7 Amazing Cedar Chests

The Beauty of Cedar Chests

Lane cedar chestCedar chests are simply beautiful and have many benefits. In the past, cedar chests have been used to store fabrics like quilts, sheets, and dresses that needed to be preserved, like wedding dresses. Today, cedar chests are used for the same thing. Anything that you wish to preserve and be safe should be stored in a cedar chest.

The Benefits of Cedar Chests

Cedar chests have plenty of benefits and will be a great addition to your home. The benefits include:

• Appearance. If you want something that will stand out and add storage, a cedar chest is for you. With its beautiful natural color that allows the wood grain to shine through, you will have a unique piece of furniture.
• Pest protection. When you have quilts, fabrics, and other things stored in your cedar chest, you do not have to worry about pests. The cedar naturally repels them.
• Aroma. The sweet smell of cedar will add a unique fragrance to your room.
• Sustainability. The cedar wood that is used to create the chests is usually found in controlled forest areas. This allows you to have a piece of furniture that was created with the environment in mind.
• Durability. Cedarwood is extremely sturdy. It can be put under a lot of pressure, and it will not warp or have any issues. If you have many heavy items that need to be stored, the cedar chest will be up to the job.

If you are looking for a storage chest and want to go with something unique that can protect your items, consider getting a cedar chest. These chests will help to protect anything you store within them and stand up for many years without any issues. You can find cedar chests in various sizes to help to accommodate whatever you need to be stored.

Rustic Red Door Co. Cedar Chest with Waterfall Top

Looking for a perfect cedar chest to store all your things but couldn’t find one? This Amish wood storage chest will be your ideal choice. It has a rustic red door handcrafted with care and designed with a rounded waterfall and a scaled bottom-top to ensure the highest quality.

This cedar chest is handcrafted in the USA and measures 46 ” “L x 20″ ” D x 21 ” “H which is lined with cedar bottom. The best thing about this cedar chest is that it features a locking lid with a key to help you store blankets, photo albums.

This wooden chest is made from durable maple wood which is more robust, stiffer and more complex than other hardwoods. So place this locking wooden chest in your living room, bedroom for extra storage. Hurry up the cedar-lined storage chest is selling quickly, purchase one for your home today.

Cedar Chest with Waterfall Top – Amish Wood Storage Chest– Wooden Hope Chest – Dowry Chest with Lock & Key – Wood Box with Locking Lid – Blanket Chest (Brown Maple Wood, Asbury Stain, 46" Long)
  • AMISH MADE CEDAR CHEST: The Rustic Red Door Cedar Storage Chests are handcrafted with care to ensure the highest quality. This chest is made with Brown Maple Wood with a Cedar bottom. The RRD chest features an Asbury stain to enhance the Brown Maple's natural beauty.
  • WATERFALL STORAGE CHEST: This handmade Cedar Chest is designed with a rounded, waterfall top and a scalloped bottom. The large chest measures 46" L x 20" D x 21" H and is lined with a cedar bottom. Cedar naturally helps protect your stored linens to keep them fresh and clean.
  • ANTI-SLAM HINGES & LOCK WITH KEY: This large Blanket Storage Chest is designed with anti-slam hinges to prevent the lid from slamming onto the chest. The hinges will prolong the life and integrity of your wooden chest. We’ve also built a lock into the lid. Whether you store blankets, photo albums, or surprise presents your items will remain untouched and safe.
  • MADE WITH SOLID BROWN MAPLE WOOD: This Wooden Chest is made from durable Brown Maple Wood. Maple Wood is known for being stronger, stiffer, harder, and denser than other hardwoods. This strong, dependable wood helps to resist knocks, scratches, dents, and other abuse from wear and tear.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: We visited farms throughout Ohio’s Amish country, building relationships with the finest woodworkers. Our goal is to create handcrafted American-made furniture and home décor that will be valued, cherished and handed down from generation to generation.

Amish Cedar Chest, Waterfall Top

This handmade Amish cedar chest made at 46 “L x 17” D x 19 “H. It is built with brown maple wood and purely finished with natural skin and a cedar bottom. There is less chance of breaking because its waterfall top is attached with anti-slam hinges to reduce breaking.

The main thing that the lock is designed into the top, and it comes with a key to keep your valuable items secure and safe. Due to its rustic design, it can be useful as a blanket chest or hope chest.

It is made from 100% solid cedar. So don’t think just check out this charming and beautiful chest that will bring joy for years to come.

