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Best Lift Top Coffee Tables

Lift Top Coffee Tables

lift top coffee table
Lift top coffee tables are amazing. They are a nice mix of attractiveness, practicality and modern art. These pop up tables are like modern day cedar chests that can not only provide a place to play cards or eat and chat. They also provide storage that we so sorely need in our living rooms these days. But an added benefit of these coffee tables with lift top are that can rise high enough to be a computer or laptop table – thus adding the already many benefits that they provide. Please look over our findings and you will be sure to find rise up pop up lift top table that you will love (and for more varieties check out


Best Selling Lift Top Coffee Table Ideas

Rustic Lift Top Coffee Table

Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

Rectangle Lift Top Coffee Table

Double Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift Top Tables With End Drawers

Oval Lift Top Coffee Table

Why Do Pop Up Coffee Tables Have Such An Appeal?

We love furniture and appliances that can do more than one thing. And when you have limited space these multipurpose items definitely do the trick. First you have an attractive table that enhances your space. And as you can see above (and below) there are a lot of styles and designs available. You will no doubt find a style that suits your space and decor. Also, lift tops have a nice space for games, eating, snacking etcetera, especially perfect if you’re watching your TV. These tables also have storage space when popped up. This is perfect for books, remotes and more. And they also rise up so they can even become a workstation for your laptop or just closer to your reach for anything else you want to do. We’ve found the best lift top options above and below you will see some of the best priced and reviewed items we’ve found. ENJOY!

The Versatile Lift Top Coffee Table

lift top coffee tablesIsnt it great when you have a piece of furniture that does more than one thing? Especially when you have limited space, multifunctional furniture than do more than one thing is a dream. And there are so many types of furniture that can do this depending on your needs. The lift top coffee table is one of them.

The Rise Of Pop Up Coffee Tables

It’s no wonder more and more people are getting rising coffee tables. For years, the living room has been the central location for relaxing as a family. For some, the living room is the play cards room, the chat about when we were kids room, the serious family discussion room and many times the chill and watch TV room.

But in view of this, there was always a need to store things in this room. Whether it be board games, mementos, reading material or drinks. Of course, there are many places one could store those things, but having it at ready, right there in the living room would have been most convenient. But typical coffee tables didn’t provide that luxury. They basically allowed one to place things on top of them but not really out of the way. This is where the convenience of having a lift top coffee table with storage comes in.

Elevated coffee tables also provide the benefit of having coffee. Yep, actual coffee on their coffee tables. And with the height you wouldn’t need to bend down as much to get that waiting cup.

Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage: Perfect!

Today’s modern lift top coffee tables are very convenient. Having a coffee table that raises provides so many benefits. With its elevating table top it very neatly tucks away things you want to store in its nook. The space usually isn’t a deep space. Many have interior space depth up to 3-4 inches. Which is perfect for storing flatter objects, like board games, puzzles and books. But many of these pop tops also have space below for additional storage, so most of your needs will be covered.

But in view of the different needs out there, you can get large or small lift top coffee tables. The size of your elevating table will coincide with your space requirements. But one thing that the small or large lift top coffee table does well, is consolidate your storage options.

An Amazing Benefit Of Coffee Tables With Lift Top

As we’ve seen, the lift top coffee table offers amazing, practical benefits. But this one takes the cake. Many are using the elevating feature of their pop up coffee table as a work desk! Yes, because of the additional height the lift up coffee table provides they use it to put their lap top on – and now you have your very own workstation! This can be a benefit for those solo home entrepreneurs or a team that come together to brainstorm ideas.Lift top Coffee tables are the perfect addition to any living room or any apartment where consolidating storage is a need. And with all the options that a lift top coffee table can provide, it may well become the jewel of your home.

Unique Lift Top Coffee Ideas


Acme Furniture Voeville Antique Lift Top Coffee Table


Vintage Industrial Reclaimed Distressed Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

Simpli Home AXCHUN-01 Hunter Solid Mango Wood and Metal Lift Top Coffee Table

Suader Viabella Antigua Chestnut Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage


Brassex Rotating Lift Top Coffee Table

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