Closet Drawer Ideas You Will Love

Closet drawers are an amazing addition to any closet. For the most part closets do a good job of providing a place to hang up your clothes as well as providing a shelf to put additional items. But the space below the hanging clothes is usually empty an unused – unless its utilized by “stuff”. But closet drawers maximize the closet space. Closet drawers give you additional drawers in addition to the ones already in your bedroom or living room. And they do this without taking up more real estate like their out the closet cousins. And with the many closet drawers out there it will keep you more organized than ever before by giving you furniture that keeps all your like stuff together, neatly and highly organized.

We’ve found a number of closet drawers for your perusal. We found stackable closet drawers, two, three, four, five and six drawer closet drawers ideas that you will love.

Stackable Closet Drawers


ClosetMaid 1566 Stackable 2-Drawer Horizontal Organizer

This two draw stackable give you additional storage that you can tuck away into your closet. It measures 15.75 inches high by 24.13 inches wide by 11.63 inches deep. It’s easy to assemble and made with laminated wood.

ClosetMaid 4561 Modular Closet Storage Stackable Unit with 4-Drawers

This four drawer stackable unit has a cubby hole design that allows you to see which items are in each drawer. It measures approximately: 40.29″ H x 21.38″ W x 15.91″ D and is easy to assemble. All hardware included for stacking and assembly. Made of laminated wood.

IRIS USA Drawers TACHI Modular Wood Stacking Storage Box, Dark Brown

This Wooden two draw stackable has easy-slide drawers with stoppers included to prevent drawers from falling out. Dimensions: 11. 42″L x 15. 75″W x 12. 01″H. It is easy to assemble with included parts (screwdriver required). Can stack up to three boxes vertically with included stability pins.


Two Drawer Closet Draws


YITAHOME Storage Tower Unit with 2 Drawers, Grey

This two drawer includes a reliable metal frame and durable MDF wooden top, 2 removable and foldable drawers, Easy pull wooden handles help conveniently open and close the drawers; 4 adjustable plastic feet help protect your floor from scratches. It’s easy to assembly and made for high capacity. Overall dimensions: 17.5 “L” x 11.8 “W x 26.8” H.Drawer dimensions: 15.6 “L x 11” W x 5.5 “H. Bottom shelf dimensions: 15.6 “L” x 11 “W x 11.8” H.

AZ L1 Life Concept vertical dresser storage tower, 2 drawer

This two drawer idea is made of a non-woven fabric. Its 2 removable fabric drawers come with reinforced base and can also be used as a night stand or in any room as an accent table. It also comes with plastic feet to reduce scratching. Dimensions: 17.75″×11.75″×21.25″ (L×W×H).


Three Drawer Closet Drawer


Sorbus Nightstand Fabric with 3 Drawers White/Gray

Coaste 3-Drawer Dresser, Black

Sterilite 3 Drawers Wide Weave Tower, White


Four Drawer Closet Drawers


ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower, Gray

mDesign Dresser Storage Chest – Sturdy Metal Frame, 4 Drawers, Charcoal Gray/Graphite Gray

Homfa 4 Drawer Dresser

Five And More Closet Drawers

YITAHOME Dresser with 5 Drawers – Fabric Storage Tower, Cool Grey

HOMECHO Fabric Dresser with 6 Drawers, Rustic Brown

SONGMICS 4-Tier Storage Dresser with 8 Easy Pull Fabric Drawers, Light Gray and White

10 Reasons Why Closet Drawers Make So Much Sense

We’ve all been there. It’s early in the morning, and you are tiptoeing around your room because you don’t want to wake your significant other. As you fumble from closet to dresser to nightstand looking for some clean socks, you try desperately to remember where you put your watch and sunglasses the night before.

Utilizing bedroom space and keeping clothes and accessories organized are problems that affect most homeowners. One easy way to address these problems is to add drawers directly inside your closet.