Amish Cedar Chest, Waterfall Top, 46” Long with lock and key made in Brown Maple Wood with a Natural Stain
  • Brown Maple Wood and cedar bottom
  • Natural Stain
  • Quality GENUINE Amish Craftsmanship
  • Waterfall Top w/ Anti-slam hinges and lock/key
  • 46"L x 20"D x 21"H

Louis Philippe Cedar Chest Warm Brown

Louis Philippe Cedar Chest is a solid and must-buy choice for luxurious people as it gives you a luxurious feel at home. It offers a pure mixture of simplicity and classic styling through its elegant detailing.

With a warm brown finish, this cedar chest is versatile and sophisticated for every user. You don’t’ have to think about protection at all because this cedar chest offers extra protection with its perfectly crafted cedar lined interior.

Overall, this product’s dimensions are 20″ H x 47″ W x 17″ D that makes it an easy choice for your home. Make this cedar storage chest an anchor piece for a hallway or place it in a master suite, the option is yours.

Louis Philippe Cedar Chest Warm Brown
  • Set includes: One (1) cedar chest
  • Materials: Particle board, wood veneer and MDF
  • Finish Color: Warm Brown
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Cedar lined

Coaster Home Furnishings Cedar Chest in Honey

This Cedar Chest by Coaster Home Furnishing will bring character and practicality to any room of your house. It comes with a solid wood chest built to be durable and beautifully crafted to be gentle and straightforward.

You will get enough space for all your seasoned bed linens or fairly heirlooms with this cedar chest. This cedar chest has a honey brown finish that will make your bright and sunny bedroom even more gorgeous.

One thing that makes this cedar chest, even more, is its locking lid that will help you to keeps out prying eyes and fingers when hiding gifts and surprises. So if you are looking for a perfect cedar chest, this product will perfectly fit your wallet and bedroom.

Coaster Home Furnishings Cedar Chest in Honey
  • Set includes: One (1) cedar chest
  • Materials: Particle board
  • Finish Color: Honey
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • No locking mechanism

BOWERY HILL Cedar Blanket Chest in Warm Brown

A perfect and beautiful wood storage chest is a necessary item for any home. This solid wood chest comes with simple and elegant lines and a sturdy demeanour.

You can keep all your collection of seasonal bedding or family albums in this wood chest as it roomy enough.

It comes with a lid key so that you can even hide your surprises or gifts for an upcoming birthday. I am sure you will be pleased with this storage piece. This product’s overall dimensions are 18.5″ H x 40″ W x 16″ D. It has a warm brown, rich finish that will make your mood happy.

BOWERY HILL Cedar Blanket Chest in Warm Brown
  • Finish: Warm Brown
  • Material: Particle Board, Wood Veneer, MDF
  • Cedar lined
  • Frame Construction: KD construction
  • Style: Traditional

Powell Furniture Chadwick Cedar Chest in Cherry

The Powell Furniture Chadwick Cedar Chest is founded by one of the best furniture company. It is simply elegant and classic that will fit perfectly to your home décor. It has a blending style that adds beauty to your bedroom. With its raised panels, decorative moulding and a top that opens wide to reveal ample storage space, this beautiful chest blends style and function.

This cedar chest features decorative moulding and has a cherry finish with child-safe hinges and breathe holes to ensure all children’s safety. This product’s overall dimension is 4.5′ L x 16.75″ W x 18″ H, which makes it perfect for any bedroom. So add a timeless classic to your home with the Powell Chadwick Chest.

Powell Furniture Chadwick Cedar Chest, Cherry,
  • Features decorative Molding
  • Top opens wide
  • Hinges are child safe
  • Included components: Furniture Parts and Hardware

Rhino Trunk and Case Knotty Cedar Trunk

This hand-crafted American made rhino cedar trunk is constructed from western red Knotty cedar. It will accent any room in the home or office. It comes with a rich-looking cedar wood that makes it a handsome piece of furniture both inside and out.

This cedar chest is constructed from the highest quality components. It is easily stowed and can be securely locked to insure the safety of personal items. When locked, it’s tough to break into.

Proudly made in the USA, the cedar chest’s quality is rugged, which makes it ideal for home, storage, furnishings, toy trunk, a hope chest, and many more.

