Corner Electric Fireplace And TV Stand

Amazing Corner Fireplace And TV Stands

corner fireplace TV standThe corner fireplace TV stand is a brilliant idea. Not only do you get the amazing warmth from your corner fireplace, you have the addition of the TV stand – bringing warmth and entertainment together. With this addition to your space, you’ve turned your corner into a showplace and place ready for many memories of family and friends get-to-gethers and your American flag christmas stockings. This fireplace and TV stand combo is also very versatile. There is a combo for any size TV you have. Seeking a corner fireplace tv stand for a 50″ TV or a 65″ TV, it’s out there. Seeking a TV stand that has room for your sound equipment, DVD player, video games and more? They’re available. What about one that matches the natural tones of your room? Yup, it’s out there. We’ve curated a wide variety of corner fireplaces with TV stands – and we know you’ll find exactly what you’re look for to suit your individual style. And if you’re looking for other corner electric fireplaces, click here. Happy searching.

White Oak Corner TV Stand with Fireplace

Espresso Corner TV Stand with Fireplace

Driftwood Finish Corner Entertainment Center with Fireplace

Mahogany Corner Entertainment Center With Fireplace

Real Flame Corner Entertainment Centers

Corner Entertainment Center With Fireplace And Faux Stones

The Ever Lovable Corner Fireplace TV Stands

corner fireplace TV standCold and extreme weather conditions are the main reason why we human (of course, robots, bots, and crawlers have access to these contents nowadays), in search of comfortability, has developed several means of heating our habitats. Over the years, some intelligent masters developed the traditional fireplaces that burn logs of wood and dissipates heat! Cool. The idea was good but expensive. Imagine burning the whole trees in Mount Kilimanjaro because you want to heat up your room, that is a serious issue. Or imagine you were enjoying a bottle of wine in front of your fireplace and a spark of light blew ash unto you and into your precious wine? That is not a serious issue if you like ash-flavored wine, but not so good for people with good taste.

This must be the reason why another intelligent pal thought of utilizing electricity for the heating, and electric fireplaces were birthed – and this thing is really amazing. Not only do you save energy, but it is also environmental and safe (especially for the trees), energy-saving, and let you consume less ash (no more ash-flavored wine, Cheers!). Electric fireplaces take little to no installation and are even small enough to be moved around your home as needed. They are easy to use and required no cleaning and maintenance, unlike the traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Then some other intelligent folks thought of placing the whole setup at the useless corner of the room and added a television Stand on it. How ingenious! A corner electric fireplace and tv stand is a beautiful piece you must consider for your living room. The electric fireplace mimics the effect of wood burning and the TV stand provides support for you to mount your television set. The electric fireplace is made of two components; the heater portion that includes a fan and heating element and a lamp flame effect portion that creates the beautiful realistic flame. A corner electric fireplace TV stand is designed and crafted to sit in any corner of your room, serve your purpose of supporting a television, act as an outstanding fireplace and increases the overall appeal of your room with amazing design options and the elegant flame effects. With an electric fireplace TV stand, you can create artificial but realistic wood flame effects on the LED screen and create a perfect ambiance in the room.

This unique piece does a lot to your corner. It is a perfect space-saving option, it ensures a proper, well-controlled heat circulation, and provides some extra storage space for your video games, books, remote controllers, DVDs, or any other thing that can fit in. Corner electric fireplaces and TV stand comes in different designs and styles to suit your taste and enhances the décor of your room. They also come in different sizes, depending on the use and size of the room.

What to look for when buying a corner electric fireplace and tv stand?

Design and finish
Yeah, you should look out for the design and the finishing of the corner electric fireplace and TV stand you want to buy. You should not pick furniture that only dissipates heat and doesn’t look good. Before selecting the product, you should know which design and finish will enhance and complement the existing decoration of your room. Corner electric fireplace an TV stand is available in various designs and finishes. There are barn-wood finishes that go well with most interiors; smooth varnish finishing; wax finishes; lacquer finishes that are available in matte, high-gloss, and satin finishes; Shellac finishes; Polyurethane finishes; and Latex paint. They can also be in any color and texture. The goal is to buy something that you will like!

