Best Place To Place An Air Purifier

Your office is the place where you spend a lot of time for work. But if you sped those working hours while breathing dirty air, you won’t feel like working. When your office contains an air purifier, this will improve the air quality a lot.

Also, the air purifier is capable of removing the allergens. By doing this, an air purifier maintains the quality of the air in the room. An air purifier is a great appliance for both home and office.

In this guide, we’ll discuss where should you put an air purifier in your office.

Best Place To Put An Air Purifier in Your Office

When it comes to putting the air purifier, you should consider a few things. The first thing is, choose the safest place where you want to set the air purifier.

Do not choose an area, where the chances are the air purifier will block the walkway. Also, keep in mind never to put the air purifier in any corner as air purifiers are designed to intake air in front and the back is output based. So the intake and output locations should be clear.

Plus the air intake needs to have enough space. Furthermore, from the side and top of the air purifier, keep the place clean at least for a couple of feet which means do not keep any furniture in those areas.

Another thing you should consider when placing the machine is – put it near the pollutant source. If you put the machine near the air pollution source then this will trap any pollution quickly. For instance, you can keep the air purifier near the vent if any strong odor coming from there.

Ultimately, the best place to place an air purifier is placed in a place where this will not block the walkway plus near the ventilator.

As you now know where you should put an air purifier in your office, so choose the place wisely and then put the machine to get the most effective result.

However, there are a few ways on how you can improve your office air quality. Let’s discuss some ways that will help your office

How To Improve The Air Quality In An Office

You can be happy and will not get any odor from the air when you’re in the office. There are a few ways that will help to improve air quality in the office.

  1. Maintain a healthy level of humidity

If you can maintain the level of humidity this will improve the air quality. When the humidity level is between 30 and 50 percent, it keeps the mold or dust mites and allergens’ control. You can use an air conditioner or dehumidifiers to maintain the humidity.

  1. Keep the air ventilator open

Check if the air ventilator in the office is open or not. If the vents blocked then the air inside the office cannot circulate properly. Keeping the air vent open allows air circulate without any issue.

  1. Clean your office

To improve air quality, cleaning is an important thing to do. If you spill any liquids, clean it immediately. To reduce the risk of mold growth keeps your office clean always. Vacuum the office regularly, sanitize or you can seek professional help to clean the office.

  1. Keep some office plants

Plants are the best element that keeps the air fresh for longer. Plants also make the environment peaceful and pleasing to any office plus they produce more oxygen by absorbing toxins.

  1. Use a fabric filter

Usually, the fabric filters are designed to collect pollutants from the air, and this is the best way that will clean your office air. There are three different types of fabric filter is available, such as – pulse, shaker and reverse air.

The fabric filter can collect different pollutions and the best thing about the fabric filter is they can clean themselves. You don’t need to maintain themselves.

  1. Let some fresh air in

Open the office windows, use some fresh air – these are nontoxic things that will keep the air quality better. Switching to the fan system instead of AC. When the weather is nice, open the windows and doors this will help air circulate properly. 

  1. Test the air quality

Have you ever tested the quality of the air in your office? If no then you should. Having tested the air quality regularly make the situation better. Seek help from the expert, they will test the air quality in your office.

And if there are any issues, they will provide you the information on how you can improve the quality.

  1. Inspect the air ducts

Check the air ducts regularly in your office if there’s any sign of its impacting the air circulation in your office. Take the help of professionals and they will solve the issue quickly. By this, air quality will be improved as well.

When it comes to using an air purifier in the office, you should consider a few things before purchasing an air purifier.

  1. Why you need an air purifier – Ask yourself why do you need an air purifier for your office. When you have the answer what is the purpose of using the air purifier, this will make it easier to purchase the machine you are looking for.
  2. Size of the air purifier – Consider the square footage of your office before purchasing the machine. Do you need an air purifier for a single room or the whole office? Consider these facts and then invest in the machine.
  3. Maintenance of the machine – You should take into consideration if you are ready to take proper care of the machine or not. If you need to seek help from professionals then how much would you need to pay.

To Sum Up

An air purifier is the most useful machine in terms of purifying indoor air and investing in the best air purifier for office desk is worth the money. That’s because an air purifier removes all the harmful elements from air and keeps the environment dust-free. An air purifier can remove viruses and bacteria, chemical pollutants, and other particulate matter.

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