Rhino Trunk and Case Knotty Cedar Trunk, Large
  • Natural 3/8" non-aromatic western Red Knotty cedar exterior.
  • All hardware is heavy duty nickel plated Steel, including lid hinges, lid stay, and a stylish trunk Lock that has a Loop for attaching a padlock. Each trunk also includes genuine Leather handles on each end.
  • Tight Fitting Steel tongue and Groove lid to base closure keeps out moisture, dirt, insects and odors.
  • Strong hand-crafted Construction using both old world trunkmaking skills and advanced Aviation Rivet technology. American made.
  • Includes two wheel adapter plates already mounted on the side of the trunk that allow wheels to be put on the trunk. These do not add any Height to the trunk. Wheels are sold separate from this page.

A Detailed Guide About Cedar Chests

What else can be greater than a cedar chest when your consideration is simple furniture!

A cedar chest is a flat top wooden trunk also called Hope chest, lane chest, dowry chest, glory box chest, treasure chest. In the mid-century, it was a piece of furniture used to collect items such as clothing, household linen by unmarried women in expectation of their married life. These cedar chests were richly decorated and hand-carved to make it a piece of statement for the interiors.

Benefits of cedar chest

  • Sometimes cedar chests are made of cedar wood and sometimes from other woods using cedar lining. Cedar is the preferred wood for storage because it keeps insects and fungus away.
  • The wood of cedar has a pleasant aroma that drives moths and insects away. Aromatic cedar also works as a room freshener.
  • The cedar chest is used for storing fabric items, precious dinner sets, toy storage, and a family heirloom.
  • Because it’s made from natural wood, cedar wood is a sustainable choice as it is environment-friendly.
  • The durability of the cedar chest makes it popular for storage and other handcrafted pieces.
  • Cedar chest has a beautiful and distinct look that can work as a piece of statement to your room.

Different types of cedar chests-

  1. Rustic red color cedar chest with waterfall top

This wooden chest is constructed of maple wood which is why it is stiff and sturdy as compared to other hardwoods. It has a rounded waterfall, scaled bottom-top, and provides a rustic accent to your room, and much better when your theme is vintage. Please don’t wait to add it to your cart now!

  1. Amish cedar chest

The anti-slam designs make it unique and protect it from being slammed and break. It comes up with a key lock so that you can keep your valuables secure and safe. Its rustic design makes it suitable for a blanket chest or hope chest. It is long-lasting and made entirely from 100% cedar.

  1. Louis Philippe cedar chest: warm brown

If you are someone who loves luxury, then this cedar chest is absolutely dedicated to you. Its simplicity is what makes it classic and elegant. It is warm brown and has cedar lined interior, which offers extra protection to your items.

  1. Cedar chest by Coaster home furnishing

A honey brown cedar chest that will make your room look more vibrant and gorgeous. You get a locking lid that will help your item be safe. If you have an eye for a pocket-friendly and yet beautiful cedar chest, don’t wait to buy it.

  1. Blanket chest in warm brown

A wooden storage chest that is having enough size to store all your seasonal items. Its lid key makes it safe for valuable items too, and it is robust and warm brown in color and has simple cedar lines. The color and design can add to your room’s beauty and your good mood as well.

  1. Powell furniture Chadwick cedar chest in cherry

It can be categorized as an impressive cedar chest that will fit every kind of room décor. Get your hands on it if you don’t want to waste time thinking about the perfect cedar chest. This beautiful chest has a wide opening, raised panels, and decorative molding with cherry finish and child-safe locks and deigns. Isn’t it all you need?

  1. Rhino trunk and case knotty cedar trunk

A fantastic piece of furniture both inside and out. This rhino trunk is constructed from western red knotty cedar with the highest quality component. Its lock keeps it totally safe from any prying eyes; you can leave your valuables inside the trunk without any worry. A rugged quality cedar chest makes a fantastic choice for home furnishing, toy trunk, a hope chest, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Cedar Chest

  • What is the value of an antique cedar chest?

The easiest way to find your cedar chest’s actual value is to look through online selling and purchasing sites like eBay, Etsy. Please search for the item you have and look at its pricing. If the condition of that product is similar to yours, you can also have your product’s approximate value.

-You can also have your product auctioned on online sites and get acceptable value.

-you can use online appraisal services too.

  • What items can you store in a wooden chest?

Anything, you can store anything of your liking. Let it be any valuables, seasonal items that are no longer in need like blankets, dinner sets, toy sets, heirloom, and many more such things that are not of daily use.

  • Is it safe to store photos in a cedar chest?

You can keep photos and albums in a cedar chest as long as they are in an archival box with acid-free paper.


How To Refinish A Cedar Chest

An old cedar chest is a wonderful piece of furniture. Not only is it a great way to store clothing items and keepsakes safely away from moths, it smells wonderful, and makes a lovely addition to most rooms. Sometimes, the exteriors aren’t always well cared for, but with a little TLC, they can easily be restored. This easy guide will explain how to refinish a cedar chest so that it looks new again.