Heating Capacity
This is directly dependent on the size of where you want to put the corner electric fireplace and Tv stand. A BTU (British thermal unit) rating is mostly used for measuring the heating capacity of heating elements. The bigger your room, or house, the higher the BTU rating needed, and the higher the BTU rating, the better its heating performance. An average size electric fireplace heater will run at 120 volts (standard), 1500 watts, and 12.5 amps. To determine the heating capacity that this fireplace would provide, you simply divide the number of watts (1500) by 100. This means a heater with those specs should adequately heat 150 square feet. This simple calculation can help you deduce the BTU rating needed for your purpose!

The size does matter! You should find a good proportion between the corner where you intend to place your corner electric fireplace and TV stand and the product you want to purchase. You wouldn’t want to purchase a piece that will be too big or too small for your corner. You should purchase the perfect (or really close to) size. Another thing to consider is the size of your TV. Be sure the product you want to purchase can conveniently accommodate and support your television in other not to overload your beautiful piece of furniture.

Heating Technology
The heating technology includes other features added to your corner electric fireplace and TV stand for additional functionality. Some products are equipped with infrared heating technology that not only heats well but also retains the humidity for better and cozier warming. Also, some can be controlled by remote for a fast and easy way to change settings and switch between several heating options. A timer setting is a regular technology in most electric fireplaces these days, it lets you set heating times and gives you more control over your fireplace. It might also include a thermostat that lets you leave your fireplace on without worrying about overheating. Most importantly, the product you intend to purchase must have an inbuilt temperature monitor and control system, in other words, you must be able to set the temperature to your desired level. The furniture must also have a smart cable management mechanism.

Ease of Installation
The electric fireplace and TV stand must not be too difficult to install. Since most electric fireplaces only require you to plug the power cable to a power source, they can be installed practically anywhere there is space to plug to the mains. Most times, this piece of furniture doesn’t require an installation, you just place at a corner and plug to an existing power outlet. Nonetheless, you should check the installation requirements and methods.

Can a TV be wider than the stand?

Well, there is no rule of thumbs or a law of nature that says a TV cannot be wider than the stand, as long as the stand can offer enough support to keep the TV firm and there is enough space for the TV base. However, for looks and aesthetics, the TV should not be wider than the stand. A smaller TV size pronounces the design and elegance of your TV stand more than a wider one. It is recommended to get a corner stand that is slightly wider than your TV as this can have great effects on the aesthetics of your room. Also, a bigger TV stand can also provide more support and stability for your television set. A stand that can support more than the weight of your TV will support it for a longer time, and ensures the durability of the stand! It helps it stand the test of time (and that of your Television too).

Are corner electric fireplace TV stands safe?

Electric fireplaces are very safe, compared to other heating devices, especially the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Corner electric fireplaces and TV stands do not produce an actual flame, which makes them safer for families with kids and pets. the flame effect is achieved by some advanced mechanisms like LED display that only mimics the real fire. Also, most corner electric fireplaces propel heat into the room using a fan, which blows across a heated electric coil within the unit. Therefore, electric furnaces offer a “safe-to-touch” glass that eliminates the chances of getting burnt when a hand is placed on it.

You don’t have to worry about your Corner electric fireplace and TV Stand creating a fire that gets out of control or too big to manage, it doesn’t create a fire at all. Another unique safety feature is that the heating components can be easily turned on and off, unlike a wood-burning fireplace. And even if the power switch does get out of hand (electrical components can break down at any time), you can easily put it off the power source or even unplug the power cable! Many electric fireplaces have self-timer settings and thermostat regulators to keep the heat and temperature in check.