But are there really many advantages to adding drawers inside your closet? Simply put, the answer is a resounding YES!

Installing drawers directly inside your closet has numerous benefits, including freeing up space in your bedroom and giving you better piece of mind.

In this article, we will discuss the many reasons why having storage drawers placed in your closet makes absolute sense.

Arguably, one of the most important reasons to add drawers to your closet is for the purpose of organizing. Because most of our clothes, accessories, and personal items can be found in our bedrooms and our closets, these areas of the home often begin to feel cluttered and chaotic. Having specific closet drawers designated for each of these items can help reduce some of that clutter and give the kind of inner peace and calm that comes with a neat and orderly environment.

Not All Drawers Are The Same
Because no two closets (or budgets) are the same, there are multiple styles and price tags for closet drawers to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can install built-in drawers for a more permanent solution or place free-standing drawers if you would like the option of moving the drawers when necessary. Pull-out accessory drawers are a compromise between the free-standing and built-in drawers that allow you to mount or attach closet drawers to a pre-existing closet system. Regardless of your preferences, there are numerous styles and construction materials to choose from.

Increase Your House’s Market Value
Though probably not your first consideration when deciding to add drawers to your closet, doing so will make for an attractive feature to potential buyers should you ever decide to sell your home. Depending on quality, adding drawers to a closet may seem like an expensive investment to some. However, doing so will most likely result in a 100% return on investment when factored into the pricing of your home.

Free Up Bedroom Space
Almost everyone wishes they had more floor space in their bedroom. One of the easiest ways to address this problem is by adding drawers to your closet. By doing so, you can get rid of that clunky chest of drawers, which takes up so much space.

Feel Secure
Ever place your valuables in one of the locked drawers in a hotel room? Feels pretty safe, right? Well, you can apply the same principle to the valuables you keep in your home. If you have expensive jewelry, accessories, or just some extra cash that you want to make sure nobody touches, placing these items in a closet drawer will decrease the likelihood that others will find them. For even more security, purchase a closet drawer that has a lock on it.

Assemble With Ease
Unless you have a large walk-in closet, most closets don’t come with pre-existing closet drawers. Because of this, many types of drawers made for closets are quick and easy to assemble. Not having to spend hours trying to figure out how to assemble the drawers, or even worse, having to hire a carpenter to make the drawers for you makes the addition of drawers to your closet an easy project, which you can do yourself.

One-Stop Shop
Instead of having all of your clothes and accessories placed in different cabinets and drawers located all over your bedroom and house, why not keep them all in one place? Knowing that everything you need to get ready in the morning can be found in the same spot can take away the stress of constantly trying to remember where you put your stuff.

Maximize Your Closet Space
For many people, a fair amount of their closets are not being used. The clothes are hanging, but there is all that extra room underneath the clothes. Placing drawers in this empty space is another way to utilize every inch of your home.

Hang In There
Often, a large portion of our clothing rods is taken up by bulky accessories. By neatly placing such items as neckties, belts, and scarves in designated drawers in your closet, you can have more room to hang additional clothes on the hanging rod instead of trying to cram them all.

What You See Is What You’ve Got
Finally, choosing to add drawers to your closet helps you to have a better understanding of the clothes and accessories you already have, as well as the ones you may need. Having all of these items in one spot will help you to keep a better inventory of them. If your sock drawer is running empty, perhaps it is time to do some laundry. If your neckties are starting to fall apart, maybe it’s time to purchase some new ones. Because everything is in one place, keeping track of such things just got a lot easier.

There are plenty of reasons why choosing to add drawers to your closet makes sense. Whether you are trying to create more space in your home or bedroom, or you are trying to become more organized, placing drawers directly inside your closet is a simple and effective way of accomplishing both.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large walk-in closet or a small reach-in closet. If you are searching for ways to add convenience and comfort to your own life, perhaps it’s time to consider adding drawers to your closets as well.

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