Automatic Watch Versus a Smart Watch

Before choosing a watch of you choice, what do you consider first? Do you look for the price of the watch, its appearance, brand or style? Of course, people have different preferences and motivations that guide them when buying watches. However, despite the tastes and preferences that you may have in watches, there is one consideration that each person must make before purchasing one, that is; whether the watch is automatic or one that is operated by a battery.

Automatic watches, also commonly referred to as self-winding watches, have been in existence since the 1920s. Due to their self-winding mechanisms, most people consider these as outdated types of watches. More so, the advanced technology has led to the creation of the seemingly more powerful watches, known as the smart watches.

Following the advanced technology included in them, smart watches offer their users very many advantages. Yet, the so-called ‘old-fashioned’ automatic watches still pose great competition to smart watches. This is because they offer unique advantages that their counterparts lack.

So, before you can decide which type of watch to buy, it is highly recommended that you first take time to understand the benefits that each category of watches has to offer. This article provides a detailed comparison of automatic watches and smart watches. Read along!

1.) Automatic Watches

Simply put, automatic watches are types of watches that lack batteries in their internal mechanisms. These types of watches rely on winding as a source of energy and power. Automatic watches usually feature a main spring, which ensures the regular winding of the watch, and hence its continued functioning. They are quite similar to mechanical watches, in that both types of watches lack batteries.

Advantages of Automatic Watches

  • They do not require any batteries so as to function – These watches usually wind automatically, which eliminates the need for batteries. Therefore, an automatic watch owner does not have to be concerned with regular replacing of batteries. More so, with an automatic watch, you won’t experience the inconveniences of waking up to a completely drained watch battery, say, on an important business day. A watch winder can also automatically keep these watches wound.
  • Automatic watches tend to be fairly accurate – Usually, the standard automatic watches show almost the accurate time, with a plus or minus deviation of 25 seconds. These timepieces can, therefore, be described as almost perfect watches. And, especially does their fair accuracy come in handy in situations where every second counts, such as in the military and medical sectors.
  • When worn regularly, automatic watches do not require any manual hand winding – This aspect makes it a very convenient timepiece, especially for those owners who wear the watch all the time.
  • Automatic watches have very unique and creative designs – The craftsmanship incorporated in these types of watches is one of a kind. The engineering of automatic watches is also sheer genius, which makes these watches some of the most classic and aesthetically pleasing timepieces in the market.
  • These watches boast a smooth hand movement – The suave hand motion of automatic watches is even more evident in the timepieces that feature higher BPH (Beats per Second).
  • Generally, automatic watches have lower maintenance costs – By simply wiping the automatic watch with a soft cloth every night, you can keep the new look of your vintage piece for decades.

Disadvantages of Automatic Watches

  • Automatic watches usually go for a higher price than their battery operated counterparts, including the smart watches – For instance, the Jaeger Lecoultre company sells some of the highest priced automatic watches in the market, with some going for more than a million.
  • The internal mechanisms of these watches tend to be very delicate – Sometimes, the automatic watches can become too sensitive, such that even the slightest shifts in wind causes the hands to move.

2.) Smart Watches

In the past decade, smart watches have taken a major position in the world market. These can be defined as wearable computers that resemble wristwatches. Different smart watches are designed with different capabilities, such as the ability to monitor fitness statistics. Just like the vintage automatic watches, smart watches also look fashionable when worn on the wrist.

Advantages of Smart Watches

  • Smart watches promote healthier lifestyles – Most smart watches are designed with the ability to track activity, calories burnt and other workout data. Some of these watches can even monitor health issues, such as the blood pressure and heart rate of a person during exercising. Therefore, by keeping track of such essential data, smart watch wearers can keep their overall health in check.
  • They provide a quicker access to notifications – By connecting the watches with their phone, smart watch wearers can easily receive notifications, texts, calls and other alerts on their watches. This is very convenient, especially when in meetings or other places that require you to keep your phone in your pocket/bag.
  • Smart watches provide different looks and styles – Contrary to the regular watches which display the same dial every single day, smart watches allow users to change the watch faces as they prefer. These faces can even be changed daily, which makes these watches very stylish and elegant.
  • Wearers can listen to music or watch videos on the smart watches – These high-tech watches allow users to connect earphones, such that they can listen to music or watch full-length movies anytime.

Disadvantages of Smart Watches

  • Smart watches are quite expensive – These watches can go for up to $500, with the cheapest ones priced not less than $100.
  • They tend to have a limited battery life – Most of the fully charged batteries last for only 1 to 2 days. The limited battery life of smart watches is due to the presence of many power-hungry features.


In our modern world, smart watches are becoming the new trend. These types of watches have their own unique advantages which give them a lot of popularity in the fashion industry. But, does that mean that the automatic watches have now gone out of style and should be discarded? Absolutely not! These vintage heirlooms still remain a popular part of the fashion world. So, now that you have all the facts outlined above, it is time to decide on which timepiece to go for.

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