is designed with rigidity, durability, and strength in mind, so you don’t get too concerned about your bike giving way to the rugged, but interesting mountain terrains.

The ease with which the uniquely designed bike folds is superb, you could literarily fold and unfold it in a few seconds, making it very convenient to carry and store. The bike is portable and lightweight, only about an amazing 30lbs in weight (very light for a mountain bike, amazing)!



3) Homlpope Outdoor 26in Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes Sports

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The fashionable design used to make this bike makes it ideal for every rider, whether male or female. It is built with a Derailleur, EF500 3*7 Shifter, such that a rider can easily shift to different speed levels, as they prefer. This shifting can be easily done using the thumb and index finger.

The disk brakes incorporated in the Outdoor 26in Folding Mountain Bike are mechanical. The bike is easily foldable, which makes it easy and convenient to store in any available space. When not folded, the bike measures 59×9.8x(23-27.5) inches, while when fully folded, it measures 37x34x15 inches.

More so, the Outdoor 26in Folding Mountain Bike is built using highly durable material, making it very long lasting and durable. Such a high durability, adding to the relatively cheap price of this bike, makes it a worthwhile product. Also, this is a lightweight mountain, and can therefore be carried easily to the outdoors, for a more thrilling outdoor riding experience.


4) Homlpope Folding Bikes 26in Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Outdoor

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This Full suspension MTB mountain bike is ideal for riders aged 14 and above. It takes up very little storage space, due to its foldable design. Therefore, the mountain bike can be easily stored in tight spaces. This is also a very fun type of bike, as it offers a much simpler and quicker riding experience.
The frame of the bike is built using high carbon steel. Carbon steel material is popular for its high durability, as well as resistance to corrosion. Hence, the high quality steel material in its design ensures that the MTB mountain bike lasts for as long as possible. More so, the assembling process of the Full suspension MTB mountain bike is very easy, taking a maximum of 30 minutes.

For a smoother riding experience, the bike is designed with numerous advanced suspension fork handle dips and bumps. It also includes an indexed rear Derailleur, which when combined with the incorporated micro-shift twists shifter produces a total of 21 different levels of speed. The rider can easily shift these different levels of speed using their thumb and index finger.

The mountain bike is designed with 3 spoke magnesium wheels. Also, the disk brakes of the bike are mechanical and add to the general safety of the bike.


5) DOYCE 26in Folding Mountain Bike Shimanos 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes

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The DOYCE 26in Folding Mountain Bike Shimanos has dimensions of 26 inches in height. However, when folded, the height reduces to 15 inches. This makes it much easier and convenient to store the mountain bike, even in apartments and car boots where space is limited.

The DOYCE bike is also very lightweight, having a gross weight of 20 kg. It can, therefore, be easily carried and moved around. The bike is built with 3 spoke magnesium wheels, and a foldable high carbon steel frame. This carbon steel frame adds to the durability of the mountain bike, such that it provides a lifelong service.

Also, the design of the DOYCE 26in Folding Mountain Bike Shimanos includes a Derailleur EF500 3*7 Shifter. This shifter allows riders to change the speed of the bike to one of the 21 different speed levels provided. For instance, a rider can shift the speed to fit uphill climbing, or ride downhill, or even accelerate on flat paths. The rear derailleur guard can be easily removed, ensuring a more consistent and efficient gear operation.

More so, the tires of this mountain bike are built in such a way that they can handle dirt, rough pavement and even gravel, quite easily. This ensures a smoother riding experience, as compared to when riding other typical bikes. The DOYCE 26in Folding Mountain Bike Shimanos is also designed with pull hand brakes, which enable riders to achieve a consistent and safe stopping action. This is, indeed, one of the best folding mountain bikes that a person can get.

3 Best Full Sized Electric Folding Bikes

Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw 20” Fat Tire eBike with Enclosed Removable 36V Battery 350W Motor Power Off-Road Foldable Electric Bike Dual Disk Brakes 7-Speed Shifting Built for Trail Riding
Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw 20” Fat Tire eBike with Enclosed Removable 36V Battery 350W Motor Power Off-Road Foldable Electric Bike Dual Disk Brakes 7-Speed Shifting Built for Trail Riding
Wheel Size
Engine Size
36V 8Ah
Distance On A Charge
21.4 Miles
Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw 20” Fat Tire eBike with Enclosed Removable 36V Battery 350W Motor Power Off-Road Foldable Electric Bike Dual Disk Brakes 7-Speed Shifting Built for Trail Riding
Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw 20” Fat Tire eBike with Enclosed Removable 36V Battery 350W Motor Power Off-Road Foldable Electric Bike Dual Disk Brakes 7-Speed Shifting Built for Trail Riding
Wheel Size
Engine Size
36V 8Ah
Distance On A Charge
21.4 Miles

1) ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 26 Inch Wheel, Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery (36V 250W), Premium Full Suspension and Shimano Gear

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From the design to the structure, this beautiful road beast is designed to give bikers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and power. First is the collapsible metal frame that lets you fold your bike for easy storage and unfold it back without hassle. The frame, the saddle tube, and the wheel are all fabricated from aluminum alloy, which ultimately makes the bike strong, rigid, durable, and ready for your everyday use.

