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Finding The Best Tables For Small Spaces

What type of layout is your home? Is it a modern, open-plan layout, where the living space, dining and kitchen are all combined? Or do you live in a more traditional home where each of these spaces is closed off? Well, regardless of the type of layout you have, one fact remains true: you will need a table for each of these rooms.

The market today offers numerous table designs for larger spaces. However, there are lesser designs meant for tiny spaces, and this makes it quite difficult to choose the right tables for small spaces.

Why Find a Table for Your Small Space

Even though the market offers fewer tables for small spaces, it is still crucial that you find one for your space. After all, you will need a place where your family members and guests can eat or place their items.

Also, your table should be easy to move around, while still providing enough space so that your guests do not crowd one another. And just like other furniture pieces, you table adds functionality and style to your living and/or dining space. Therefore, it is an essential piece that should be added to all spaces, whether big or small.

What to Look for to Find the Best Table

When choosing the best table for your small space, you need to look out for the following four key features:

A. Size
The table you should be scaled proportionally to the available space; it should neither be too big nor too small. Also, ensure that the table size leaves enough room, such that it be can be easily pulled and maneuvered.

B. Seating Capacity
If you are buying a dining table, check for the number of people it can seat. Of course, the table should be able to accommodate all your family members, while still saving on space. More so, it should allow for extra seat.

C. Flexibility
The best tables for small spaces are those that offer flexibility. You are recommended to buy extendable tables that can seat more people, when such need arises. A good example of such tables is the drop-leaf table; this table is designed with edges that can be easily folded down when not in use.

D. Shape
Before settling on which to buy, first consider the shape and measurements of your dining space. Also, go for table shapes that maximize on space. For example, round and square tables are popular for tight spaces, since they do not use up too much space.

How to Maintain Your Table

Maintaining furniture requires extra effort and consistency. However, the rewards make it worth it, since maintaining tables ensures their durability, great quality and long-lasting appeal. The following are simple tips that can help you maintain tables for small spaces:

Keep all sharp objects at bay – Do not let sharp objects anywhere near your table, as these could cause scratching and damaging of the furniture.

Use a dry, soft cloth to dust every part of the table – You are recommended to dust the furniture on a bi-monthly basis.

Be mindful of temperature – Do not place hot and cold objects directly on the table; these may cause damaging of the original texture of the table surface.

Use a mild dish soap and warm water to clean the table – However, avoid soaking the table for extended periods. Also, remember to wipe any residual moisture with a cloth.

Bottom Line

Tables compliment all spaces and add to their beautiful design. And this applies to tables added to small or cramped spaces. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase the best table for your small space, take into consideration the four features discussed above. Putting these into practice will ensure that you choose the best, high-quality table that will fit your tight space to a tee!

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