1. Prepare the chest
The first thing you need to do before you refinish a cedar chest is remove any handles and hardware it may have, then make sure the exterior is free of dirt and debris. After removing the handles, use a dry, stiff paintbrush to gently dust away cobwebs or lint that might be stuck to the surface. If there are external hinges, take them off also, to make removing the old finish easier. You can clean the handles and hinges or replace them with new ones at the end.

2. Remove the old finish
How you go about removing the old varnish depends on the condition of the cedar chest. It may be that you will use both the following techniques on one chest, if the top is very worn and the sides are not.

If the finish is thin and worn through in spots, with a lot of scratching, the easiest way to remove it will be with an electric sander and 80 grit sandpaper.

If the finish is intact but dull and lightly scratched, then you will need to apply a paint remover, leave it on for the time recommended on the package, and then remove it carefully with a paint scraper, making sure not to gouge the wood. If any spots remain, carely remove them with a removal or razor blade.

When the old varnish has been removed by either method above, sand the chest with fine grain paper until it is smooth and ready for refinishing. If the scent of the interior cedar is faint or non-existent, you can refresh it by using the fine grain sand paper on those surfaces as well.

3. Apply stain
This step is optional, but if you want a particular color on the wood, this is the way to achieve that. Gently brush on the stain, then wipe it away.

4. Apply a top coat
Once the stain, if any, is fully dry, it is time to apply a top coat such as polyurethane, but remember: do not apply any varnish or top coat to the interior of the chest or it will ruin its moth-repelling properties. Use a brush to cover each side of the cedar chest with a thin coat of your desired finish. Allow it to dry and cure completely.

5. Replace the hardware
Once the top coat has fully dried, you can replace any handles and hinges you removed in the first step.

Now you can refinish a cedar chest!

How To Restore A Cedar Chest

Cedar chests can be in a family through generations. Even though they are built to last, they tend to age as time goes by. to make them look good as new, you need to do some work on it. If it is your first time restoring a cedar chest, you might not know how to go about it. These few tips should come in handy for you:

Materials needed for restoration

The materials you will need to restore your chest are sandpaper or a sanding machine, good finings, a couple of brushes, and cedar oil. If you plan on staining it, get a couple of rags.

Carry out any repairs

To ensure that the chest looks as good as new, start by repairing it. It might involve fixing a few hinges or changing the handles. Do this before you go to the next step so that nothing looks bad once you are done. You might have to go to an antique store to get material that will fit with the chest design, so bear this in mind.

Sand it down

Sanding the chest is one of the things that will take the most time. While you might want to do this by hand, it is recommended that you get a sander as it will help the work go faster. Even with the sander, you might still need to do some areas like the feet with your hand, so get some sandpaper as well. Ensure you do thesis an open space to avoid getting sand bits in your eyes or on everything. Take your time with this, as the overall outcome will depend on how thorough you were at this point.

Pick the right stain

Once you have sanded the whole chest, you need to select the perfect stain for it. There are so many stains in the market, so take your time to see which one will work for you. If you are unsure of how the stain will appear, try out a couple of swatches at the store before buying one for you.

Stain the chest

Starting from the top to the bottom of the chest, apply your stain. You might need two rags for this, one of the rags to apply the stain and the second to wipe off the excess. Apply the stain in the direction of the wood grain. You can choose to apply one coat or two based on your preference. Start with one coat first before you layer on a second coat. Let the stain dry at least overnight before you move on to the next step.

Seal everything

The last step to finish everything off is to apply a sealant to the chest. There are various sealants in the market, so pick on based on your preference. However, it would be best if you were keen when applying this is the sealant’s potency. Most sealants are lethal and can cause drowsiness or breathing issues. Ensure you wear a mask when using it and do this in a well-ventilated area. If you can, apply it while outside. Get some quality natural bristles to ensure a quality application.

Additional tips

You can use oil instead of the stain to cover the wood. The good thing with cedar oil is your chest will go back to smelling like it used to when it was initially made.
While you can use synthetic bristles, natural bristles are preferred because they have a better effect. If you are using a water-based finish, on the other hand, use synthetic brushes as natural ones will absorb the finish.

An old chest can last a while. With regular retouches done to it, you can have it looking as good as new. The good thing with this is, you can easily do it yourself at home. It does not have to be an expensive venture altogether.


How To Make A Cedar Chest (Youtube)

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