The ANCHEER AN-EB003 electric bike is powered by a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery and a 250W stable motor that can take you on a journey of 15 – 30 miles at the maximum speed of 15mph per charge. A big motor obviously needs steady wheels. This bike is mounted on ultra-strong 26” bead spoke wheels made of double layer aluminum alloy and covered with anti-slip wear resistant thick tire. The dual shock absorption is becoming the industry standard, and ANCHEER is not lacking in that aspect too. The motor is coupled with the 21-speed Shimano professional transmission to provide adequate and appropriate power when needed and mechanical front and rear disc-brake design to offer greater control and more reliable stopping power no matter what. You also get the LED 3-speed smart meter button to help you configure the electric assist power according to your taste and to switch seamlessly between the three working modes.

2)  Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike – Foldable Off-Road Fat eBike 20-inch Wheels with Power Assist, Freehub and Shimano 7-Speed Gear Shifts, Black, Large

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If the beautiful, modern aesthetics of this bike is not enough to get you over-excited to click the buy now button, the 3-cyling mode that lets you decide the purpose for your bike, whether for a long time travel, for exercise, or for just one of those leisure sunset rides, should be enough to let you drop the bucks. The Swagtron folding electric bike is equipped with the state-of-the-art 7-speed Shimano gearing coupled with powerful front and rear disc brakes to give you the ultimate control over your e-bike, ensuring there is blend between leisure, comfort, power, and speed.

This beauty is powered by a 350W stable motor with a maximum speed up to 18.6 mph and an endurance mileage of about 21.4 miles on a single charge. The bicycle depends on a strong and durable 36V/8.8 AH lithium battery for electric power. On the ergonomics aspect, the bike features an adjustable and removable seat to give you room to find the perfect, comfortable alignment with your back. The seat is also anti-slip and wear resistant, to ensure you get the most convenient feel.

Fast. Silent. Efficient. Ride Beyond the beaten path and experience the power to go farther in the great outdoors. The EB-8 is a folding, all-terrain electric fat bike that provides enhanced off-road mobility. Enjoy greater traction over rough, uneven terrain with durable 4-inch air-filled fat tires mounted on 20-inch wheels. These wide tires provide superior traction, grip, and shock absorption that outclasses standard tires. Tackle loose and rough terrain like sand, snow, dirt, gravel, mud and more. Let nothing stand in your way.

Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw 20” Fat Tire eBike with Enclosed Removable 36V Battery 350W Motor Power Off-Road Foldable Electric Bike Dual Disk Brakes 7-Speed Shifting Built for Trail Riding
  • Folding Bike – The single-fold design of EB-8 off-road electric bicycle makes it easily portable, able to fit in compact spaces.
  • Pedelec Hybrid Bike – Ride with as much or as little effort as you want. Choose between 3 riding modes: full throttle, pedal assist, or pedal only.
  • Built-In Battery Lock – The built-in lock at the center of the motorized bicycle frame locks the e bike battery in place when the bike is folded. Locking the battery activates the EB-8's electrical functions that lets the bike power on or off.
  • Off-Road Ready Fat Tires – This mountain e bike features 4-inch air-filled tires mounted on 20-inch wheels. And the EB-8 power bike’s full front and rear suspensions lets you ride smoothly over rough, uneven terrain with maximum traction.
  • Zero-Noise, Zero-Odor, Zero-Emission – Unlike a moped, the EB-8 motor bike generates no noise or odors for adventures from start to finish. Perfect for outdoor and nature enthusiasts looking for the best hybrid bikes.

3) Aceshin 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike with Removable Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery (36V 250W), Electric Bicycle 21 Speed Gear and Three Working Modes

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You want to be unlimited? You need a bike that can go anywhere; mountain terrains, city roads, sandy roads, gravel layered roads. You need this ACESHIN Folding electric mountain bike! The frame and pedal are made of Aluminum alloy and the front fork is high-strength carbon steel comfort shock absorption, the mileage range of around 15 miles (30 miles with pedal assist mode), maximum speed or 15-17 mph, 36V 8Ah lithium battery with a smart battery charger, 250W stable high speed brushless gear motors, 3-speed smart meter button, dual suspension, Shimano 21 speed shifter, and a 26” super lightweight magnesium alloy 6 spokes integrated wheel with anti-slip, wear resistant thick tire to perfect this best.

The bike only weighs about 25kg, and the ingenuous folding technology of the bike means it can be folded and unfolded without hassle, which all translates as an easier, less stressful way of packing your bike and tucking it into your car when you are going for an adventure. The bike is so portable that you can practically carry it wherever you want to take it. The overall look and feel of the bike is stylish and radiant, and will definitely match the taste of all youths and sport-lovers.

10 Benefits Of A Full-size Folding Bike

Folding bikes have come a long way from their early days. They no longer have the problems they were once associated with and they have become assets to many people in their own right. Today they have the same performance as a regular bike. In fact, they are doing so well, they have folding mountain bikes as well as folding super compact bikes. There are many benefits of owning one of these bikes, but the 10 best reasons are listed below.

1) Full-sized vs. Mini Bikes

Full sized bikes are a good way to get around, but you cannot beat the folding bike in practicality. Not only can you take it with you where ever you go, but it allows you to put it where ever it needs to go. You cannot do that in the same way with a full sized bike. A full sized bike can only be put in certain places like on the front of a bus if you are in the city or on the roof of a car when you are transporting it.

2) How are they Better

Today, folding bikes can be treated as hand luggage and extremely compact. You cannot store a regular bicycle as you can a folding bike.  They come with small and large wheels depending on your needs. The differences in tires mean you can accelerate a lot more quickly than on a regular bike.

3) Full Sized Folding Bikes: Perfect for Small Apartments & Small Garages

Storing a folding bike is easy in a small apartment or in a small garage the fold up small enough to be carried and that means they can fold up easily enough to be stored.  And if you have a number of stairs to climb, the compactness a folding bike brings makes it even easier.  They can even fit in some storage lockers at the bus and train depots. This can be convenient for those that do not have space at the office.

4) Commuter Benefits of Full Sized Folding Bikes

As stated above, not only can this bike easily be stored in one of the storage facilities at the train depot, it can also be easily carried onto the train and sit by your feet or in the racks above your head. This makes it easy to take the train to work while living further away from the main city and bicycling in.

5) Transport Benefits of Full Sized Folding Bikes

The folding bike is lighter than a normal bike and is extremely easy to put in into overhead storage compartments whether you are riding on a bus or a train and many, because of the size of the wheels weight 11.5 kilograms or less. Having a bicycle that weights so little makes it easy for people who are not as strong to transport them.  And this becomes so convenient when you’re on a biking trip that requires carrying the bike from one place to another.

6) Why Older Bikers Love Full Sized Bikes

For older people, having a form of transport that is not expensive is a must. The folding bike costs are well within even the tightest budgets. As noted above, they also do not weigh as much as a full sized bicycle which makes it easy for an aging adult to move it around without feeling the strain of a full-sized bicycle.  In addition, the full sized frames are easier to manage than mini bikes.  And with these benefits they may be a better fit than having a car.

7) Theft Deterrent Abilities of Full Sized Folding Bikes

Having a folding bike means never having to worry about your bike being stolen. Most people will be unaware of how to fold or unfold it up correctly to steal it. It also means that the time it takes to steal it would be increased and would make it more likely for them to be caught in the act of removing it.  And with a folding bike it does not have to be locked up outside a building which makes it more tempting. I can be brought up into an apartment or office until ready to use.

8) Low Maintenance Benefits of Full Sized Bikes

A bike needs to be treated regularly for basic maintenance, but the pocket bike can be folded up and kept out of the weather which a regular bike would be subject to. If you get one of the models with smaller tires you are less likely to need to fix a flat tire if you do have problems as the tire has less surface area to get a puncture. This also means you will not need to carry as many tools for repair and those that you do carry will not take up as much room in your pack.

9) Folding Bikes Don’t Depreciate Like Regular Bikes

Even the most amazing vehicle will depreciate over time unless it is taken care of. A folding bike does not depreciate like other things because of its unique structure. It is also something that can be frequently in demand for people looking for a better way to commute to work or store a bicycle.

10) Amazing Features

A full sized folding bike generally means having large wheels which means less effort to get the bike going quickly.  Because of its full size it has the bells and whistles that smaller bikes may not have space for.  Full sized bikes can also get you where you want to get faster due to the large wheel set.


The Benefits of owning a folding bicycle are many and every owner has their own reasons for getting one. As cities get more crowded and storing things takes up more room the needs to more stuff to be compact and practical is growing.

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